Roosevelt catches Reel Big Fish as headliner for concert

So it is yet another Friday night and there is nothing to do. Well, get out of that lonely room, grab some friends and start walking. With a new campus and (surprisingly) extra money under its belt, Eleanor Roosevelt College is going all out with Rock n’ Roosevelt, a free outdoor concert with student bands, Nothing Till Night and the Dubeats opening for headliners Reel Big Fish on Feb. 6 at the ERC Green.

Reel Big Fish is arguably the most popular headliner any college concert has procured, making this the most promising college concert at UCSD. The quarterly $5 ERC activity fee approved last year gave the ERC student council the funds to snag Reel Big Fish for this year’s concert, which is a reincarnation of the ERCapaLUAU.

Reel Big Fish promises to give a great show. It is one of the third-wave ska bands that broke out in the 1990s with similar bands like No Doubt who later abandoned the ska sound. Reel Big Fish, however, remained faithful to its style and started dabbling in different projects. They contributed to “”Baseketball,”” directed by “”South Park”” creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and had hit singles “”Sellout”” and “”Trendy.”” Its distinct sound makes the band a must-see on Friday night.

Rock n’ Roosevelt will also feature UCSD student talent. Nothing Till Night will showcase its catchy rock sound, while the Dubeats, a regular performer at Porter’s Pub, will have a show influenced by various genres including hip-hop, jazz and reggae. This event gives everyone the chance to support fellow students.

Overall, the lineup of bands and the convenient location of Rock n’ Roosevelt make it an event that everyone should attend. The nonexistent cost is a great perk, too. So what are you waiting for? Stop playing that spider solitaire, step away from your computer, throw on a jacket and head over to the new ERC campus for a great show.