Recordings: The Elected – Sun, Sun, Sun

Chirping birds. Inspirationally surging instrumentals. A celestial harp plucking in the background. The Elected’s opening number, “Clouds Parting (8:14 a.m.)” would have seemed like an idealistic, sunny woodland scene out of “Bambi” if the loveable fawn had been manic-depressive and prone to drop a couple of f-bombs once in awhile.

Much like every Disney movie of recent memory, Sun, Sun, Sun is little more than a disappointing sequel; it has all of the same loveable characters, the same basic formula, but none of the same memorable charm.

Songs like “Old Times” and “Beautiful Rainbow”, with far-too-slow melodies and weak vocals, play out a bit like accidentally napping through a weekend retreat on the beach. Where’s the passion? Where’s the grittiness? Where’s the caffeine?

Any real heartache is diluted by the album’s breezy sounds and hopeful lyrics until every song blends into one bright nature soundtrack. In fact, the cover title reads like a warning label: Caution: too much sun, little of anything else.