Sports Column

Welcome Week is underway. The Triton fall season teams have all kicked off the first leg of their schedules. The Padres have been looking ahead to next season for almost six whole months, while the Braves and Yankees just clinched their divisions. The Del Mar race track has completed its season (itís a good thing, otherwise I would be placing a bet right now).

And just like that the summer has come to an end. Iíve noticed that some students like to begin the school year by making a list of goals to focus on, just in case they forget that it would be helpful to attend class or not procrastinate.

I havenít made one before, but I decided Iíd give it a shot this year. Mine might sway from the traditional list in that it lacks some academic goals, but come June, I would be pleased if I could mark a check next to each of the following presented in no particular order.

1. Continue my attempt to help UCSD students see that Triton athletic teams are talented. This really would be easier if people would flip to page A23 and take a look at the Scoreboard that shows that the womenís volleyball team is ranked No. 1 nationally, the womenís soccer is rated fourth, the menís water polo team is No. 6, and the menís and womenís cross country teams are ranked at the No. 11 and No. 16 positions, respectively.

2. Keep myself from watching the going-to-be-Kobe-less Lakers. That doesnít mean that Iím going to call myself a Kings fan, but I think I finally realized that the NBA is composed of Americaís most talented criminals.

3. Try to keep any GUARDIAN sports writer out of a fight. (Except of course during a sloshball game, where we should all back him up.) We definitely donít want a writer getting involved with someone from our own team, and we donít want anyone other than the athletes on the field going one-on-one with a low-life from CSU San Bernardino.

4. Make it out to more UCSD Club Sports events. The rugby and ultimate Frisbee teams are always national contenders, and it wouldnít be a bad time spent watching a UCSD team take on a Division I opponent on a Saturday afternoon on Warren field.

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