New Year, Better You

The holidays have passed and the quarter has just begun, so it’s grind time. This is a guide on how to jump start your quarter and new year. Here are some tips and motivation to start and keep the year going how you want it. 

It is easy to let the stress of the new quarter get to you, but instead of letting it control you, use this opportunity to create and stabilize new habits. Every year, we can collectively say that we set out goals and resolutions to conquer but do not change our habits to accomplish them. This all comes down to basic everyday habits that we let slide which create a domino effect, and that  is why half of our goals do not get accomplished. So, time to take the bull by the horns, friends.

Tip 1:Write Down Your Day and Week Goals

“A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action becomes reality.” – Anonymous.

One of the most effective ways to accomplish what you want is to write them down. There is a reason why we write down notes because it actually makes us retain and remember the information presented. I have my weekly goals in my planner and I have my year goals also in my planner and on a whiteboard in my room. I have my goals in multiple places to remind myself what I’m working towards and to give me that continuous motivation. I personally think it is so important to write them down because seeing what you want for yourself starts to bring life to what was just a thought. 

Tip 2: Change Your Mentality 

Time to flip that switch and get out of the holiday relax mode as fast as possible. It’s week three  or four and more assignments are starting to be due. There will be a time to relax when you get your work done. Be disciplined with yourself. Acquire the four most important mindsets during this time: 1. Positive mindset: A positive mindset goes such a long way! If you start to change negative thoughts to positive affirmations, you will see shift in your moods and outlooks on yourself and goals. 2. Learning mindset: a mindset that will continuously keep you growing. Every day, you take something away from it, whether it’s education, hobbies, challenges, or favors. In each of these, there is potential to learn and grow from it and it is up to you to recognize those opportunities. 3. Focused mindset: This helps with procrastination and loss of motivation. Being focused and having this type of mindset helps with the next; 4. Goal-setting mindset: to bring your dreams and thoughts to reality. Having discipline bridges the gap between goals and achievements. Set your goals from short term to long term. The more you achieve, the more the desire to reach your goals increases. Each of these mindsets gives you attributes that will only benefit your life. If you keep these four mindsets all quarter long — and hopefully all year long — you will keep your sanity and achieve the goals you wrote down. 

Tip 3: Do Not Be Afraid of Change

“Do the things you fear and the fear loses its control over you.” – Anonymous

 One of the main reasons why we do not accomplish our goals is because we are afraid of change and are rather content remaining stagnant. This falls in the Status Quo Bias: a preference for an individual’s situation or environment to remain the same. Yes, change can be scary, but there’s so much beauty and excitement behind it. Whether you fail or not, it’s an experience you tried, and once you have tried, you realize it’s not that scary. Change is good. Everything that I once was afraid of has only made me grow as a person and I could not be more thankful to myself for taking those risks. Change does not have to be a huge one but rather a small one. It is about not staying stagnant waters and exposing yourself to something new and  better. 

Lastly, some motivation for y’all: no matter how hard or stressful this quarter is or will be, do not give up on yourselves or your dreams. Prioritize you and your health before anything else. I believe that you can accomplish anything you put your heart into. Make 2020 the year you manifest all your desires and go full force in achieving them. Put your head down and grind all 2020 and see all your goals become reality. I believe in you.