A.S. Council tells Watson: 'Beer Me'

In an effort to raise school spirit and draw older students to campus events, the A.S. Council passed a resolution last night calling for the university to allow beer gardens in regulated environments.

“”We are encouraging the freedom to hold a beer garden,”” said Jeremy Gallagher, A.S. commissioner of services and enterprises and co-author of the resolution.

Beer gardens have become a heated issue between university administration and students. This year, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Joseph Watson has officially prohibited two university-sponsored events from having beer gardens, including the winter quarter basketball game against UC Davis and Muirstock, despite student support.

“”We see it as an issue of: This is legal, it can be done, it is done all over the place, why is it even an issue,”” Gallagher said. “”If you are of age, if there is proper security, proper measures taken, following all regulations — federal, state, campus, why can’t we do it?””

The resolution calls for UCSD administration, faculty and students to make every attempt to allow a beer garden if held in a safe and responsible manner. To facilitate this, Gallagher hopes to create a written agreement with the university that will set standards for students to follow.

“”Right now we are meeting with Dr. Watson to talk to him about what steps we need to take to enable students to have a beer garden — to have a written criteria that we can follow,”” Gallagher said.

“”We want something written that students can follow so that the option is available to students.””

Currently, only Revelle College Council has passed a similar resolution in support of beer gardens. Gallagher said that he would like to see other college councils do the same.

Supporters of beer gardens believe that the gardens have the ability to draw a more diverse crowd to campus events.

“”There is very little doubt that beer gardens are a very good way of attracting transfer students, commuter students and students who are over 21,”” said A.S. Vice President Internal Kevin Hsu. “”It’s just about expanding the range of possibilities that there are.””

This summer, Gallagher intends to work on making beer gardens an option for students, along with resolution co-author Sierra Catcott.

“”We will be looking for future events held next year to have the ability to have a beer garden,”” Gallagher said. “”So we will be working on that over the summer.””