First Amendment Rights Cannot Be Written off

Dear Editor,

That was a very nice article you published on March 11, “The Melt is On — Don’t Stop the Heat.” Personally, I will take slightly cynical over super-serious news any day!

In regard to breaking free of the “free speech circle jerk”: as long the A.S. Council and other students on campus go after student media organizations based on their content, media organizations are going to keep using the First Amendment to defend themselves. I hope we can all accept that and move on. Instead, UCSD students should take our suggestions to heart and start their own publications against The Koala and whatever else they may find offensive. Seriously, UCSD would be a much better place if we all called each other out on our ignorance, bullshit and uptightness.

Also, you cannot judge us too harshly for having “wine garden(s)” instead of meetings because: 1) We had to listen to the VP of Finance and Resources explain his government speech model and give horrible analogies, 2) He ignored us when we pointed out the obvious flaws to his plans and 3) We trusted our lawyers and First Amendment rights.

­— Brenda Madriz Montes

Editor in Chief, Left Coast Post

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