Guardian Album Review

The Places
“”The Autopilot Knows You Best””
Absolutely Kosher Records



Getting away from the generic recipe for famous bands, which rely on bar chords, loud singing and cute asses, The Places, with their debut album “”The Autopilot Knows You Best,”” come up with a fresh new sound that is bound for success. Although largely unknown, this underground band is quickly gaining popularity as its undeniable talent spreads through the college airwaves.

From Portland, Ore., the group is comprised of young singer Amy Annelle and her friends, who together give an urban twist to the old folk melody. With a mix of low-fi and electronic sampling, the intricate layers of music hold your attention while the product remains calming and smooth.

The folk melody and lyrics are reminiscent of the type of songs your parents would have written in their hippie days. But the new edge, driven by electric guitars and the emotional voice of Annelle, let the youthful sound of these urban kids come through.

Probably the best underground album this year, “”The Autopilot Knows You Best”” offers a perfect set of tunes to which you can cuddle up, watch the rain and relax in a tantric escape from suburban college life.

Get this album and keep your ears open for more from this up-and-coming band.

— Heather Clark