The Family Stone – Dec. 16

No, no, Sly Stone does not star in this film, that’s Sarah Jessica Parker. And it’s almost too bad, because “The Family Stone” looks like it could use some extra soul. Parker plays not quite the role of Carrie Bradshaw but yet another high-class New Yorker, Meredith Morton. Meredith is the nervous fiancee whom Everett Stone (Durmot Mulroney) brings home for Christmas in hopes of winning his family’s hearts — and the family’s jewel. But they’ve decided to dislike her before even meeting her, and then the farce begins. “Meet the Parents” meets holiday sappiness, meets box-office payday? Perhaps, but whether you laugh or cry on the way to a predictable big-happy-family finale, the star-studded cast should at least have interesting chemistry along the way. For starters, we’ve got Diane Keaton playing the overprotective mother. Then the siblings: Rachel McAdams reprises a mean-girl role as the crazy-bitchy sister, while Luke Wilson fills the slacker brother slot. Stir in Claire Danes as Meredith’s sister, brought into the enemy house for moral support. End up with one great big dysfunctional Hollywood family. And love them or hate them, boring’s the one thing families usually aren’t.