Film review: 'Old School' is typical, but enjoyable

From “”Animal House”” to “”American Pie 2,”” comedies love to remind us how much fun college is, especially when you get all that pesky studying out of the way.

Hollywood continues the trend with its newest cinematic portrayal of the ideals of college life: “”Old School.”” Starring Will Ferrell, Luke Wilson and Vince Vaughn, the previews look funny and sound funny, but it’s better than funny — it’s a riot and a half.

With a typical plot, “”Old School”” is nothing special if your interest is in something more than a guy-meets-girl, party-like-there’s-no-tomorrow flick. The situations are funny, yet predictable nonetheless. Despite the cast, the movie is nothing like “”Night at the Roxbury”” or any other “”Saturday Night Live”” movie. Ferrell, Vaughn and Wilson are hilarious together; each of their acting styles and characters compliments the other perfectly. Aside from the more-or-less classic story line of “”Old School,”” attention is sure to hold and laughter definitely doesn’t cease.

The audience can’t help but keep watching with this movie’s random trips down memory lane (what’s left of it anyway). From beer bongs and frats to marriage counselors and kids — there’s a comedic reference to anything and everything. The most typical (and predictable) situations are told in the most atypical of ways, keeping the audience guessing about what the movie holds next.

As for the technical aspects, even the photographic techniques and sounds are utilized to create a comedic masterpiece. Switching camera angles, views and even voice speed make the movie flow nicely into each trip or scene. The writing is sarcastic, with a bit of slapstick weaved in to create the right kind of comedy that keeps the mind alert yet entertained.

So if there’s a part inside that enjoyed “”Van Wilder,”” loves “”Fast Times at Ridgemont High”” and can’t get enough of “”10 Things I Hate About You,”” hold the phone, cancel all appointments and make a date with “”Old School.””

Old School


Starring Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn

In theaters Feb. 21

Rated R