Series of Sexual Batteries Plagues Campus, Suspect Still Unidentified

A series of gropings on campus occurred on Monday, Oct. 1 from around 7:15 pm to 8pm. A campus-wide email was sent out from UC San Diego Police Department the next day, and more incidents were reported in the days after its release.

According to the timely warning, two women were touched inappropriately by an unidentified man at the Price Center Starbucks. One of the two women said that he placed one of his hands over her buttocks.

In the message sent out by campus police on Oct. 2, they state that surveillance video suggests there have been other cases of similar misconduct that have gone unreported. Campus police have deemed this to be an “ongoing series.”

As Laura Margoni – Interim Senior Director with Creative Services and Publications – told the Guardian, campus police believe the incidents were clustered around the Price Center area.

In the days following the timely report, more incidents of sexual battery – all with similar descriptions – have been published in campus police logs.

An incident reported as happening on the same day as the event in the timely warning, according to the logs for Oct. 3, describes another sexual battery happening on Library Walk. Another occurrence of sexual battery in which a woman’s buttocks were grabbed was reported as happening at Goody’s Market in Thurgood Marshall College, and published in Oct. 4’s logs.

In chronological order, the reports describe the first couple of sexual batteries happening in Price Center around 7:30, then on Library Walk between 7:30 and 8, and finally at Goody’s market between 7:50 and 8:15.

The earliest reported sexual battery for that day says that an unknown male “slapped” the victim over her buttocks in Price Center.

As of the time of this article’s drafting, the suspect has not been identified.

photo from Planet 180 Photography