Letters to the Editor

Safety crucial during Sun God festivities

Dear Editor:

The anticipation is over. Sun God 2005 has finally arrived! The festival will take place May 13. The daytime festival will encompass Library Walk, Sun God Lawn and Price Center Plaza, with the nighttime concert occupying RIMAC Field. The event has continued to increase in size, attendance and festivities, with more food, games and entertainment than ever before. This is a day to spend with friends as the school year comes to an end. We hope that all of our efforts up to and on the day of Sun God will make everything fun and safe for all of UCSD.

Everyone is encouraged to enjoy the festival, but please keep a few things in mind:

• UCSD is encouraged to have a great time, but never at the expense of anyone’s safety.

• Any visibly intoxicated person will be denied entrance to the event and may be detained by the police.

• A zero-tolerance policy will be in effect and all campus police, RAs, RSOs and resident deans are strictly enforcing all policies and laws.

• Your cooperation in following all UCSD policies and remaining in control of your use of alcohol will minimize many potential problems during the event. We want everyone to have fun, but please watch over your friends as well as yourself.

Sun God 2005 is here — have a great time, UCSD!

— Eric Morris

— Rishi Shah

A.S. Festivals Co-Coordinators