A.S. Council at a Glance

A.S. Meeting #24 — March 9


President Jenn Pae

Pae reported that she signed the Food Co-op Space Agreement on March 7.

The agreement sets the guidelines for the operation of the Food Co-op satellite in Price Center. Pae also reported that the governing committees of the RIMAC and Canyonview recreational facilities will soon be student-run. Since the facilities are funded by student fees, university regulations require the majority of the committee to be students.

Financial Controller Garo Bournoutian

Bournoutian reported that he completed spot checks of expenditures and reimbursements conducted by the A.S. External Affairs Office between July and December 2004.

The spot checks included a check to see that all of the receipts issued for recompense were present and justifiable. Overall, Bournoutian said that the office had conducted sound financial transactions throughout the period examined.

Old Business

Item A

The council passed a resolution opposing a UC Office of the President proposal to increase fees for undergraduate students from California who had already completed 110 percent of the credits needed to graduate.

A.S. Vice President of Academic Affairs Carolyn Song said that the current discussion is favoring a fee of $280 per unit over the limit.

The policy also proposed to deny financial aid to students who start the academic year with 110 percent of the units needed to graduate, according to Song.

The council said that the policy would unfairly burden students who change their major during their time at UCSD and would contradict the mission of the university to provide student access to quality education.

Item F

The council allocated $1,000 to “”Recess,”” an event organized by the Revelle College residential advisors. The event will feature activities including slides, laser tag and tetherball. It will take place in Revelle Plaza on May 20.


Song announced that the A.S. Midnight Pancake Breakfast will be on March 14 at 11:59 p.m. Members of the A.S. Council and UCSD administrators will be serving free pancakes to students in Price Center Cove for a study break during finals week.

— Compiled by Patrick Allen

Senior Staff Writer