Whack-a-Mole: Council Answers Its Own Questions

Despite the introduction of a brand-new council discussion forum, the A.S. Council still managed to complete its agenda in a relatively short amount of time, coinciding with the return of Vice President Internal Janine Dellomes as chair.

Among the scattered suggestions for the moment of silence were National Coming Out Day, Eleanor Roosevelt’s birthday and Fox News Channel’s 10th anniversary — “because they’re so fair and balanced!” Eleanor Roosevelt Senior Senator Erik Rodriguez-Palacios quipped.

The familiar face of Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Life Gary R. Ratcliff, the only speaker to address the council during public input, informed the council of its influence on university projects and the status of administrative participation in correcting issues put forth in the Undergraduate Student Experience and Satisfaction report.

“Your predecessors, many of whom have graduated by now, were instrumental in making this initiative happen,” Ratcliff said, referring to next year’s Price Center expansion.

Ratcliff’s perspective on the U.S.E.S. changes was equally positive as he announced that starting Oct. 29, Geisel Library will be extend its hours to 2 a.m. He also mentioned that talks were underway to extend the hours of certain vendors at Price Center to correspond with the new library hours.

The recently passed “Question Time” was next on the agenda, an open forum which allows councilmembers and members of the public to ask the A.S. leadership questions, prompting confusion about when to stand, when to speak and which stuffy titles by which to address each other.

“This is like playing whack-a-mole,” Dellomes joked, pointing her finger at each senator who raised his or her hand to speak.

Up first, A.S. President Harry Khanna spoke about the Residential Security Officer problem that the U.S.E.S. report brought to light. Khanna, who recently discussed the issue with Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Joseph W. Watson, suggested that the dean of each college attempt to deal with the problem independently.

Thurgood Marshall College Junior Senator Kyle Samia expressed concern about the policy, asking if in the end it would create a “Santa Barbara” at one college and a “fourth reich” at another.

“We would begin different things at different colleges, and in the end would normalize the standards,” Khanna said.

Rodriguez-Palacios excitedly announced that Chancellor Marye Anne Fox was going to attend the upcoming quarterly A.S. Pancake Breakfast.

“Will the chancellor be serving food at the pancake breakfast?” Samia asked.

“I can’t speak on behalf of the chancellor, but she had no problem doing it last time,” Khanna said.