Updates About On-Campus Housing Selection Procedures for Next Year School


Nikita Cardozo

UC San Diego’s on-campus housing procedures for the upcoming school year include the priority of students housed and the addition of new buildings. In January, an eligibility email was sent to students that informed them of the process to apply for on-campus housing for the upcoming 2022-2023 academic year. Priority for UCSD students is ranked as follows: 

  1. Scholars in UCSD programs that have guaranteed four years of housing or are mandated living on campus as condition of their offer;
  2. New incoming first-year and transfer students;
  3. Returning second-year students, including second-year transfers who lived on-campus for at least two of three quarters during the 2021-22 academic year;
  4. Remaining second-year students, including second-year transfer students;
  5. Remaining third and fourth year students.

UCSD housing expects to be able to provide housing for groups 1 and 2, and some students from group 3. There are approximately 13,000 beds available to undergraduate students at UCSD, according to Associate Director of University Communications Leslie Sepuka.

Sepuka noted that “UC San Diego was able to add 700 undergraduate beds to the housing inventory for the 2022-2023 academic year by providing a limited number of triples. UCSD has increased its undergraduate housing capacity by more than 72 percent (more than 5,000 beds) since the fall of 2010, but there is still tremendous demand for student housing.”

Sepuka also claims that “by providing financial aid, building additional student housing, and providing housing at a cheaper rate than the local rental market, UCSD has tried to provide as many benefits for students as possible.”

The Theater District Living Learning Neighborhood will provide housing for an additional 2,000 undergraduate students when it opens in 2023. Furthermore, the University of California Regents approved new housing for approximately 1,310 transfer and upper division undergraduate students at their January meeting. UCSD plans to start construction on the Pepper Canyon West student housing this summer, with the goal of it being ready by fall of 2024. The regents also approved the funding of plans for the proposed Thurgood Marshall College undergraduate student housing. The project would provide housing for around 2,000 undergraduate students. 

Sixth College freshman Caitlin Choi expressed her worries about getting housing next year.

“I hope that I’ll be able to get housing on campus next year,” Choi said. “I really enjoy not having to worry about driving or taking the bus to class. I’m a little nervous because getting housing for second years is more difficult, but I’m hoping for the best!” 

More information on housing can be found here. Important dates for incoming transfer and continuing students can be found here

Photo courtesy of Ellie Wang for the UCSD Guardian.