A.S. Council Brief: Protecting Our Oceans, Improving Communications, and Supporting Students

Nam Nguyen

During their Week 9 meeting, the A.S. Council heard special presentations regarding ocean protection, improving communications, and announcements by Triton Dine. 

Toby Ngo, a sophomore Sixth College political science major and campaign manager for the campaign, “Protect Our Oceans”, gave public input during the meeting. Ngo emphasized the critical need to protect the oceans from overfishing and overdrilling, stating that the campaign has educated over 16,000 students through class announcements and collected more than 8,000 pledges from members across the state. Ngo said the campaign conducted over 10,800 conversations with students and staff about marine protected areas, and was working hard to get the attention of Governor Newsom and the state legislature.

The meeting included a special presentation by the Selected Committee for the Improvement of Communications, presented by Ivan Ramierz, Director of the Outreach Office of Communications. Ramierz discussed the current structure of the committee, stating that it currently has 15 members and would be listening to various college councils. He also mentioned that once the executive members are appointed, the administration clerks would be from the general membership, and one to three clerks would be appointed within the community.

Vice President of Academic Affairs, Rhianen Callahan, gave an update on the progress of the disability campaign with the academic senate, and announced that their office would be tabling next week to hand out resources to students during finals week.

Triton Dine, a food service organization, announced that it would be giving out 400 boxes of food per day at Town Square from March 15 to 17.

A.S. President Sky Yang reminded students to take care of themselves in order to prevent burnout as the winter quarter comes to a close.

The Financial Committee also announced several allocations, including one for the Pakistani Student Association and PSA x MSA Iftar and another for the Brain Exercise Initiative for BEI Spring 2023.

During the meeting, there was also a discussion regarding the select committee for the improvement of communications, and the bylaws regarding the order of business idea submission deadlines were suspended.

A.S. Council meetings take place at 6 p.m. every Wednesday and are open to all students. Students can participate in these meetings by joining through Zoom or tuning in on Facebook Live.

Art by Ava Bayley for The UCSD Guardian.

Editor’s Note: This article was corrected at 2:58pm on 3/13/2023 to address the misgendering of a person in the article.