Roy D’Andrade of the anthropology department was recently honored by the National Academy of Sciences for his contributions to science over the last 10 years.

Awarded for excellence in scientific reviewing, D’Andrade was selected by the NAS for his work merging the fields of anthropology and psychology. He was also cited for his “”insightful interpretations of historical trends shaping the future goals of anthropology.

D’Andrade, who received a $10,000 prize for his contributions, was one of 14 individuals selected by the NAS for honors. The NAS has presented the award, which was established by Annual Reviews Inc., the Institute for Scientific Information, and the Scientist in Honor of J. Murray Luck, annually since 1979. D’Andrade has been a professor at UCSD for 22 years.

UCSD biologists find first genetic evidence of animal evolution

The first genetic evidence showing major changes to the body shapes and body plans of animals has been discovered by UCSD biologists.

The research, which is scheduled to be published in the journal Nature, shows how mutations in the genes of crustaceans and fruit flies arose from aquatic crustacean-like arthropods that ended up growing grow limbs. Thus, over 400 million years, sea creatures developed into six-legged insects.

Biology professor William McGinnis led the project, which counters the creationist argument that evolution is a fallacy because the lack of a genetic mechanism could not allow for animals to evolve with vastly different body plans.

Matthew Ronshaugen and Nadine McGinnis contributed to the research. The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development funded the research

UCSD Speech and Debate team reaches final in tournament

Eddy Shyu and Philip Littlewood took fifth place in the novice division at the 2002 Sunset Cliffs Classic Speech and Debate Tournament held last weekend at Point Loma Nazarene University.

The duo won four of six preliminary debates to advance to the final round, which included eight teams. In the finals round they defeated Vanguard University and Carleton College by judges’ decisions of 2-1. Their run ended against the Air Force Academy with a 3-0 defeat while debating “”Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.””

Six teams from the Speech and Debate Club participated in the tournament, which served as preparation for nationals held next month in Colorado.

UCSD undergraduates to show research in state capital

UCSD undergraduate students Timothy Barder and Etienne Pelaprap were recently selected to present their research at a UC Day luncheon in Sacramento next month.

Barder, of the chemistry department, will present “”Synthesis and Fluorescence Studies of Aryl-Substituted Bipyridines and Terpyridines.””

Pelaprap of the cognitive science department will present “”User Activity Histories and Multiscale Visualizations.”” Their respective faculty advisers will co-present the research with them.

The UC Office of Research sponsors the competition to highlight undergraduate research efforts throughout the UC system.

UC Day, held March 19, seeks to prepare UC students for future careers in California’s high-tech economy.