Op-Ed: Why I Won’t Accept the Dalai Lama As A Commencement Speaker

What I am writing cannot represent all Chinese students’ thoughts, but most of us share the same disappointment about the university’s invitation of the 14th Dalai Lama to speak at this year’s commencement. The main reason why many Chinese students are upset is that our university shows little consideration about cultural respect, as he is a politically sensitive person in China. We admire all his achievements in promoting education and raising awareness on environmental issues, and we admire the fact that he won the Nobel Peace Prize. We respect free speech no matter what he is going to say at the commencement. However, we also want to address our concerns.

Commencement is a landmark of our life. Our family members are coming all the way from China, flying for more than 10 hours to celebrate with us. The Dalai Lama, as a political icon, is viewed differently in our country. We want to spend a fantastic time with our family during the commencement, but his presence will ruin our joy. What we want to say is that objectively, he will be an excellent speaker for the commencement. Nonetheless, culturally speaking, his selection to be a presenter is inappropriate in such a situation, considering how many Chinese students and their families are going to attend this commencement.

We came here because of UC San Diego’s academic reputation. We are doing our best to be open-minded, to communicate with everyone and to respect everyone and the degree to which democracy is valued here. Our nation values unity just as you value democracy in the United States. However, the Dalai Lama spent his whole life trying to separate Tibet from the mainland of China, regardless of how much privilege and freedom the government offered the people of Tibet. His conflict with our government caused property loss, deaths of innocent people and panic among the general public — even though he claims that he advocates for a nonviolent revolution. In 2008, his actions triggered riots and protests in Tibet and spread out over the country, before the Beijing Olympics in August.

There is no absolute right or wrong in the political world. Truth is hard to uncover. What we are experiencing is disrespect as the university did not take our and our families’ feelings into consideration.

We ask you to listen to what we are thinking. No matter what the result will be, we will appreciate your understanding.

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  1. http://triton.news/2017/04/tenzing-dolma-tibetan-refugees-perspective-dalai-lama/

    Dear Chinese students, you guys are all very smart and capable. So plz look deep down inside yourselves, consider the possibility that what you are thinking and how you are feeling, is a result of years of brainwashing?

    Ask yourselves, is the whole world wrong or perhaps are you wrong. It’s tough to admit mistakes definitely, but a free thinking person is able to do so. Gaining the ability to make up your own mind is the real sign that you’ve gotten something good out of your education in the US.

  2. Dalai Lama is never a separatist or as Chinese label him. In fact, Dalai Lama is the first person to propose the middle way approach seeking for a genuine autonomy within the PRC. Yes, it is right of every Tibetan to be able to fight for independence and yes, it is truth that Tibet was a independent nation erstwhile brutal occupation by Mao’s red army.
    Chinese students are taught a lot of distorted historical accounts that they seem to have a different worldview and perspective on Tibetan history than the accepted one by the world. Masses are not at fault, it is the regime that is carefully planned and still dictates and controls the brains of masses for the interest of regime or for some bullshit ideological fulfillment devoid of basic human rights and fulfillments.

  3. The article by the Chinese student keeps saying insensitivity to Chinese students. However, it never says why. Just because a person their oppressive regime hates, it doesn’t make it inappropriate for a US university to invite to speak. When did an academic institution like UCSD have to toe the line of Chinese Communist propaganda?

  4. I find it abhorrent that the author tries to portray the Chinese government’s treatment of the Tibetans and other minority groups in China as humane. Look at Xinjiang and the excellent treatment that the Chinese police show towards the Uighurs. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-39137420
    The time of commencement is a special time and should not be hijacked to cater to the oversensitive nature that seems to concern anything controversial in China. http://www.economist.com/news/china/21690097-poor-china-so-vast-and-so-sensitive-world-hurt

  5. The PRC needs to get out of Tibet, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brunei, Japan and South Korea. It needs the respect Taiwan’s independence and Hong Kong’s Basic Law. It needs to respect international Oceanic, Human Rights and IP law.

    1. Then how can Dalai Lama talk about freedom and autonomy while oppressing Tibetans by maintaining a feudal system in Tibet?
      And how do Chinese students oppress Tibetans?
      Even if Chinese government do(and we don’t know if the current government treats Tibetans better, but under the rule of Dalai Lama, Tibetans obviously live miserably), it’s not Chinese students’ fault.
      It’s like asking every US citizen why we have human rights because US government invaded Vietnam and as invaders US army never cared about the human rights of Vietnamese. Is every US citizen murderer because US government invaded the Middle East?

  6. Universities prioritize educational values when inviting speakers. In this case, I think we can all learn something from His Holiness Dalai Lama. He is respected for his ability to unite everyone. He is also a Marxist, and maybe that could be his common ground with the Chinese students. I hope he will tell us a thing or two about Marxism values. It’s a rare opportunity to hear a true socialist speak.


  7. Universities prioritize educational values when inviting speakers. In this case, I think we can all learn something from His Holiness Dalai Lama. He is respected for his ability to unite everyone. He is also a Marxist, and maybe that could be his common ground with the Chinese students. I hope he will tell us a thing or two about Marxism values. It’s a rare opportunity to hear a true socialist speak.


  8. A very unique way to describe Tibet’s protest to China’s genocide in Tibet: “His conflict with our government caused property loss, deaths of innocent people and panic among the general public — even though he claims that he advocates for a nonviolent revolution. In 2008, his actions triggered riots and protests in Tibet and spread out over the country, before the Beijing Olympics in August.”

    Part of studying abroad needs to include opening your minds and hearts, it’s not just about having daddy buy you a degree in California then go work at his old colleague’s bank or provincial government contact’s side business. In fact to call the Dalai Lama the cause of “riots” and not blame the fact that China conquered, engulfed and destroyed an entire civilization in it’s fascist conquest is an obscenity to truth and history. It’s obvious you learned little by leaving China.

    1. Can you give any proof that China “conquered, engulfed and destroyed an entire civilisation”?
      1. Tibet is officially part of China since 1200s(It’s not Chinese gov propaganda. Look it up at Wikipedia please)
      2. China cannot destroy its own civilisation. Saying that China destroyed Tibetan civilisation, is like saying that during Civil War, Northerners “conquered, engulfed and destroyed an entire civilisation”, the American South. What a pity, you either know nothing about basic logic, or have been ignorant about US history after being alive for so many years.
      Also, if China conquering Tibet is a Fascist conquest, how about the North conquering the South? You may argue that the North wanted to emancipate slaves. Then China can make the same argument, because Dalai Lama supports slavery and UNDER HIS RULE, TIBETANS ARE KEPT SLAVES. He even supports brutal traditions such as using people’s skins to make ornaments. Who is fascist then? You may not buy it, thinking that the is Chinese propaganda. Well, it may be, but president Lincoln also admitted that proclamation of emancipation is also a propaganda. (This is what we leant from AP US History Textbook: The American Pageant)

      1. The PRC needs to get out of Tibet, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Japan, South Korea. Historic Malay lands are not Chinese. The PRC needs to respect Taiwan independence and respect the Basic Law in Hong Kong.

        Methinks a few US CVBGs will allow the PRC to see the error of its ways.

        Maybe it’s time for President Widodo in Indonesia to burn a few more PRC ‘fishing’ vessels caught in Indonesian territory?

      2. This person is woefully ignorant of American history, of Chinese history, and of Tibetan history. The way he parrots the party line of the dictatorial Communist Party is reprehensible. He is shameful in the eyes of his parents and grandparents, if they are honorable, right-thinking people. He should drink ink and then hang his head in shame.

  9. Can a Chinese show proof of Dalai Lama is a “terrorist”? I mean actual proof? Otherwise you are parroting your “belief” which was taught to you by your government and parents. Mao killed millions, yet you don’t label him as a terrorist, you actually venerate him. You might have “book smarts” but you aren’t so forward thinking, very stubborn and quite stupid. If foreigner protest in China, they are put in jail. You are not a citizen, so you have no right to protest anything here. If you think you are brave, please show me when you protest anything against your own government? Silence means you agree with Chinese government, meaning you are coward. Since CSSA contact consulate on matter, CSSA should be investigating by FBI since this is illegal. I hope all Chinese who protest are taken into custody by FBI soon to prove they are not acting on Chinese government behalf. Shame on you.

      1. You may have missed this.


        On the surface, the commotion appears to stem from an arcane, centuries-old schism in Tibetan Buddhism. But a Reuters investigation has found that the religious sect behind the protests has the backing of the Communist Party. The group has emerged as an instrument in Beijing’s long campaign to undermine support for the Dalai Lama, a political exile who commands the loyalty of millions of Chinese citizens and whom Beijing accuses of plotting secession for Tibet.

        But a leaked internal Communist Party document shows that China is intervening in the dispute. The party document, issued to officials last year, said the Shugden issue is “an important front in our struggle with the Dalai clique”.

    1. Come to China and ask any Chinese under 40 if he or she actually venerate Mao
      Look at Chinese History Book published by Chinese government. Mao is actually criticised for initiating the Cultural Revolution.
      And Chinese actually protest
      Stop making ignorant, stupid comment when you are brainwashed
      And what means “forward thinking”, is agreeing with you forward-thinking?
      Then in order to be forward thinking, we should all welcome his holiness Dalai Lama, let this guy who supports slavery and brutal traditions such as human skin Tangka to bring his “peaceful” Buddhist teaching here.

      1. asd should go to the Potala Palace with a “Free Tibet” Poster and a photo of the Dalai Lama and shout “Free Tibet”. In the USA citizens are free to protest in front of the White House.

        You should live stream that on Weibo or Wechat.

        Let’s see how fast the Chinese military -not police- but the military come down on you. The fact is groups like Students for a Free Tibet would probably subsidize your entire visit to go there and do that as a litmus test of the quality of freedom in Tibet. Even yourself as a Chinese citizen is guaranteed to be arrested and permanently exiled from China.

    2. I’m not denying Chinese govt has a ambiguous attitude on Mao, but Chinese PEOPLE are well aware what he did. It just we can’t say it openly, doesn’t means we are stupid. The most important reason of studying in US for me is a liberty. I came to persuade a future with more liberty, more FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Saying foreigners have no freedom of speech is pushing all the foreigners out of US. I dare to say US need us, these educated people who speak English fluently, to work in US since native American’s birth rate is below the minimum birth rate to sustain population. I’m now very glad that I did not apply to UCSD.

  10. Look at this last sentence:

    “If the school insists on insisting on lectureing the Dalai Lama at the graduation ceremony, the Federation will further take tough measures to resolutely resist the school’s unreasonable behavior. Specific measures will be stated in the following statement.”

    Who the heck are you to make demands where you are not a CITIZEN of the US? You don’t dictate to an American university. I sent the NSA and FBI to investigate the CSSA. You Chinese will protest in other countries but won’t protest the regime in China, you are all cowards and brainwashed. You should be grateful western countries exist and you should be grateful the president is focused on other illegal immigrants but the millions of illegal Chinese who come here un-noticed.

    1. Because they have paid their tuition and they are a member of UCSD.
      We have the right to protest US government, because we pay our taxes.
      Same reasoning.
      They have the right to protest UCSD, because they paid their tuition.

  11. The whole problem with this fake outrage is it is happening by Chinese students who were already taught from their young years to hate someone they never met. All of this, including the author, is from a BIAS. Simple as that. If they were “brainwashed” to believe someone is a terrorist, then this outrage now and snowflake attitude is why many consider this ridiculous.

    Why come to study in America and use words like “inclusion” “diversity” when China doesn’t practice this at home? It’s a shame Chinese come here but keep the bad ideas from home, despite enjoying what we have to offer. I mean what’s next, Chinese will protest some subjects (civics, history) in college they consider “against their feelings”. Facts don’t care about your feelings.

  12. I am surprised that having come to this country to study, and giving the chance to research anything freely, that Chinese students do not take the opportunity to do so. I work with students studying here from other countries, including China, and have seen firsthand this hatred of Tibet. Also, the lack of taking the opportunity to investigate all of the things that would not be allowed back in their home country. Have they been so trained as to not even consider exploring anything other than what they have been told? Sadly possible.

  13. Honestly, you (both sides) are all missing a very important point here.

    The university has a right to invite any public figure as they see fit to host public events, just as any student is allowed to voice his/her opinions over any matter on campus.

    The potential problem here is the choice of occasion. Whoever does not wish to attend the HH’s speech can CHOOSE to not do so at HIS/HER FREE WILL. However by inviting him to the commencement, it is depriving the graduating students’ right to make such choices.

    I don’t care if someone does not want to attend the speech for whatever reasons there may be (whether it be political or not), by refusing to attend the commencement the university is forcing them to make a huge sacrifice of not being able to officially celebrate their graduation.

    Now that’s a real problem people, in case you missed the point.

    Political controversies aside, an academic institution NEEDS to put the best interests of their students first. Let it be the ability to attend (what some may regard as) one of the most inspiring speeches they can ever hear in life, OR EQUALLY IMPORTANTLY: the right to celebrate their academic achievement without being coerced into anything.

    Let me offer an analogy here. Spent 4 years in uni and ready to graduate and face real life? Here’s your diploma but before you eagerly grab it and never look back, let’s watch a video that you may or may not like. Not that your attitude matters here…

    Honestly, the word ‘brainwashed’ is getting so abused nowadays. I invite any sensible neurologist/biologist to gracefully take the stage.

    1. Too bad, should have studied in China if they wanted to avoid controversy at a celebration.

  14. Dude doesn’t want his parents to have to look at the Dali Lama?

    If your parents and you didn’t support a violent communist regime that’s killed millions and millions of innocent people since Mao managed to genocide his way into power. Maybe then somebody would give a shit about your feelings.

    This is like Neo Nazis complaining about a Jewish speaker.

    1. re: “We came here because of UC San Diego’s academic reputation.”

      As an alumus, I would hope you went to UCSD for its academic freedom as well.

      Free speech is a large part of that traditional freedom. That fact that you you have failed to appreciate that fact, does not say much for the university, your professors or your ‘education.’

    2. Heh yeah what if a Muslim commencement speaker was upsetting to parents from a state (of mind) that told them all Muslims seek the downfall of their civilization?

  15. “However, the Dalai Lama spent his whole life trying to separate Tibet from the mainland of China, regardless of how much privilege and freedom the government offered the people of Tibet.”

    The mind boggles at the idea that a college student wrote this with a straight face. How *dare* the Dalai Lama work to free his nation from its neighbor that invaded and occupied it! Those ungrateful Tibetans clearly don’t appreciate how benevolently they are treated by their conquerors! And it would hurt your feelings to have him at your commencement. Aww, poor little Imperialist snowflake you are! Disgusting.

    1. It boggles your mind that a communist wouldn’t recognize the rights of other human beings?

      Doesn’t surprise me at all. Their entire system is based on humans lacking rights.

  16. https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2017/02/16/some-chinese-students-uc-san-diego-condemn-choice-dalai-lama-commencement-speaker

    Barnett said the university should immediately open up opportunities for dialogue with Chinese students and suggested it could, for example, try to arrange a private meeting with them and the Dalai Lama. “We have to be a little careful about demonizing the Chinese students’ response,” he said. “That’s inevitable given the fact that they are acting as an arm of the Chinese embassy or consulate, but nevertheless we have to also recognize that the university has taken a strong position here, one that many people will sympathize with, but which is a challenge to the position taken by the Chinese government and shared by some Chinese.”
    “So the question we have to consider is, in the society which we’re in, do we want to embrace that challenge, enable that conversation, encourage it to come to a resolution and understanding, or do we risk it just becoming a kind of confrontation, a marking of difference and of conflict? I think this is the underlying issue here, and I’m not sure this has been dealt with.”

    1. Why must we be cautious to demonize them? The Chinese students (Who are protesting.) are acting on behalf of a clearly fascist, violent communist regime.

      No person educated in Chinese history (Actual Chinese history, not the fake made up Chinese government version.) would support the Chinese government, unless they’re a communist from China who belongs to the ruling class (Anyone who can afford to go to college in America period.) and is being put at an advantage by the suffering of the regular Chinese subject. (Communists aren’t citizens, they are subjects, as the government retains all of their rights.)

      Lets all remember that we’re talking about China. A country where the communist government can come to your home, that you don’t own they do, take your children from you, jail you, and torture you, without any kind of due process what so ever.
      You know. Fascists. We’re discussing treating fascists (People who support fascism, are by definition fascists, even if your not the individual who goes to someones home and kidnaps and tortures / executes them.) with kid gloves to avoid hurting their FEELINGS. I think that’s ridiculous, the government their supporting is using force and violence on its subjects, and we’re suppose to be worried about hurting their supporters feelings?

  17. His Holiness Dalai Lama’s Prime Minister or “Sikyong” very recently visited Japan and in the article below can be seen in the Japanese Diet building meeting some members of parliament. He is flanked by none other than two key people of the “Religious Cult” Nippon Kaigi in the picture. Who are the Nippon Kaigi?

    The Religious Cult Secretly Running Japan
    Nippon Kaigi, a small cult with some of the country’s most powerful people, aims to return Japan to pre-WWII imperial ‘glory.’ Sunday’s elections may further its goal.
    07.10.16 12:15 PM ET


  18. It’s adorable that you come here and think you have a choice.

    Go back to China and exercise your freedom of choice there.

    1. What is wrong with you? Wishing death and imprisonment on anyone you do not agree with, even in jest. Just stop it. That is not intelligent debate, it’s lazy hatred.

  19. There are other reasons why HH should not be commencement speaker and it has nothing to do with Chinese.

    Watch “The Dark Side of the Dalai Lama”

    1. I’m unclear on why this would mean you shouldn’t listen to him. Even disagreeable points of view can be educational and informative, even if it’s only to reaffirm one’s position with greater clarity.

      Also, no matter how bad the DL might be, from a particular, “perspective,” objectively, communists are the maggots that eat his feces.

  20. For those that are interested, I just found out that this blogger here translated Melvin Goldstein’s Tibet book into Chinese. He has a mobi version too which you can load up in a kindle app.


    The blogger wrote an interesting preface to this unofficial translation. (Amazingly, according to what he wrote, he translated this book all on his own)



  21. My dear chinese students, I am very happy in hell. My advise for you all is dont go other country for studies. Our future is in our own land. Go back and learn how to kill people, learn kidnapping, rape, corruption, torture, learn how to warn other countries, learn how to insult our guest etc etc.
    Now my time for roll in burning oil, bye

    1. As a Tibetan American person who is extremely opposed to the viewpoints that Ruixuan has made in this op-ed, I also want to state that I find this comment incredibly offensive. It plays on stereotypes of Chinese people and does absolutely nothing to counter the assumptions about His Holiness the Dalai Lama that Ruixuan makes. As a Tibetan American, I strongly oppose trolling and racist comments like this one even towards a person and opinion with whom I very much disagree. I hope that this comment, which does nothing but distract from a serious conversation about the lives of human beings, will be deleted by site administrators.

      I also take issue with the premise and claims of this op-ed. Tibet is not a perfect place. However, that does not give the CCP the right to continue these injustices. To say that the Chinese government has offered “privilege and freedom” to Tibetans inside Tibet is to accept at face value the claims of this government and to ignore the actual experiences that Tibetans have risked their lives and safety to share with the world.

      His Holiness the Dalai Lama has been and continues to be a source of inspiration and leadership for Tibetans in exile (including after his devolution of leadership to a democratically elected prime minister) and a beacon of hope and spiritual guidance to Tibetans inside Tibet who face continued colonization and repression of basic human rights. Also, the Chinese government has been shown to have financially backed the Dorje Shugden’s smear campaign of His Holiness (http://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-dalai-lama-idUSKCN0WD203), so it follows that claims that they make about the well-being of Tibetans inside Tibet should at the very least be closely examined, if you aren’t willing to listen to the multiplicity of actual Tibetan voices who have bravely shared their own experiences.

      If Ruixuan can invoke the importance of commencement as a life event for Chinese students and their families, I would argue that for Tibetans living in the United States, knowing that the country in which they live supports their struggles is equally important. The US’s allyship and diplomatic relations with one of Tibet’s most revered and accomplished leaders is an important relationship, and signals to Tibetans across the globe that there is hope for a self-determined and equitable future for us.

      1. Thank you!
        Very good response and fully in line with buddhism and His Holiness philosophy.

        The ultimate goal of the Dalai Lama is freedom from suffering and HAPPINESS for ALL SENTIENT BEINGS, no matter if you are Tibetan, Chinese, American or even an animal. The Dalai Lama represents nothing more than compassion and loving kindness for EVERYONE of us. Every day he sincerely prays for ALL OF US.

        When I read the article of Ruixuan, with all this false information and distorted views, I also felt emotions of anger and sadness arise. But trying to follow the path of the Buddha and trying my best to follow the teachings of His Holiness, we should never allow these negative and destructive emotions to rise. Instead we must always embrace all beings with understanding, loving kindness and compassion.
        This is the teachings of thebBuddha,
        these are the words of the Dalai Lama
        and this is the practice of so many brave Tibetan people despite the brutal oppression and humilation they experience inside their own land.
        I have been there, I talked to them – these are facts.

        Nothing impressed me more in my life, than those people of Tibet, who every day pray for the happiness of all sentient beings, including those Chinese represantatives of the government who humilate them, who bully them, who detain their brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers and who even torture them still today.

        Nothing impressed me more than this old Tibetan monk, who was in a Chinese prison for more than 20 years only for being loyal to His Holiness the Dalai Lama and his teaching of compassion and loving kindness. He was humilated and tortured. But when he was asked if he did not feel any fear when he was in the Chinese prison, he replied:
        “The only fear I had is that I could loose my compassion for my Chinese torturers”

        I bow down with my deepest respect in front of you brave compassionate people of Tibet who follow the teachings of the Dalai Lama.

        Forever I am in love with the Dalai Lama.
        Forever I will work hard to be a good Buddhist.
        Forever I will defend and protect every single being that experiences suffering.
        Forever I will stand by your side my Tibetan friends.

        Tashi Delek!

        1. Let LL and Roland be examples of how we can bring back civility, respect, intelligence and honesty to conversations on the internet.

          1. You fuck off too. Fucktarded Fascism is never owed any civility. Safe Spaces are for pussies and children.

  22. UCSD CSSA claims that it is “affiliated with Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles” and is now “waiting for further instructions from the Consulate on this matter.
    It is alarming how China’s government influence extended to US academic institution. This is first time such complaints emerged, but the other fact is there are hundreds of Chinese students,scholars meet the Dalai Lama in private and engage in dialogue with him.

    1. I do know that the Chinese communists are the lowest filth on the planet and should be exterminated. It’s a pity the Lama believes in peace. He’d have my nukes.

  23. “CCP is one of the most evil organizations in the world expect Donald Trump. 1.5b brainwashed people in China and these international students who are so benighted and uncivilized compared with us western liberals that apparently they are not clever enough to realize anything. I support the liberation of Tibet although i have no idea where tibet is or the history of Buddhism, and i dont even want to know. I talk about the kindness and love of dalai since i’m not interested in tibet slavery, and that’s dalai that’s my spiritual leader. I dont want to hear anything about CIA Tibetan program must be evil cuz i wont admit it. I don’t want to argue with Chinese students or google anything cuz they are so ignorant and biased. Their country is bad and they are influenced by Chinese propaganda. What? Dalai Lama is an American propaganda puppet doll? Hell no. You are not supporting Dalai? You must be one of these trump supporters. You will go to hell. I dont want to talk to biased people so i tell them to leave and get out of my country that’s the best way to show them what free speech is. I hate Trump but being Trump feels great. What about a Dalai haters ban tomorrow? ”

    1. What language was that? It looks like English, only as if written by someone retarded and smoking medical marijuana.

  24. Funny thing that people keep saying that the author is brainwashed and claim to defend free speech at the same time. Well done

      1. How is the author attacking free speech? Did you even read it? He or she was just voicing their opinion in a free society where free speech is allowed. It was just an article trying to ask for some sort of understanding about their thoughts, and wishing their school to be more tactful. Nowhere did the writer demand the school to boycott the dailai lama. Nor did the opinion piece impinge on the rights and reputation of others.

    1. I can think he’s a duped moron and zealously defend his right to prove me correct simultaneously.

  25. the author has blatantly bought the lines from CCP propaganda, and accused someone as a terrorist and separatist without providing any credible evidences. I have a question to the author, when did China become CCP? Is Chinese nationalism same as CCP loyalty? The future of China-Tibet issue lies and the reconciliation between Han and minirities depend on our attitude. As long as you maintain your colonialistic mindset and couldn’t accept Dalai Lama as an another ordinary Chinese who happened to be non-Han, there is no way forward. It is perplexing that you have so much about about Dalai Lama, why can’t you say the same thing about the organization which forced him out of the country, destroyed his culture, and massacred thousands of fellow Chinese? Probably you won’t care as long as you can maintain “Han privileges” in China.

  26. Eating pork in front of a Muslim may make him or her feel being offended, but he or she never has the right to prohibit you from eating pork, unless this happens in an Islamic country. Same thing. Things you think are unclean may be regular to others. There is no way in a free world that everyone should always consider your feelings. I think my some of my Chinese fellows should really grow up.

  27. Read it.
    The institution of Dalai Lama promotes serf-powered theocratic feudal society but most people do not realize that because Buddhism is highly regarded in the West. If he was a Muslim, the Dalai Lama would be comparable to the Taliban, and the media would have not-so-nice things to say about him. In China, Buddhism is as “highly regarded” as Christianity is in America: the religion of good people but organizations are corrupt to the core.

    The current reincarnation of Dalai Lama is also highly controversial for being totally unreliable and contradictory. When the Chinese media say he cannot be trusted, it’s brutally honest. Politicians can only lie so much (quantity and depth of lie) before a relationship is irreconcilable. His biggest reputation breaker was his role in organizing the CIA black ops in the 1960s while promoting peaceful resistance against the PRC. China did not forget and will never forgive, and still thinks the US has the Dalai Lama in its pocket. When Dalai Lama says he wants only “full autonomy” for Tibet, China isn’t even sure if he knows what his position is, since he’s flip-flopped on that so many times. Dalai Lama is the closest thing to Donald Trump in Chinese politics: he says whatever he wants, nothing sticks, and his supporters love him.

    Most Chinese people have no opinion about Dalai Lama, because not much is known about him other than the fact that he is a separatist figurehead and a religious authority. I believe most people would rather the Dalai Lama not be so political and be only a religious figure.

    1. Learn the history more deeply my frd. The accusations that u put on his holiness is nothing but purely made-up. U forgot to provide any evidence of his your so called “terrorist act”. Ignorant fools..simply feel pity.

      1. It’s not communism
        Please learn what communism is before making ignorant comments
        Besides, China is not even a communist country. In what way is it communist, besides calling itself a communist country?

  28. Can’t speak for China, but I can say that the rule of the Dalai Lamas was morally bankrupt and evil. History gets ignored in the West when it comes to the Dalai Lama, from both the left and right. The left fall over themselves to interpret everything he says, even when it’s rambling gibberish, as a mix of profound New Age and inscrutable Eastern pearls of wisdom ( HIS HOLINESS THE DALAI LAMA ), and the right dig him because he’s anticommunist.

    The fact of the matter is that the reign of the Dalai Lamas in Tibet, going back 300 years and up until the middle of the 20th century, was a theocratic totalitarian dictatorship based on widespread serfdom, in which slavery was practiced and slave sales routine, 95% of the population was illiterate and subjected to various forms of bondage, and dissenters routinely tortured and executed.

    Nothing “enlightened” about that.

    And running the show was the Dalai Lama, serene and secluded in his luxurious palace, preaching karma as rationalization for life and how things are. Karma, which says we are where we are because of our behavior in a prior existence, is not that hard to believe in when you’re the guy in the palace.

  29. Funny thing is all of you talking sbout freedom speech but keep attacking and insulting people like author who have different “political” views than yours, and tell them to get away from your country. Yeah. Thats so free. Thats how unbiased mind works and thats how freedom speech should be. Thats the way you guys treat Trump supporter, to attack them and tell them get away from your country. You guys so funny with zero tolerance of different opinions and use freedom speech to attack others. Then say things like we dont care your feelings even though they are going to the sams college as you. Using freedom speech as a weapon so You can burn all the different opinions. If they dont accept your opinion , you will burn things and gather people to create conflict. Thats how democracy works. Im so tired of seeing you trying to be smart and educate Chinese students using Tiananmen Sqaure and Lyu xiaobo, and try to prove the censorship or filtered news of China. The thing is that Chinese students know thier history better than all of you. Just go interview any of Chinese to see if he knows Tiananmen Sqaure protest. Using the protest to claim that CCP is killing people is even funnier. Tell me sbout what happened in Irap, in Syria, in Lybia. These wars are supprted by your government and people are dying for your interest. Dalai Lama is founded by CIA. People dying in tibet uprising because your government support the conflict.

    1. I am quite disappointed by some of the comments below. Before I came to US, I thought American education system is better because it focus more on critical thinking, reasoning, openness to different opinions. I never imagine that all those horrible things like “Get out of OUR country”, “You should ….” “lies” “brainwashed” “disgusting” comes from students in UCSD. If this represents the majority of US students’s attitude, what is the difference between you and Trump, who was regarded by some people as a “showing no respect to woman”, while you show no respect to Chinese? Why on one side you guys fighting for the right of minorities such as LGBT, immigrants from 7 countries, the other side you say all those horrible things to people from the most populated country in the world?

      1. It hurts isn’t it….when things point at u n your surrounding….i feel hurt too ….i am a tibetan living as a refugee…its like u r on the road n some stronger person r residing in my rightful house…may u be born as a Tibetan in your next life!!!

    2. I don’t know much about this. But I am dentist in Seoul, South Korea.
      Many Chinese journalist visit my hospital for dental treatment.
      One day I ask “you have no dentist in China?”
      The Chinese journalist replied to me: “have, have – but in China I am not allowed to open my mouth.”

    3. CONGRESSMAN Hunter’s Chief of Staff Joe Kasper said his office considers the University of California a “sanctuary” (hence: bad). The Dali Lama said: “Now that the times has come, we must pay more attention to our inner value. We must practice compassion which is our basic human nature. My sole purpose right now is to promote human values and compassion. Our educational system is very much oriented in the materialistic value. This is not good. Our educational system should teach about inner value; compassion.” He will be a featured speaker at the University of California (LOCAL BRANCH) at GRADUATION.

  30. The author doesn’t know anything.
    When you said “However, the Dalai Lama spent his whole life trying to separate Tibet from the mainland of China” WTF. Where did you get this? Your parents in China told you? I am Tibetan and I know for a fact that the Dalai Lama was DEFINITELY NOT trying to separate Tibet from China- we want RELIGIOUS FREEDOM and we want to be left alone from you guys- you took it away from us and you killed many of our people. Your government never offered any “privilege and freedom” to us. Cut the crap, Wang.

    “His conflict with our government caused property loss, deaths of innocent people and panic among the general public” Not true. YOU GUYS were the ones that destroyed our property and killed Tibetans. My grandma, still alive, thankfully escaped to Nepal so that’s why I am here today.

    “In 2008, his actions triggered riots and protests in Tibet and spread out over the country, before the Beijing Olympics in August.” The world was watching China and it was the perfect opportunity for us to protest and highlight their violation of human rights.

    Your article is disgusting and you are feeding lies. I’m very happy your parents will see the Dalai Lama. I know there are Chinese people who can’t help that their government is doing all of this. There are good Chinese people out there and if your parents believe in human rights for all, they would respect the Dalai Lama.

    1. ” WTF. Where did you get this? Your parents in China told you? I am Tibetan and I know for a fact that the Dalai Lama was DEFINITELY NOT trying to separate Tibet from China” <– What a ridiculous statement. If the daila lama doesn't want outright separation, then why doesn't he openly tell his people, like you guys, to STAND DOWN?

      You tibetans in EXILE keep on waiving FREE TIBET flags yet you say you only want "religious freedom"? Do you think people are stupid?

      Why don't you tell your people first to change the message before you start to claim that he is "DEFINITELY NOT trying to separate Tibet from China"

      1. Hi Jason,

        Can you go stand in front of the Potala Palace and shout “Free Tibet”, go there with the Dalai lama’s photograph please and have posters criticizing the CPP. In America, citizens are free to criticize their government and assemble in protest.

        Live stream it on Weibo or Wechat.

        Chinese like yourself are terrified to protest or criticize your government. Otherwise, I am certain many Tibetans would offer to pay you to protest on behalf of Tibetans in China and live stream it — as a simple litmus test of the level of freedom in Tibet. Unfortunately, you would likely be unable to live stream in Tibet because your government subsidizes the world’s largest internet filter, the Great Fire Wall of China which was created to with the intent to control access to information and a CPP approved narrative.

  31. Ruixuan Wang’s claim about “privilege and freedom the government offered to the people of Tibet” is completely out of touch. It seems like either you really don’t know, or you are trying to falsify the truth about how many thousands of Tibetan people are killed and being killed for preserving their unique culture, language, and its religious traditions? The ongoing demolition of Larung-gar is a single drop from ocean of destruction the communist government has inflicted on the Tibetan people. How come the so called ‘privileged’ Tibetan people end their lives during self is they have freedom? Why do the airport authorities single out and question people with Tibetan names whey they come back to their country? If you did not visit Tibet before, please do so and use your own conscience. You will notice how Tibetan people are oppressed in Tibet even if they are afraid to tell you about the government policy. You will witness how the Tibetan sacred mountains are dug out for mines that are transported not for the Chinese people, but for the sustenance of the communist government. Most Tibetan treat Chinese people as their brothers and sisters, but they do not and cannot sell their should to the communist government for money. If you think the government is doing good by building railroads and highways in Tibet, you should ask is that what Tibetan people want?

    1. “The ongoing demolition of Larung-gar is a single drop from ocean of destruction the communist government has inflicted on the Tibetan people” and ” If you think the government is doing good by building railroads and highways in Tibet, you should ask is that what Tibetan people want?”

      How about you get off your high horse and ask how your native americans are being treated? Your how country is founded on stolen land and you still treat them like crap and even openly mock them with your sports team mascots.

      1. Hi Jason,

        How about you get off your high horse, two wrongs don’t make a right.

        A violation of human rights is a violation of human rights period. No one has the right to justify their countries actions by saying you did it too. That’s childish, what you’re saying amounts to you did it – so we did it. By that logic, the United Nations should just invade China for all of their transgressions:





  32. Get your facts straight before you force your opinions based on your biased mainstream western media on us. Dalai Lama and his regime were slave owners in Tibet. Feel free to google “Dalai Lama Slave owner”. Also, he was funded by the CIA. Google CIA Tibet covert program and you can find information on Wikipedia. It’s a shame that he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Even though he was really young when he lived in Tibet, his regime enslaved and tortured people. Go and ask Tibetans if they want him to come back and rule them. Lol. Their lives are so much better under the current government. They are FREE (don’t you Americans live freedom), can own land and work for themselves, they have hospitals and schools which didn’t exist under Dalai Lama’s government, they can get educated in many things not just Buddhism, and they get previledges when coming to the mainland to attend college.

    1. Use your own intelligence. Do the slaves like their slave owners who abuse them?
      Why do Tibetan people love the Dalai Lama if he is the slave owner?
      Your brain seems to be completely full of propaganda? Why is google not available in China if you are talking about googling? If you are unbiased google Dalai Lama, not just Dalai Lama Slave however because that is just a view of the Chinese government and its propaganda machine.

      1. Why don’t you use your intelligence. The slave owners were also religious figures, that’s how they wield so much power over the slaves before.

        Also, the most ardent dalai lama defenders are tibetans in EXILE. They were kicked out of China so of course they hate everything Chinese.

        1. Hi Jason,

          Can you stop posting your nonsense everywhere. If Tibet ALWAYS belonged to China, the corollary to that is…what? do you know?

          It is that Chinese were slave owners.

          You had one good observation: ” the most ardent Dalai Lama defenders are Tibetan in EXILE”. Do you know why that is?

          It is because they are FREE to speak out without being scared of facing repercussions across three generations of their family members and closest friends. People who aren’t free cannot voice their opinions.

          Can you believe that thousands upon thousands of Tibetans have CHOSEN to climb Mount Everest with improper gear, fully aware of the peril they face in their escape into treacherous mountain conditions as Chinese military snipers stand prepared to snipe them? As evidenced here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veQIdaR0J70

          Yes, they choose to risk their life to escape. Others have chosen to self immolate in an attempt to bring media attention to the layers of nuanced and overt suppression that the Chinese police, military and government impose upon them.

  33. This is my letter to the Triton in which I expressed my firm opposition to my Chinese peers on the Dalai Lama speech issue.

    1) It is intolerant of the CSSA to demand the university to cancel an apolitical spiritual speech by a speaker whose politics they dislike.

    2) Disparaging this globally-revered sage, they lack the fundamental respect for the culture and religion of the Tibetan people.

    3) It would be his Holiness’s right to speak freely and truthfully on his people’s plight, including China’s ongoing demolition of the Larung Gar Academy and recent arrest of Tashi Wangchuk, an educator of the Tibetan language.

    4) It was the ruling Communist Party that compromised the territorial integrity of China by establishing a Soviet satellite state during the Japanese invasion and splitting the country across the Taiwan Strait through a bloody rebellion.

    5) The communist regime, which my Chinese peers in UCSD are actually defending, is no synonym for the motherland of the Tibetan monks who lost their lives in the barbarian air raid on the Byams-chen-chos-skor-gling Temple in 1956 or the motherland of the Chinese parents who witnessed their kids butchered in Beijing on the bloody night of 1989.

    6) My experience of being a young dissident who narrowly escaped prison keeps on reminding me how fortunate I am now to live in America and have the freedom to speak without fears.

    7) The communist regime is kidnapping, torturing and imprisoning less fortunate millennial dissidents at home, including Kwon Pyong, an Iowa State University alumni and ethnic Korean who is waiting behind bars for an imminent trial on his outspoken opposition to communism.

    8) The CSSA, a self-proclaimed apolitical independent student body, admits on Chinese social media that it reports to a foreign consulate and follows its instructions, violating the law and school rules.

    9) Their attempt to curb free speech on an American campus indicates that the evil hand of communist censorship has reached us through their student agents.

  34. I just notice a funny fact. This article seems to be the only one in Guardian that has more than 5 comments. Correct me if I was wrong. Guardian should have more articles like this!

  35. Fellow Chinese, you got an opportunity to broaden your controlled mind.
    May be you know him. I guess not. He is a Chinese just like you but real Chinese who loves his county and people.

    Liu Xiaobo 刘晓波; pinyin: Liú Xiǎobō (born 28 December 1955)[1] is a Chinese literary critic, writer, professor, and human rights activist who called for political reforms and the end of communist single-party rule. He is currently incarcerated as a political prisoner in Jinzhou, Liaoning.

    On 8 October 2010, the Nobel Committee awarded Liu the Nobel Peace Prize “for his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China,” saying that Liu had long been front-runner as the recipient of the prize.

    China reacted negatively to the award, immediately censoring news about the announcement of the award in China, though later that day limited news of the award became available.[clarification needed] Foreign news broadcasters including CNN and the BBC were immediately blocked,[79] while heavy censorship was applied to personal communications.[80][81] The Chinese Foreign Ministry denounced the award to Liu Xiaobo, saying that it “runs completely counter to the principle of the award and is also a desecration of the Peace Prize.”[82][83][84][85] The Norwegian ambassador to the People’s Republic of China was summoned by the Foreign Ministry on 8 October 2010 and was presented with an official complaint about the granting of the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu.[86] The Chinese government has called Liu Xiaobo a criminal and stated that he does not deserve the prize. Chinese dissident Wei Jingsheng, in his response to news of the award, criticized Liu by calling him “the accomplice of the Communist regime.”[87]

    Following the announcement of the Nobel Peace Prize, celebrations in China were either stopped or curtailed,[88] and prominent intellectuals and other dissidents were detained, harassed or put under surveillance;[89] Liu’s wife, Liu Xia, was placed under house arrest[90] and was forbidden to talk to reporters even though no official charges were brought.[91] Sixty-five countries with missions in Norway were all invited to the Nobel Prize ceremony, but fifteen declined, in some cases due to heavy lobbying by China. Besides China, these countries were Russia, Kazakhstan, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Vietnam, Venezuela, Egypt, Sudan, Cuba, and Morocco.


    China’s claims on Tibet are mostly based on some short periods of time, when e.g the Qing dinasty (19th Century) or the Yuan (13th century) temporarily had some influence over the territory of Tibet.

    But how about the history of the 2500 years before the Qing, e.g.
    Qin, Xi Han, Xin, Dong Han, San Guo, Xi Jin, Dong Jin, Sui, Tang, Will Dai Shi Gui, Da Li Guo, Bei Song, Nan Song, Liao, Jin, Xi Xia, Xi Liao, and Ming ?
    NONE of these dinasties or tribes had any territory of Tibet under their control.


    In the same reasoning used by China government one could easily state that China is a part of Mongolia or of Japan as it was once conquered by them. Isn’t it? ;o)

    Or is …
    as the Chinese capital Chang’an (modern Xi’an) was conquered in 763 CE by Tibet.
    At that time the Tibetans temporarily installed as Emperor of China a relative of Princess Jincheng Gongzhu (Kim-sheng Kong co), the Chinese wife of Trisong Detsen’s father, Me Agtsom.

    And why by the way is Xi’an called Xi’an and why is Xining called Xining? “Xi” means “West” in Chinese. These cities were simply the western border of the historic territory of the Chinese dynasties. And guess what lies West of these cities (outside of the territory of China?):

    1. Then I guess the US needs to return the land of a few states according to your theory. Remind me how the US got Hawaii? Your view is obviously biased. And why is there an constitutional amendment needed for secession? You allow tranquility within the US but not in other countries? I only see arrogance and manipulated mind by the western definition of democracy.

      1. I am only talking about the Tibet issue here and that’s the topic, right?
        Otherwise we would also have to start talking about the great famine in the course of the cultural revolution where chairman Mao’s “great leap forward” caused the death of 60-80 million of your countrymen, right?
        And by the way I am German and I am strongly raising my voice against any kind of injustice, in my country, in the US, wherever! But again, the topic here is Tibet.

      2. I am only talking about the Tibet issue here and that’s the topic, right?
        Otherwise we would also have to start talking about the great famine in the course of the cultural revolution where chairman Mao’s “great leap forward” caused the death of 60-80 million of your countrymen, right?
        And by the way I am German and I am strongly raising my voice against any kind of injustice, in my country, in the US, wherever! But again, the topic here is Tibet.

    2. I get it. I remember one of my South Korean students writing…. “Yes Tokdo (a disputed) Island)belongs to Japan – but Japan belongs to (South) Korea.” I taught (?) in PRC but I wasn’t allowed to discuss politics or religious. My college students were “too impressionable.” Of course, Chinese students pay full tuition here. I bought a smo0othie at Jamba Juice on the UCSD campus earlier today and a Chinese-speaking female undergraduate student was wearing a patch on her jacket which said: “Bite Me.” There’s a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald titled “Bernice Bobs Her Hair” which should be required reading (disclaimer: I hold a master’s degree from UCSD in English and American Literature).

  37. This is the logical outcome of the censorious political culture on American campuses. If left-authoritarian students can raise a stink and get conservative speakers disinvited, then others can also make a fuss and no-platform the freaking DALAI LAMA, of all people. In the end, is there any speaker worth hearing who will not be found offensive by some group? It’s time to unplug the outrage machine. Everyone is tired of the victims hijacking our institutions with emotional blackmail.

    To the author, who I suspect might be writing this article at the behest of his government, I want to say: Your feelings don’t matter. Our freedoms do. Americans don’t care about you or your family’s “joy” on commencement day. We care about our traditions of free speech, liberal democracy, and open society. If that galls you, nobody cares.

      1. LOL who said that? Your [sic] the funny one.

        The author, although a guest in our country, is still entitled to say whatever he wants, however wrong–as long as he IS in our country and not his own, where such rights are not valued. Did anyone suggest otherwise?

        1. Hi The Representitive of All American People, I’m pretty sure there are people who would care about a student’s feeling. Have you surveyed everyone in this country?

    1. Then I guess the US needs to return the land of a few states according to your theory. Remind me how the US got Hawaii? Your view is obviously biased. And why is there an constitutional amendment needed for secession? You allow tranquility within the US but not in other countries? I only see arrogance and manipulated mind by the western definition of democracy.

    2. Wow, oh must be a white supremacist. I can imagine you saying racist things towards people of color, native Americans, and other oppressed groups and telling them “your feelings don’t matter! Our freedoms do! We AMERICANS don’t care about how you and your families feel! We just care about our freedom of speech!!!”

  38. If you don’t agree with the author’s opinion, point it out. For people who start to attack the author, you are not making any sense.

      1. The one needing education is you brother. Just once, try to think in this way, what you know what you learnt, what your peers learnt at school could be your government’s propaganda? I give up if you do not give a chance to this thought.

  39. Calling up this generations and blind believe on fake history…not so cool…thy need to utilize the education on right track…be realistic…
    May thr b peace on this earth n long live his holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

  40. Calling up this generations and blind believe on fake history…not so cool…thy need to utilize the education on right track…be realistic…
    May the b peace on this earth n long live his holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

  41. “However, the Dalai Lama spent his whole life trying to separate Tibet from the mainland of China”

    No, just that period of his life starting when China invaded and occupied Tibet and ending when the Dalai Lama abandoned independence for the Middle Way approach. He hasn’t advocated separation for DECADES, but for a long time has been a moderating voice seeking appeasement and reconciliation, which China has refused dialogue. Thus begins your gross distortion of the facts.

    “… regardless of how much privilege and freedom the government offered the people of Tibet”

    I.e., none.

    “His conflict with our government caused property loss, deaths of innocent people and panic among the general public — even though he claims that he advocates for a nonviolent revolution. In 2008, his actions triggered riots and protests in Tibet and spread out over the country, before the Beijing Olympics in August.”

    Some nice alternative facts you’ve got there.

    “There is no absolute right or wrong in the political world.”

    Yes there is. And you’re absolutely wrong. Worse, you’re a liar, and you’re whining that, after you got an education in our country, your university managed to score one of the most famous and charismatic figures in the world, beloved by billions.

    “We want to spend a fantastic time with our family during the commencement, but his presence will ruin our joy.”

    So what? You’re ruining everyone else’s joy. Your country’s occupation of Tibet ruins Tibetans’ joy. Did you think about that? You have no right to come to the United States to receive an education and then dictate who is or is not allowed to speak. If you don’t like it, please leave and never come back.

    1. Yeah, I just got off the phone with the Dalai Lama, and we’ve got big plans. Amazing plans. We’re going to make America greater than it ever was. Starting tomorrow, I’m signing an executive order making Buddhism the state religion of America. His Holiness will crown me emperor for life. Then I’ll put Chicoms to the sword.

  42. Well it’s very interesting going through each articles and commentaries as these provide some informations about the differences of thoughts of two sides of a coin! Well! I am a pure Tibetan with no mixture of bit of a Chinese. A real or native of people of Tibet but sadly we are staying in exile despite we have country. It was said by my parents that some of my relatives have been killed by China.
    Even going through lot of books it was clear that China had attempted to murder the Dalai Lama in 50s, several times, even today the plot against him continues. The Dalai Lama was very young and it wasn’t long or he was freshly given the power to rule country. I don’t figure what makes the Gov’t to murder the Dalai Lama as he really wasn’t a violent element and also as he could never be a threat to the any Chinese lives. He always encourages peace!
    So when I was a kid of tender age I felt that all the Chinese are our enemies and I had severe sort of enmity with all the Chinese. I thought if I see or meet any Chinese i am going to fight with them and felt that my heroism lies in that.
    But later, listening to the Dalai Lama and under his sort of guidelines at schools and institute I have been not only told but taught that all the Chinese are not our enemies. The common people are like us struggling for daily breads, living a common life.
    he always taught that it is matter of just one or two political giants whose twist in thoughts can resolve our issue or controversy.
    If the Dalai Lama wished I would be ready for war and fight but the Dalai Lama didn’t nurture us for that but he taught us how to tackle the catastrophes with ease and peace with compromise negotiations and dialogues which the CCP never tries to understand. What has happened in Tibet in 2008 is the direct result of the repressions by the gov’t over the people.
    Anyway I would never quarrel or fight with a Chinese that I meet anywhere as The Dalai Lama never encourages that. So, I have learnt to forgive my enemies. Despite my land is being brutally occoupied by CCP.
    And yes the Dalai Lama said amidst the 2008 riots that if the violent continues his position is, he resigns and he never encourages violent, to the Medias.
    I don’t have guns in my hand, I am not a terrorist because I have never been mould to be like that. I am also a peace promoter now under the guidelines of HH.

  43. Q: Why Chinese do not like Dalai Lama?
    A: Dalai Lama wants to build an independent country in Tibet for Tibetan.

    Q: Who can represent the people in Tibet?
    A: There are about 92% of people live in Tibet are Tibetan, and most Tibetan believes in Tibetan Buddhism devoutly. If someone is the leader of Tibetan Buddhism, then that one can represent the majority in Tibet.

    Q: Is Dalai Lame the leader of Tibetan Buddhism?
    A: Unfortunately, the answer is no. Just like Christianity has different groups (Baptist, Lutheran, Protestant, etc), Tibetan Buddhism has four main groups (Nyingma, Kagyu, Sakya, and Gelug). Dalai Lama is one of the the four Tulkus of Gelug. He used to be the leader for the adherent of Gelug, who lives in Ü-Tsang (right now, Panchan lama is the main leader of Gelug.) You never heard about other leader’s name, because Dalai Lama is the ONLY one among four different groups, who wants to build an independent country.

    I really loves Tibet. I just went to the east of Tibet last year. The people who live there are warm-hearted. I really want to share some pictures with you (which taken by me); however, I do not how to post the pictures on comment. If anyone wants to see what Tibet looks like, I can send to you by emails 🙂

    1. Why Chinese Gov’t hate Dalai Lama is that it failed to bribe him. He remained truthful and solid. He is not asking for a separate state but he is talking about one family with China despite he knows it’s not fair.
      All he demands to Chinese gov’t is let our people live with equality and dignity in Tibet which is quite understandable but the gov’t does not.
      Who is Dalai Lama and what kind of leadership is he, will be decided by the Tibetans which the people of the world is witnessing!

    2. you obviously have your facts wrong. stop making a fool of yourself. backup your wordswith a minimal amount of facts!

        1. maybe I state the dalai lama’s point in a inproper way. I just want to point out that,rather than Dalai Lama,there are more leaders seeks to cooperate with chinese government. I do not think Dalai Lama can represent the majority in Tibet. Since I just went to the east of Tibet,I am defintely sure that people in there have a much better than before,and the temple in there is well reserved.

    3. No one wants too see photos of Tibet which would be all biased. All your information here are something you have heard but not the full picture. Your answer no. 1 is completely wrong. Please go to listen to him once or go to YouTube to see what Dalai lama is saying about Tibet and China. He isn’t separating anything. Just do some research and don’t write anything that you heard from a one sided source.

      1. (BLIND TOURIST )
        It’s very funny that some knows the truth but won’t say out and there is someone who is totally innocent but won’t educate.But that is our nature and understandable.But people like you are not Acceptable in both.You may seen mighty buildings and reserved monasteries.But they are just eye image to fool people like you a (BLIND TOURIST )But you never tried to figure out the pain and sorrow of people living out there. So try to know the truth soon .Otherwise it’s waste of your mother’s energy to caring you nine months.

      2. I am pretty sure that the point no.3 is correct, which I do a lot of research on it. You should check it out by yourself. Just google the name of four groups. You will know I am the correct one.

      3. I don’t understand why my picture is biased. Please go to Tibet by yourself, if you really love Tibet. You will never find the truth by sitting in front of computer and listen to the side, which you like to listen.

    4. Independent country????? Really…..may u be born in Tibet in your next life under CCP!!!! Am sure u won’t be hurt by my prayers …

    5. I (also) taught in Taiwan. I had exchanged herbal recipes with the Dalai Lama. He lives in India. I told my class that I’d forward the best essay answering “Should he return to Tibet?” Everybody wrote that he should. It was impossible to tell any difference from one essay to the next. They were exactly the same as this Guardian column. I told them I couldn’t follow through. He’d be nuts to follow their advice. If you call them out it’d the same as calling them Overseas Chinese. It’s like the F-word. Don’t do it. I taught for 15 years in Japan and South Korea. And I was a judge or “adjudicator” in the World High School Debate Championship in Seoul 2008 and at many Northeast Asia Collegiate Debating Championships. The South China Sea pirate stations go back to popular outrage at the downing of a MIG jet frighter plane when it bumped a much larger American surveillance aircraft off Hainan Island (“the heart place of the Revolution”).

    6. you can send me here. It would be a delight to see people of my country. The country which my grandparents fled after being oppressed and brutally bullied.

  44. The Dalai Lama, as a political icon, is viewed differently in China because of the heavy censorship of the PRC. (src: http://www.cfr.org/china/media-censorship-china/p11515, among countless articles explaining the scary effectiveness of the Great Firewall). In other words, you will find out more about the true Chinese news outside of China, like the Tiananmen Square Massacre [六四事件]. Of course, the Dalai Lama has been painted as a subversive who wants independence from China, since this is the typical fashion on how China deals with dissidents. Regarding the privilege and freedom that the Chinese government extends to Tibet, being ranked one of the twelve worst countries is not a noteworthy achievement (https://www.pressreader.com/south-africa/the-new-age-free-state/20160704/282437053440777). If the people around me were detained every day by the Chinese government for arbitrary crimes, I would fear for my life too. However, the Dalai Lama has a whole website in which he advocates for the “Middle Way”, wanting more freedom (http://www.dalailama.com/messages/middle-way-approach, http://mwa.tibet.net/, etc.), but not wanting independence. It takes a whole lot of compassion to stay with the very country that is destroying your people. And the “[Dalai Lama’s] conflict with the [工慘當 PRC] caused property loss, deaths of innocent people and panic among the general public” was probably caused by the PRC [工慘當] themselves for all we know, given their outstanding track record of corruption and oppression.

    To say UCSD is culturally insensitive is a fallacy, especially considering the respect given to Jewish and Muslim students with the re-opening of OVT (http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/Ocean-View-24Hour-Dining-Hall-UCSD-Halal-Kosher-Kitchen-410436845.html), alongside the diverse cultural clubs on campus that UCSD permits the operation of. If you truly want to be open-minded, I invite you to hear the Dalai Lama’s side of the argument about why he wants to “subvert China” as you claim. Then, you have a better basis to hate him or change your stance, up to you. If you truly are uncomfortable with listening to the Dalai Lama, there are ways to opt out of the commencement speech.

  45. Google facts before you guys talk brainwashed shit. Using Google map to find out where Tibet exactly is first which most of you have no idea. Then google “Qing dynasty borders” to see if its a part of China centuries ago. Tibet is a part of China before your parents immigrated to US. Stop saying “China annexed Tibet” bullshit.

    1. Hahahaha ….why you only mention the Qing Dinasty in the borders of the 19th century???

      How about the history of the 2500 years before the Qing, e.g.
      Qin, Xi Han, Xin, Dong Han, San Guo, Xi Jin, Dong Jin, Sui, Tang, Will Dai Shi Gui, Da Li Guo, Bei Song, Nan Song, Liao, Jin, Xi Xia, Xi Liao, Yuan, and Ming ???
      NONE of them except the Tang had any claims on Tibetan territory.


      If I use your reasoning I could in the same way say China is a part of Mongolia or of Japan as it was once conquered by them.

      You are a really funny guy my friend 😂

      And YES, China did not annex Tibet it brutally conquered it, killing million Tibetans and destroying thousands of monasteries….

      1. The reason to mention Qing dynasty is that it is the last dynasty of China and thus has the greatest impact on the contemporary national identity and border.

        1. I don’t know whether the Qing was the last dynasty or not but if it is so, the Tibet was independent before. No? Do you mean to say Tibet is still under Chinese colonization rule?

        2. Oh Isee, but after Qing, Japan conquered Manchuria. So as this happened even later, it has – according your theory – even more impact on the contemporary national identity and border. Right?
          You should consider returning Manchuria to Japan then….

  46. True the government gives so much privileges to the Tibetans that so far 150 have self immolated crying out that such a life where one cannot practice their own religion and language is not worth living . Thank you for such privileges where we cannot even be wat we are

  47. It is so weird that people, in 21st century, with all the information that could be accessed by Internet, living on the same planet, have huge disagreement toward one person. Could we stop criticize each other and focus more on the fact? Both sides believe that the other side has biased information and been brain-washed. Could anyone share some reliable resources(link, paper, book etc) about DaLai that you think is not biased? Then we could combine all those ‘biased’ information together and hopefully reach an agreement. I guess all Chinese students have no problem reading English articles. For articles in Chinese, Google Translate?

      1. Thanks for sharing. From the map, I see that in recent centuries, Tibet is colored, which indicate that it is part of China’s territory. Is that what you mean?

        1. First of all it shows that over the last 2500 years, China – or let’s more correctly say “the dynasties and tribes that preceded China” – had only for very short periods of time influence over Tibet – the Qing dinasty. Also Mongolia once conquered China in 1279 – do you therefore consider China to be a part of Mongolia? According your reasoning you maybe should…

  48. Sadly, you are incorrect. As an individual who does want Tibet to be free, I know for a fact that the Dalai Lama does not speak out for this result. So many times he has made his position clear, he wants discussions, and a middle way. Now, if I had chosen to be educated in China, or Saudi Arabia, or Spain, or Brazil, or any nation not my own, I might find myself not happy at the choice of commencement speaker. Now I suspect if I was in China, and made my objection publically known, I would be in serious trouble, perhaps forbidden to attend commencement, or denied my degree, or asked to leave the country. You are more fortunate to be a student in America, where you can object publically, in writing, published on an uncensored internet, and no harm will come to you. I am glad you have discovered the freedom and power of our First Amendment. Freedom tastes good, doesn’t it? ❤️ Free Tibet.

  49. I can tell one for sure that person who ever wrote this letter, he was told by Chinese government to do all this thing.

    1. And I can tell you for sure that I know this person and there is no f*ing way she can be reached by Chinese government and even she was told to do so by Chinese government, there is also no f*ing way she could be brided. She is the best DOC student that I have ever seen, and she only speaks for what she believes! Don’t you dear humiliate this way!

  50. His holiness would forgive you for this article in a second. Such article can not even move his piece of hair. Poor being wasted all his energy to write this article which is a piece of shit and laughing stock for the world. If you think ur commencement wont go well with his holiness presense than why dont you go for a walk somewhere in a park. You vl get peace of mind for some time. I am sure you are getting mad reading all those amazing comments. And hope you think while sleeping, eating, shitting etc. CCP encourage you to do things whether logical or not. It just need to look pro ccp. You are such dumb moron.

  51. Dalai Lama saying I do want independent and wish to stay with China , funny thing is you Chinese keep saying Tibet is Part of China and Dalai Lama is separatist .

  52. The reason why you are upset about the commencement is not because hh Dalai Lama is visiting but the reason is Chinese government.. you and your family are upset and worried that the communist Chinese government may create problem for you and your family.. Or stop your family from attending the commencement.. Let’s be clear, HH Dalai Lama is political or not, it doesn’t matter.. he is known As the worldwide leader and messenger of peace.. He will be attending events like this all over the world and would you complain every time it happens.. The thing you need to complain to is to your communist government and ask them to give you freedom of expression and to accept the fact that you are being bestowed wisdom by his holiness himself..

  53. Your nation respects democracy? Oh god I think you are living in a well of democracy and not ocean of democracy. Go check in your own country (China) to see how many people are in prison simply because they voice their concerns to the government. Your views surely wouldn’t represent majority of Chinese people.

  54. The writer of the article is unaware of real situation. Thought being educated in an open minded foreign university, she/he still need to be aware of truth and reality about China and its oppressive occupation and suppression of millions of humankind with rich traditions. His holiness the XIV Dalai Lama should be the only person who integrate entire humanity. If Holiness will be there, then holiness will surely integrate human kind as a family.

  55. Dear author and Chinese students,
    Being a Tibetan refugee, living among many other Tibetan refugees and witnessing the pain and suffering that the Chinese government has caused to them and my own family for the past 50+ years, I cannot believe this ‘educated’ Chinese student has the audacity to comfortably sit behind a screen and write this opinion.

    The Dalai Lama left his country, his people, in 1959 to seek refuge in India because of the Chinese invasion. The amount of suffering he has faced is unimaginable and yet he remains humble and accepts his “Chinese brothers and sisters”. He always advises us to have peaceful dialogue with the Chinese yet it seems like we are the only side putting any effort, when actually we are the one who has been oppressed.

    I urge this student and any other Chinese student who think similarly to take this issue from an impartial perspective, to visit Tibetan refugees in India & Nepal, learn about why they’ve left their country, and to not rely on the one-sided information of their parents.

    Tibetan student

  56. I wonder why the Chinese mentality is so hard to change even in the free world. The fact is that His Holiness the Dalai Lama is not asking for independence for Tibet despite of Tibetans’ right for complete from China, he is simply asking for more autonomy. Chinese should know this. He is not like Chinese Communist leaders who lie all the time by distorting facts.

  57. All this article is about is to inform UCSD that the Dalai Lama is a CONTROVERSIAL figure. By saying controversial, it means that there exist different sounds about this person, and for now, there is no way to tell which sound is true and which sound is false. Most people leave comment concluding that Chinese are brainwashed by Chinese government, and I admit that is probably true. However, who authorize the United States to play a role as the Judge of the World? Why do you think you have the power to judge the right or wrong of others’ government? No one has the right to judge Lama’s political stance. Yes, in this case Chinese should not judge his political stance, then neither should Americans and others. For those who are teaching Chinese people how to respect others, not to hate others, and not to trust Chinese government, you are just as ignorant as how you think Chinese people are. How do you think you’re absolute right? It’s so easy for you to say the words :”You shouldn’t trust your government, Chinese people!” but could you please tell me who we should trust? Should we trust the United States, a great country who is so unwilling to think about our concerns objectively?
    The author is NOT judging Lama’s political stance, instead she is expressing the feelings of being IGNORED by the university’s decision. It seems that UCSD didn’t count Chinese students into the target audience of this commencement speech. The purpose of Chinese students is not trying to transform Americans’ perspectives regarding to the Dalai Lama and the Chinese government, but to express the disappointment for the university not taking Chinese students’ feelings into account at all when making such important decisions. If you hate Chinese government, please continue to hate; if you love the Dalai Lama, please continue to love. Just wanna tell you the fact that UCSD’S choice of the commencement speaker of this year simply fail to represent its Chinese international students’ wills. Whatever the final decision turns out to be, we want UCSD to make sure the final decision is made with discretion. If UCSD says “Shut up, we don’t care about you Chinese international students.” then fine, we know now, we’ll shut up, problem solved.
    It’s glad to see so many people are actually noticing and paying attention to this issue, that’s all we want, and thank you very much.

    1. I am glad for Chinese .It’s an opportunity to Chinese students to know the truth and be open minded. Read about Tibet, Dalai Lama, google, other wise when you go back to China everything will be censored. You would never get to think beyond what CCP dictates you.

    2. I don’t think the university has not passed a mandatory rule for all to attend the talks irrespective of their interest is not to go. If there are few Chinese students who do not wants to go then there is a large chunk of students on the other side who wants to attend the talk. I think the institute doesn’t belong to China, so if there is anyone who doesn’t want to go, should be having the rights not to attend the talk.

    3. “It’s glad to see so many people are actually noticing and paying attention to this issue, that’s all we want, and thank you very much.”

      Well I think the article is backfiring. It shows what Chinese students in UCSD has learnt so far in a free country. Seems like other than the text book – none. You need not have to be so scared of the Dalai Lama’s mere name, he is just a monk and China is a big and strong country, hence you can just try to learn in depth what Dalai lama is demanding and what has been the true history when you are in the free country.

  58. Dear Ruixuan,

    When I came to UCSD some 20 years ago, a classmate asked my opinion about the Dalai Lama.

    My answer—“a bad guy”—was rooted in what I was told growing up in China, and surprised my classmate. In turn, what my classmate told me about the Dalai Lama also surprised me.

    I started to search online to read about other views on Dalai Lama, and also on many other things. I started to realize that I was taught a long list of distorted or falsified histories, from the very ancient to the very present.

    We always say “keep an open mind,” and people talk about “the rights of knowing.” Perhaps, then, it is not a bad thing for our fellow Chinese students and our parents to have the opportunity to know the other side of the story.

    I feel very proud of my Chinese roots because I think we have great tradition and culture, not the current “culture” you referred to, and not the current communist government that does things differently from the rest of the world.

    Being in US is an opportunity to have a free soul.

    1. Another note, compared to the statement the CSSA posted on WeChat, which sounds like a statement from the Chinese government, your letter is more thoughtful, well done!

      I have friends in CSSA in other universities and I know how it works.

      UCSD CSSA claims that it is “affiliated with Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles” and is now “waiting for further instructions from the Consulate on this matter.”

      I would suggest Chinese students not to get involved with Consulate politics. You have a great future waiting for you. The Communist Party does not have a place in the free world. It kills way too many innocent people……

    2. Ethnic Chinese should note your words to every nook and corner of the world and be free from irrational thoughts.

  59. How dare is this Chinese man to blame the University of California for showing “little consideration about cultural respect” while his own communist government is carrying out CULTURAL GENOCIDE in Tibet???

    If you really care about cultural respect, speak for the 6 million Tibetans who are really oppressed by your government. Speak for other Chinese and non-Chinese who are oppressed by your government.

    If you want others to respect you, be yourself a respectable person first.

    This is America and you can’t brainwash or even fool anyone.

    1. A terrorist without gun!! A terrorist who tells his followers not to indulge in violent. Safety of a child is in Love which he advocates with sincerity. I would say just a car seat doesn’t assure safety of a child. Yes u. And say he is a terrorist of love who throws love bombs on earth and talks harmony among different faiths and nationalities. No matter which country they are from.. He teaches his followers to treat the enemies the best
      Teachers and love them tremendously!! I am sure u are one of them and your children is also included 100 percent!

  60. I have no sympathy for this person’s argument that basically equates to a white supremacist not wanting a black person to speak because it will upset their “cultural” bigotry…yawn…

  61. I came from one of Tibetan areas which you may call it as a part of China. but I am sorry to say that Tibet is Tibet and China is China.

    I am being honest here. the beginning part of the article is quite convincing but it was concluded with a twisted tail and from where the author has actually lost the track of his argument by purely align with the view of Chinese Communist party.

    everyone will laugh at you if you try to cite the propaganda of your CCP as your police state stands on the foundation of lies. Do you know more than 100 Tibetans in my region have lit their bodies on fire to protest the repressive policies of your government? but, none of these Tibetans have killed or harmed any Chinese(自焚者没有伤害任何汉人). do you know the reason? the Dalai Lama teaches love and compassion, Chinese therefore should thank rather than discredit him.

    I don’t know if you are ignorant or deaf, but the Dalai Lama said more than 1000 times that he did not want to divide China but seek autonomy(名副其实的自制) for Tibet. Chinese never listen to the Tibetan narrative because of your colonial mentality. remember, China is not Chinese communist party. why can’t you see the line between the CCP and CHINA (中国共产党不等于中国)after spending so many years in the academia?

    it is factually incorrect to say that the DALAI Lama is a political icon. since 2011, he is no more a political leader of Tibet and won’t be also in the future whatsoever. we elected our prime minister through democratical processes and currently, Lobsang Sangay(洛桑桑格博士是西藏政治领袖) is the head of our government.

  62. 5 reasons that UCSD should invite Dalai Lama as their commencement speaker:
    1. Our world today needs peace more than anything else. From Middle East to Eastern Europe, everyone is living in fear. South China Sea is now becoming more dangerous each day. Give Dalai Lama a platform to spread peace and love.

    2. Under the leadership of Dalai Lama, Tibetan people completely stopped using violence against China in spite of torture and insult they faced under Chinese rule. Ask any arms dealers around the world that how many AK 47 sold to Tibetans, the answer would be zero. Think about other places where people are fighting for their right and freedom. Dalai Lama is a living example of true leader of peace and reconciliation. Let him succeed. His success could become everybody’s success.

    3. For centuries people are waging wars against each other in the name of religion. However Dalai Lama is different. He is working hard promoting religious harmony and mutual respect. Give him your support as America is a place where people of all religious backgrounds are staying side by side. It is in the interest of your own country.

    4. Dalai Lama is a feminist. And he is a supporter of LGBT right. After all he is a strong believer in equality of any kind. In spite of his religious background, he is a champion of secular ethic. Please read Beyond Religion. Do we need more of him or less of him?

    5. Dalai Lama’s role in scientific research is something noteworthy. Starting with his personal interest and initiatives, Dalai Lama established Mind And Life Institute and this institute is dedicated to promote human value. He will be remembered not as a separatist, but a man of peace and love, a spiritual giant, a Buddha, a champion of equality and so on.

    Who else is more suitable to adorn the commencement ceremony than him?

  63. You are talking about ”free speech” then what would be the consequences if someone is to exercise the same in China and specially in tibet?’..You are studying in America-the greatest nation on this earth not because of nuclear and economic power but great effort it emphasis upon fundamental things like human right, free speech,free press,transparency,democracy,independent judiciary. . etc. .but these values are so much lacking in your country. . .You should utilise wisdom instead of emotions. You should use knowledge instead of faith. .

  64. You are fortunate enough to have studied in the world’s best institution but you still lake ability to judge what is right and what’s wrong.You as a Chinese should love your country like anyone would do. But you should be able to differentiate between loving your country and loving your party.Your party censorship is immoral.Fooling their own people from knowing the reality.Everything is kept as state secrect. People are fed with party’s propagandas.I am tibetan and I admire chinese people as a great and hardworking people. For thousands years we have lived together as a neighbors. Your party’s baseless allegations against Dalai Lama and Tibetans as anti Chinese will be very bad for ‘unity’ in long run for your party is working so hard. D Lama was not involved as you are mentioning. Your party should relook at their policy towards tibetans.

  65. Tibet is and ihas always been an independent country. Although China is economically strong, no sense of HUMANITY is there. I am lucky to be born in our compassionate land of snowmountion. Chinese students are completely brainwashed by their dictator Xi Jinping. What has been the outcome of Hitler’s dictatorship applies to china as well. Free Tibet. Longlive our beloved leader Holiness.

  66. They clearly miss the point that university is an opportunity to consider the formation and origin of the values, beliefs and assumptions that they themselves hold. They would do well to recall Aristotle who asserted that “the mark of an educated mind is to entertain a thought without accepting it”.

  67. Just like you did and continue in Tibet? And reading your English, you are definitely not a UCSD student. Who calls themselves “Tom Sawyer”. You copy my last name? What a joke. Is your friend Huckleberry Finn?
    You are a pathetic Chinese 50 cents party at work here.

  68. Am I the only one here who feels bad for the writer who despite getting the best education still thinks like this?
    Ruixuan Wang’s understanding of Tibet’s history and its struggle is completely one-sided and strange…as if he is from an alternate universe.
    The writer is concerned about not being able to have a fantastic time for one day, but is completely unaware of the fact that for decades Tibetans inside Tibet have been living a very uncomfortable life.
    Let’s not sugarcoat the truth- Since 1950s Tibetans have been living under the oppression of Chinese government and have no religious freedom and basic human rights. Not only did the Chinese government destroy hundreds of Tibetan monasteries and displace millions of Tibetans from their home, but they are now torturing them by introducing evil schemes like Patriotic Re-education.
    So far, around 145 Tibetans have self-immolated to protest China’s oppression in Tibet. And if this death toll doesn’t tell you how much Tibetans in Tibet are suffering then I don’t know what will. Yes, there is a problem but you can’t just throw the blame on the Tibetans and Dalai Lama. If Tibetans are dissenting, then there is a reason for it. Just calling them separatist won’t do!
    I have no problem with you (the writer) if you don’t want His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama to speak at your commencement. I mean, like you, I too value ‘free speech’, something that your dear country China doesn’t.
    However, I don’t like you whining about the University not caring about your feelings and then in the process of making an argument, belittling my country’s struggle, its history and its leader.
    Seriously, if you don’t know it, then don’t say it.

    1. By religious freedom, do you mean human slavery, raping young girls, using human skins and skulls as instruments? True buddhists seek inner peace and can’t be disturbed.
      Imagine some cannibal tribe monks protesting against the no cannibalism law for “religious freedom”.

      1. That is the Chinese propaganda promoted by he CCP government but very unbalanced and exaggerated.

        To see it in balance the Chinese Human Rights situation was before and after the occupation much worse than the Tibetan one was. The 13th Dalai Lama had abolished death sentence around 1912 while China still executes thousands of people every year.

        HH the Dalai Lama is very kind to China and adopted already in the 70’s a middle way pproach not to seek independence from China.

        Please find information on Tibet that is not filtered by the CCP.



        1. There is little difference between death penalty and corporal punishments so severe that no one can survive. The latter is much slower.

      2. @Xiaopang You: Wow. You have been given a brain to think for yourself, please use it to see beyond the CCP propaganda!

      3. @Xiaopang You: it seems like your definition of ‘religious freedom’ is very different from what it really means.

      4. That’s funny, because your government is founded on torture, mass murder, brutal punishment, and economic and social “reforms” that resulted in the deaths of millions and drove people to cannibalism. So it kind of sounds like you’re projecting with your wild, unhinged fantasies of cannibal monks who rape little girls.

        1. But please, tell us more about how virtuous, upright Maoists liberated the oppressed Tibetan serfs.

      5. LIberation was the title under which the operation of occupying the Tibet was carried out. But infact during the operation 1.2 million of Tibetans had been killed. Thousands of monasteries demolished, thousands of monks, nuns and lay people had been jailed. Nearly 150 Tibetans self immolated demanding the freedom and human rights in Tibet. Still unsay CCP is great wow! Try to get in to our shoes u will say ur gov’t is a big shit!

  69. I agree. The issue here is not whether or not the dalai lama is evil, but the fact that he’s controversial, and that the University invited a political icon to commencement with a large preporting of Chinese international students.

    The university has shown cultural respect time and time again. They were proactive with the racist chalking against Hispanics and also with the presidents Muslim ban. Why can it not show the same cultural respect towards the Chinese students population?

    For the record, I disagree with Chinese views on the dalai lama but again, this is not about his whether he is good or evil. This is about avoiding unnecessary political conflict where we can by being respectful.

    1. The chalking and muslim ban target specific groups. The Dalai Lama thing is purely political and surrounding sovereignty of Tibet. While there might be some racial tension in tibet between Han Chinese and Native Tibetans, it’s not Han Chinese who are an oppressed minority, they are the ones moving into Tibet and they have the power of China imposed on Tibet. I don’t think you can compare inviting the Dalai Lama who ,while a controversial figure, DOES promote non-violence and isn’t encouraging racial discrimination (afaik) as the same as racist chalking.

    2. True. We are not judging his political stance here. He is a CONTROVERSIAL figure, and that is all we want to say. Thank you Steven for getting our point.

      1. The Dalai Lama is only controversial for closed minded people and the Chinese government. This simple refugee monk with no home and political power has become the most beloved and admired person in the world. Inviting the Dalai Lama as a Commencement Speaker enhances the reputation of the University of California. And it is a bestl gift to the students to see and hear this global icon in their University.

    3. Wouldn’t that be showing cultural DISRESPECT to Tibetans? Why do Chinese students matter, but Tibetans do not?

    1. Imagine that: PKU invites Edward Snowden to give a commencement speech. American student at PKU writes to school newspaper about marauding Snowden hurting feelings.

  70. http://www.jamyangnorbu.com/downloads/IndepTibet_BW.pdf
    I think this will help you guys enlighten a little about independent Tibet before. There might be lots of pros and cons of the then government but that doesn’t mean someone else comes and takes over and start ruling nation and it’s people.
    I am linking you another video trailer. Try to watch this documentary, its on YouTube. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mowQKZwPKkg
    I wish this will help you to think at least twice why he is not a bad person or separatist (in PRC govt word).
    I am not against Chinese students here but you need to realize and come out to think twice. Whatever government shows or portrays about Dalai Lama is not true. Maybe your parents will be happy to know about it perhaps you parents knew about it but is being silent. Just a thought.

  71. Well honey, let me remind you this is America and not China. And we will not let your country’s draconian policies and dictator laws be imposed in my country.
    We will Make America Great by respecting our own laws and rules. We don’t care for what China thinks about us and we don’t care about you.
    The Dalai Lama will be our guest and we demand you give him the respect and reverence he deserves. Otherwise don’t let the UCSD door hit you on the way out.
    And you are a guest in this country as well so ACT like one.

    1. Talk like you own this country, so arrogant. I wouldn’t regard myself as a “guest”, but as a customer who pays to the university to receive education. Imagine you go to a restaurant and order a dish with a maggot in it, and the waiter told you this is their rule.

    2. The problem with free speech in this country: even the uneducated, illogical and blindly patriotic people like you can say whatever they want without consequences. UCSD accepts Chinese students like us because some of us pay 3 times the tuition and they want our money. In exchange we get our education with our qualifications and hard work. While you see us as guests leeching off your country I see us as business partners and the least UCSD can do is consider our feelings a bit since we are a big part of UCSD.

      And please enlighten me on how we are breaking the “laws”? Think before you speak. We are not here to commit crimes or destroy your human rights. You guys voted for Trump for your president and we really couldn’t give less sh*t about that. But UCSD is our university, we feel strongly connected to the University and its culture, and we have to get bashed by brainless and offensive people like you because of our requests? If you are truly a rule respecting person like you said you are, please ACT like one.

      1. Yes. This is my country. I don’t go to your communist country and tell them what to do. Stop bringing your rotten and disgusting policies to my country.
        As for free speech- learn to appreciate not abuse. This is not China. You would shoot me if I said it in your country.
        Dalai Lama is more than welcome to “my” country and I will see who has the balls to opposes it.

  72. You are the CCP mouth peice. Don’t “try” to be open, you are in an open world and you should be open it is not a close door like China where all the informations are filtered by the ccp.
    No free press are allowed in China and especially in Tibet. You don’t know this. Have you heard of the Tiannanmen massacre that happened in Bejing. I don’t think you have heard of it. Dig deeper and you will find the truth.

    1. Forget about the cummunism shxt, anyone not being brainwashed knows that China is a crony capitalism country. If you want to know about Tiananmen Square event, go read WikiLeaks, have you heard of WikiLeaks? Have you heard of Bikini island test?

  73. One ruins one’s life if education has not woken you up because you allow dictatorial regime to brainwash you. You have not learnt anything so what is point of your graduation. Your parents will surely be disappointed if they know how little you have learnt by studying in the USA. Go back to the back street of Beijing. That is where you belong.

    1. Good job being the typical offensive dumb, obese, fat rednecks. What exactly does your open mindedness gave you? Voting for Trump? Violence through protests? The ability to speak before you think without consequences?
      Don’t act like you are above everyone else just because you have free rights. Many of the Chinese people here are smarter than you. And, go back to where ever you’re from before your parents immigrated here.

  74. I don’t think those Chinese students get it ..u all know nothing about us and how we lived for ten years without seeing our family ..because ur government trying so hard that they want to turn us into people like u and putting barrier between us .o respect ur feelings but u r not the only one that owns university (lol)so take a break ..learn something fact and stop judging someone even thought u know nothing

  75. http://dalailama.com/biography/awards-honors

    Before you madly follow the poisonous CCP propaganda against Dalai Lama, it might be good idea to see the respect, admiration and awards Dalai Lama has been conferred by organisation, Governments and institutes and people around the world, except CCP paint Dalai Lama as bad and wrong. Check the fact and try to face the fact and truth. Use freedom of expression usefully and meaningfully, you may not be liking the Dalai Lama, but in US, americans respect and love Dalai Lama through their own independent view, unlike many Chinese, who have no choice but to blindly follow CCP propaganda. Even in America and western countries, it is shame that Chinese students are indirectly being warned and instigated by China’s embassy and state to follow China’s propaganda and oppose Dalai Lama. What a shame, grow up and learn

  76. Before you madly follow the poisonous CCP propaganda against Dalai Lama, it might be good idea to see the respect, admiration and awards Dalai Lama has been conferred by organisation, Governments and institutes and people around the world, except CCP paint Dalai Lama as bad and wrong. Check the fact and try to face the fact and truth. Use freedom of expression usefully and meaningfully, you may not be liking the Dalai Lama, but in US, americans respect and love Dalai Lama through their own independent view, unlike many Chinese, who have no choice but to blindly follow CCP propaganda. Even in America and western countries, it is shame that Chinese students are indirectly being warned and instigated by China’s embassy and state to follow China’s propaganda and oppose Dalai Lama. What a shame, grow up and learn

  77. http://dalailama.com/messages/tibet/appeal-to-the-chinese-people

    “Chinese brothers and sisters, I assure you I have no desire to seek Tibet’s separation. Nor do I have any wish to drive a wedge between the Tibetan and Chinese peoples. On the contrary my commitment has always been to find a genuine solution to the problem of Tibet that ensures the long-term interests of both Chinese and Tibetans. My primary concern, as I have repeated time and again, is to ensure the survival of the Tibetan people’s distinctive culture, language and identity. As a simple monk who strives to live his daily life according to Buddhist precepts, I assure you of the sincerity of my personal motivation.

    I have appealed to the leadership of the PRC to clearly understand my position and work to resolve these problems by “seeking truth from facts”. I urge the Chinese leadership to exercise wisdom and to initiate a meaningful dialogue with the Tibetan people. I also appeal to them to make sincere efforts to contribute to the stability and harmony of the PRC and avoid creating rifts between the nationalities. The state media’s portrayal of the recent events in Tibet, using deceit and distorted images, could sow the seeds of racial tension with unpredictable long-term consequences. This is of grave concern to me. Similarly, despite my repeated support for the Beijing Olympics, the Chinese authorities, with the intention of creating a rift between the Chinese people and myself, the Chinese authorities assert that I am trying to sabotage the games. I am encouraged, however, that several Chinese intellectuals and scholars have also expressed their strong concern about the Chinese leadership’s actions and the potential for adverse long-term consequences, particularly on relations among different nationalities.”

  78. http://dalailama.com/messages/tibet/appeal-to-all-chinese

    I am deeply pained by this ongoing suffering. I am very worried where all these tragic developments might lead to ultimately. I do not believe that repressive measures can achieve any long-term solution. The best way forward is to resolve the issues between the Tibetans and the Chinese leadership through dialogue, as I have been advocating for a long time. I have repeatedly assured the leadership of the People’s Republic of China that I am not seeking independence. What I am seeking is a meaningful autonomy for the Tibetan people that would ensure the long-term survival of our Buddhist culture, our language and our distinct identity as a people. The rich Tibetan Buddhist culture is part of the larger cultural heritage of the People’s Republic of China and has the potential to benefit our Chinese brothers and sisters.

    In the light of the present crisis, I appeal to all of you to help call for an immediate end to the ongoing brutal crackdown, for the release of all who have been detained, and to call for providing immediate medical care to the injured.

    The Dalai Lama
    Hamilton, NY
    April 24, 2008

  79. The fact of the matter is Tibet was and still is under illegal military occupation by PRC. Even independent Chinese scholars, lawyers and people recognize this, despite the whole of China being fed with endless propaganda that China liberated Tibet in 1959.
    His Holiness Dalai Lama is the sovereign of Tibet, he is the legitimate leader of Tibet, accept or not and he is most respected and loved leader in the world. His Holiness, in contrast to what China’s govt. propaganda always talks about mutual understanding, friendship, compassion and resolving problem through dialogue.
    His Holiness has, in his Middle Way policy, offers China a olive branch to resolve Tibet issue, a win win proposal for both Tibet and China, where Tibet officially accept to be part of China on its own will, rather than by brutalizing people, culture with military occupation rule.
    This is the best approach, a peaceful method, gaining respect and support from around the world. China’s leader must show wisdom, friendship and reconciliation to give a serious consideration to the proposal by Tibetan side and if they really care and are concerned about Tibet, breaking from China, they must take this proposal seriously. Geopolitics can change from time to time and Tibetan people have the rights to reassert their independence. Hopefully, China for its own interest and benefit, Tibet cannot be ruled by military indefinitely, so it is best time now to respect and talk to His Holiness Dalai Lama and get this genecide in Tibet to an end.
    These Chinese students in western countries, please use this freedom of expression respectfully and meaningfully as your own Govt. deny you all these basic freedoms and rights in China. When you have these freedoms in America, use it to hear and learn from others including world respected leader His HOliness, rather than still be driven by CCP propaganda and ethnic hatred.

  80. From the New York Times, 1989


    “The Dalai Lama, the exiled religious and political leader of Tibet, was named the 1989 winner of the Nobel Peace Prize today in recognition of his nonviolent campaign over nearly 40 years to end China’s domination of his homeland.”

    How does your supposed admiration of his winning the Nobel Peace Prize square with the fact that you hate him for supposedly trying to “split China”?

  81. 10 hours flight and spending quality time with your family is what u people worry about. Come to India and I will show u people thousands of Tibetan students who leave their homeland and cross Himalaya by travelling serveral days n nights when they are just 6 or 7 year old. You people just talk about your comfort zone and we leave out our comfort zone when we are just kids. Shame on u guys..!

  82. Dear Chinese Brothers and sisters,
    I am an Indian born Tibetan and we were never taught to hate Chinese in any manner by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama but rather to have compassionate and to have a feeling of oneness of humanity including every human beings. We were taught to follow the non-violence methods to resist from oppression and to have a dialogue in any matter what so ever to have a win-win results.
    I myself a teacher at Tibetan school in exile at Dharamsala India and I teach my students not to hate rather to solve the problem through meaningful dialogue as mentored by His Holiness!
    As you love China and proud of being Chinese, same way I love my country Tibet and I am proud being pure Tibetan race,same goes around the world.
    Indeed, brothers and sisters we don’t fight, we don’t blame each other rather we come together to an peaceful resolution, which is very much possible. PS: His Holiness the Dalai Lama is a RELIGIOUS LEADER and he is not an political icon to the Tibet and to the world. WE TIBETAN IN EXILE HAVE OUR OWN POPULARLY ELECTED POLITICAL LEADER.

  83. “We admire all his achievements in promoting education and raising awareness on environmental issues, and we admire the fact that he won the Nobel Peace Prize. We respect free speech no matter what he is going to say at the commencement. ”

    This sounds so fake. Who is this “we” that admire the fact that the Dalai Lama won the Nobel Peace Prize?

  84. Americans, stop lecturing anyone. You have no idea how much western media has brainwashed you. Dalai Lama brought poverty and damages to the Tibetan people, and saddens all of us Chinese citizens to see this criminal and traitor speak at our very own graduation.

    And also, stop being hypocrites and citing your ‘freedom’ belief. All you care about are your own freedom. This country is not free anymore as your president is a racist and discriminating against many groups. Your country is falling, get used to it.

    1. Paul, which kind of poverty? Your lack of knowledge must be what you are talking about. So go back to school and learn China is land of poverty if there is no freedom.

    2. “Paul”, Use the opportunity of this visit to truly understand the world that is and the brutality that China has inflicted on the Tibetans in Tibet. The Dalai Lama is the only person who has been advocating for a true solution regards to China and Tibet even thought Tibet and the Tibetans have full right to an independent nation.
      I am not asking you to simply trust my words on this. Study it! Even a cursory research will reveal to you to facts that are vastly different from the PRC propaganda.
      The issue of Tibet dates back to 1950! Not 2008 as many of you claim. 2008 was just a small blip in the Tibetan struggle.

    3. Going to an American University, opposing the exiled leadér of a free Tibet, and telling Americans to quiet down that they don’t understand, ,,,,,,, suggest you take your wumao arse elsewhere.

  85. All these immature Chinese students should go and listen to The Dalai Lama, and take back the open heart feeling back to China land, spread the love and compassion they learn from him.

    1. The so-called “prestigious” price is in fact under manipulation of the Western-centered value system. Dear child, you should understand any person violating Western-centered value system will certainly not win the prize. Naive child, do you know Nobel PEACE Price is the most famous (notorious) brain-washing machine in the whole world?

  86. You are just saying what Chinese government have indoctrinated upon you. Dalai Lama is helping China in solving the issue of Tibet with dialogue. And he had said for decades that he is not challenging China sovereignty though in past Tibet was an independent country. Everyone knows that except brainwashed Chinese unfortunately.
    So get your facts right before you start making fun of yourself.
    World knows the truth and they love Dalai Lama no matter how much your government put false accusations against him.
    It’s pathetic that some of you can’t see the gem that he is.

    1. Please google Tibetan Buddhism slavery if you have time.
      Then you will realize that you’ve been brainwashed by the western media and Dalai as well.

      1. Every civilization has different kinds of “systems” in the past, whether we accept or condone them in this 21st century. If we keep going backward, we’ll never move forward to see the day when Tibetans and Chinese brothers and sisters live side by side harmoniously. Love and Respect to all !

      2. “Jo” – On your challenge to google “Tibetan Buddhism slavery”. Try finding any article by anyone other than Chinese government sources or western writers with no close ties to Chinese communists! Learn to discern facts from fiction.

        1. Apparently, all the western writers that showed negativity towards Dalai Lama were automatically considered as “close ties to Chinese communists”. I came to the U.S. when I was 14 so it is safe to say that I had received education from both perspectives. I knew that every government lies and uses propaganda and Chinese communist party is disgusting in many perspectives. But it is also funny that how western media always consider the historically true evidence that shows the dark side of Tibetan Buddhists as propaganda of Chinese communism. Yes, Chinese government use propaganda a lot of times but not everything is propaganda. Our great-grandparents, grandparents, and parents are all witnesses of the actions of communists, and stories are often told from generations to generations. We know the truths behind the lies of Communist parties but just don’t talk about it. I don’t like Dalai not because of his political view. I really don’t care whether Tibet is a country or a province. I don’t like Dalai because of his hypocrisy as he was an upper-class slave owner ( Tibetan serfs were often tortured and disabled if disobey) and the fact that human sacrifices were made for him but he did nothing about it.

      3. You may find anything in google, you can post any thing even if it is a lie, if you google chinese slavery, what will show in your screen?

  87. Maybe the university offers you a highly educational opportunity by inviting the Dalai Lama.
    Not only can you show your family that everyone is equal in the country you study, but you can also show the true meaning of respect.
    Respect is not only for those you agree with, but should also be for people you don’t agree with.

    The educational opportunity is in you taking action to research the matter.
    You’ve grown up hearing one side of the coin.
    Well, a coin doesn’t also have a circled side, but also another side, and sometimes it’s not even clear which side is meant to be the front of the coin.

    The Dalai Lama isn’t a political figure anymore, even though the chinese government wants to present him like that.
    Have a good study of how Tibetans themselves, and the western world, describe the history of Tibet. You’ll end up with a triangle, with two corners quite close and one far away and far apart from them.
    It’s heartwarming you care for those who died during all those long years of oppression and violence. But are you able to open your mind for the true causes of their deaths? To me, it’s always beautiful to see how students learn to free themselves from old burdens and enter the world of discovery, wonder and are able to develop new insights.

    Maybe the invitation of the Dalai Lama offends you because you don’t want him to value your achievements?
    You want to stick close to an image you have developed as a result of one-sided information? Maybe you don’t want to realize you’ve been informed wrong?
    Be a good student and do your research. Larung Gar is maybe a start.
    I always say it’s the intentions of people who guide them best. Do you have the intention to research the matter or just blindly oppose?
    The choice is yours.

  88. I can feel you Ruixuan.
    You are getting butthurt over a religious icon whom you call a separatist coming to university as a commencement speaker. Imagine the people living in Tibet having to face similar situation everyday when they see Chinese people and officials. In your case, it is in a foreign land. In their case, it’s in their own land.

    You feel discriminated in a university in a foreign land where you can freely choose to study or leave. People in Tibet are discriminated in their own land by foreign people (Chinese) everyday and the only option for them is to die. That is why more than 140 Tibetans have self-immolated themselves. This ain’t no propaganda. I have my relatives living there who share me their griefs and their ideas to self-immolate themselves to which I strongly discourage.

    So think critically. It’s an opportunity for you to learn the truth.

    1. This is interesting because my hometown was 8 hours car drive from Tibet, I go to Tibet at least twice a year, and I have a lot of Tibetan friends, but all of them appreciate their lives as much as we do. I had never met a Tibetan that has a strong hatred towards mainland China. I think I hate the communist party more than they do. Please don’t picture yourself as the hero like savior that try to liberate the weak and poor from the evil communist party (western propaganda tho lol) so you can fulfill your moral superiority. Everyone is equal. We need to respect them instead of pity them. Education is the best way to improve a society in long term and that’s exactly what the “evil, dictator-like” Chinese government did to the Tibet.

      1. I think they don’t complain cause it’s sensitive topic in Tibet. If they say that CCP is not good or any complain of being not agreed with ccp then they will be jailed. They are hiding the truth suffer of living under ccp rule and torture.

        1. Oh yeah the last time I complained about the government, I was jailed and tortured for a year!!!!
          Nah, I complained about the government all the time. Seriously dude, China is not as scary as it is portrayed in western media. All the Americans I know that live or had lived in China all agree that they had false consumptions about human rights in China before they came to China.

  89. if a mere presence of a person (without listening to what he has to say) ruins your days then it says more about you than person you hate that much. i agree with you that the commencement is one of the most important day in a student life and the the students concerns should be kept in mind while inviting a guest but i also believe that those concern should be based on valid reason not on hatred and prejudice feeling. Neither you nor the Chinese Government government has produce a single piece of evidence for the accusation that you have mention above.
    i firmly believe that discussion is the the way ahead not banning something or someone, instead of boycotting it attend his talks with you family with open mind and if you still think there is something wrong confront him as i am sure there will be Q&A session.
    when i was reading about this controversy it remind of a quote on the wall of my village school ” you can take the horse to the river but its upto the horse to drink it or not” you are in one of the finest education institute in the world be a smart horse and enjoy the water.
    love from India

  90. Grow up. This is America and not China. You came here to an american education. Did you not learn that “free speech” and the right to lawful dissent are sacred constitutional rights that we have here in America? These don’t exist in China. Imho, the Dali Lama’s whole life’s work has been a testament those american values. You should be thankful UCSD has gotten a world leader as the commencement speaker, as opposed to some shmo.

  91. China should not be allowed to interfere with US academic freedom

    International Campaign For Tibet
    FEBRUARY 6, 2017
    International Campaign for Tibet statement on Chinese students objection to UC San Diego’s invitation to the Dalai Lama

    The objections raised by the University of California, San Diego chapter of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) about the University’s invitation to the Dalai Lama to be its commencement speaker this year are without merit, and instead raise important issues of academic freedom in the United States.

    The Dalai Lama is widely known in the United States and throughout the world for his message of peace, compassion, tolerance and understanding. It is clear that the CSSA is unfamiliar with the content of the numerous public speeches that the Dalai Lama has made in the United States, as they inaccurately accuse him of “spreading inflammatory, politically offensive speech.” We are pleased to see that other Chinese students disagree with the CSSA’s initiative.

    The issue should be of particular concern to all Americans, particularly to the State Department and the US Congress, as these Chinese students have publicly admitted that they are consulting the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles on their campaign. The Chinese Embassy and Consulates should not be allowed to interfere, directly or indirectly, in the academic decisions of American universities.

    Over the years, China has been trying to influence American educational institutes, both through direct threats and financial incentives, to toe the Beijing line on issues like Tibet. One example of this is the establishment of the Confucius Institutes. Although the stated aim of the Confucius Institutes is to promote learning of the Chinese language and understanding of Chinese culture, we have evidence that the CIs are being used for dissemination of Chinese propaganda on issues like Tibet. Some years back, the International Campaign for Tibet requested resource materials from a Confucius Institute at a U.S. university. What we received were books and DVDs giving the Chinese narrative on Tibet published by China Intercontinental Press, which is run by the State Council Information Office. A Xinhua report of January 10, 2012 confirmed that a journal published in Chinese by the official Tibetan Academy of Social Sciences was being “…mainly distributed to foreign embassies and diplomatic missions in China, as well as universities, research institutes and worldwide Confucius Institutes.”

    The New York Times on March 4, 2012, carried an article headlined “Critics Worry About Influence of Chinese Institutes on U.S. Campuses” in which it quoted Prof. June Teufel Dreyer, who teaches Chinese government and foreign policy at the University of Miami, as saying, “You’re told not to discuss the Dalai Lama – or to invite the Dalai Lama to campus. Tibet, Taiwan, China’s military buildup, factional fights inside the Chinese leadership – these are all off limits.”

    By objecting to the invitation to the Dalai Lama, the CSSA of UC San Diego is doing the work of the Chinese government. The University of San Diego’s invitation to the Dalai Lama is a reflection of the tremendous American public interest in, and support for, his thoughts and vision for the broader world; unfortunately, the CSSA is serving the short-sighted political agenda of the current Chinese leadership.

  92. Please, for this writer you need to study more about the Dalai Lama whether he is seeking separation or cooperating with PRC while addressing Tibetan people’s problem. Please open your mind and study well and then write. Don’t stay under the shield of propaganda. Go through the link and see what DL is actually asking ….

  93. People are biased here. Chinese people believes in government’s propaganda while Americans are biased by western propaganda as well. I believe there are many misunderstandings in between so here’s a suggestion:How about we doing something like Quora to clearify few misunderstandings? If you’d like to do so, please make replies about what kind of life you think Tibetians have in Tibet and any questions you have regarding to this topic so that we can help each other to cancel out some miscomprehensions. Trying to be neutral guys and don’t be aggressive.

    1. Here are some of my points:
      1. Did China lie about Tibet affairs? Absolutely, every government lies about and hides things.
      2. A little bit history of Tibet: Tibet was governed by the Yuan and Qing Dynasty (1720-1912) once and got independent during Republic of China admin(1912-1951) and then PRC ruled over it since 1951. We regard it as we owned Tibet for several decades and lost if for 40-ish year and then got it back.
      3. Why the life described by those Tibetans abroad is different from the current life Tibetans live in China?
      Tibetans tend not to leave the place they grew up because they deeply believe in Nature Worship. They had admirations to mountains and rivers. Majority of the tibetans abroad might be the heritages of those who fled to Westerns during the Tibetan war, in other words they belong to the Lama’s party. As a result, their words are biased to their side. I’m not saying their words have zero credibility (IMPORTANT).

      This is all comes up to my mind right now.
      Let’s just do a opening and friendly discussion there.

      1. Wow Juno, your explaination of our history is just copy paste like movie… have you visited Tibet ??? Have u heard a news of Tibetan self immolation in Tibet since September 2009 ,, if not then numbers reached 145 around yet you saying Tibetan living happily … 2008 Uprising , 1987 uprising ,,, We have diff language , different culture , if you wanna know the truth then you have listen both side story then you can have a clear answer… the story u are telling is only happening in China but what I am telling is known by rest of the world … we never hate Chinese citizen ,,, only the govt who destroy us and manipulate the truth …

      2. Just because Tibetans have lost and regained independence. That doesn’t mean that China owned it. Tibet was and will be Owned by Tibetans purely.

      3. @Juno 1. Correct. China did lie and does lie.
        2. Incorrect history. Tibet and China being two great empire had influence on each through the history. Tibet also ruled and controlled parts of China,India and Nepal at some point in history too. If your logic is that China occupied during your claim of Yuan and thus owns Tibet. How about Mongolia ruling Tibet and Japan attacking China. China belongs to Mongolia then?
        3. Tibetans inside China feel suffocated by large influx of Han Chinese in their country. These influx are threatening the Tibetan culture and tradition. This is an attempt to SINICIZE Tibet. As a direct or indirect result of this, 146 Tibetan BURNED themselves. You should listen to songs of Tibetan artist in Tibet. They all sing protecting the Tibetan laguage,cultures and Tibetan unity and longing for the Dalai Lama.

  94. It is interesting how Americans all believe that they know everything and Chinese know nothing because of the Internet block. Do some research about how this great peace promoter supported human sacrifice before he came to the eyes of western media. If you think this is just a propaganda of a Chinese government, fine, use western sources. American government uses propaganda too as they portray everything that against the communist party the promoter of individual rights. I don’t like our government as well, but I think western propaganda are just being ridiculous. People are raised to believe that Tiberian is under a violent, dictatorship like communist control, however, this is not true. Just do some research (in western sources if you doubt) about how Communist party helped Tibet got rid of the human sacrifice and improved education, health care etc.

    1. What do you mean by human sacrifice? Is it barbarian type human sacrifice? Does this Dalai Lama himself supporting human sacrifice or it was a culture that occurred hundreds of years ago? Does your statement meaning Buddhist is supporting human sacrifice?

      1. It is evidence based that Tibet has a long history of human sacrifices and slavery. Tibetan Buddhists had always been the upper social class, especially for lamas, thus they owned slaves and did nothing about human sacrifice (human sacrifice were made for them) Human sacrifice and slavery didn’t really end until Communist took over. Even though this sounds ironic but yes Communists did improve the individual rights and qualities of lives of most Tiebtans. Lamas had the most political power, they are like the absolute monarchs, and that’s one of the reasons why Dalai got pretty upset when Communist party took most parts of the political power.
        You can read this two articles if you want and can google Tibetan Buddhism slavery to find more info
        And Tibetan Buddism is totally different from most of the branches of Buddhism, speaking from a Mahayana Buddhist.

      2. It is evidence based that Tibet has a long history of human sacrifices and slavery. Tibetan Buddhists had always been the upper social class, especially for lamas, thus they owned slaves and did nothing about human sacrifice (human sacrifice were made for them) Human sacrifice and slavery didn’t really end until Communist took over. Even though this sounds ironic but yes Communists did improve the individual rights and qualities of lives of most Tiebtans. Lamas had the most political power, they are like the absolute monarchs, and that’s one of the reasons why Dalai got pretty upset when Communist party took most parts of the political power.
        You can read this two articles if you want and can google Tibetan Buddhism slavery to find more info
        And Tibetan Buddism is totally different from most of the branches of Buddhism, speaking from a Mahayana Buddhist.

      3. It is evidence based that Tibet has a long history of human sacrifices and slavery. Tibetan Buddhists had always been the upper social class, especially for lamas, thus they owned slaves and did nothing about human sacrifice (human sacrifice were made for them) Human sacrifice and slavery didn’t really end until Communist took over. Even though this sounds ironic but yes Communists did improve the individual rights and qualities of lives of most Tiebtans. Lamas had the most political power, they are like the absolute monarchs, and that’s one of the reasons why Dalai got pretty upset when Communist party took most parts of the political power. You can can google Tibetan Buddhism slavery to find more info. And Tibetan Buddism is totally different from most of the branches of Buddhism, speaking from a Mahayana Buddhist.

        1. You know what is hilarious? China claims that Tibet ALWAYS belonged to China so this “human sacrifice ” happened in Tibet under Chinese control? The corollary to that, as you point out, is that China is responsible for slavery in Tibet.

          Otherwise this is tacit acknowledgment of Tibet’s independence from China. That Tibet indeed was it’s own country.

          Either way you are a complete idiot because you can’t have it both ways.

          Also any argument attempting to justify an invasion is fundamentally flawed, especially when the justified principle is ” point out a foreign country’s transgressions”. Lame, two wrongs don’t make a right, a violation of human rights is a violation of human rights period. Also just because a country is backwards is not justification for invasion. Every country in the whole world evolves over time, no country has regressed — growth might be stagnant or slow but it doesn’t regress.

          1. I tried three times but all failed. “Your comment is awaiting moderation” Then I deleted the links and was able to post the comment above.

  95. I think some Chinese students are making too big of a deal out of stuffs like this, Dalai Lama is consider more as religious leader instead of a political one in most cases.And no one have the rights to comment on life of the Tibetan people unless they have lived in Tibet like a local Tibetan. Students may chose not to attend such activity but I personally don’t think further actions such as protest is needed. Just like democracy, free speech is also a crucial part of American culture, it is really ironic how a this article written by a Chinese student about banning someone is spreading around Facebook, a media which is actually banned in China.

  96. Perhaps you would be more comfortable at a university that has a mandatory Communist Party Committee, that requires instruction in Marxism and military history, that recently reinforced its commitment to indoctrination of its students into communist theory in every aspect of the curriculum, that appoints your major instead of allowing you to choose one for yourself, that imposes curfews on your daily activities, and that fails to provide you the basic supplies and accommodations necessary to receive a world-class education. I am certain that none of these universities, of which there are approximately 2,259 to choose from across mainland China, would ever invite this speaker. Because, however, you did choose a world-class university that imposes none of these crippling limitations on its student body, you are left to celebrate is greatness in the face of the embarrassment of the 2,259 universities that you rejected.

  97. I think what people object to here is, it’s an American University, the Dalai Lama has enjoyed a great deal of support in America. I doubt very much China would take into account foreign students wishes when planning their speakers.

  98. China has trampled the civil rights of the Tibetan people for generations. I’m sorry that their suffering has caused you discomfort. But despite Trump’s election, America stands for human rights. If you graduated from UCSD without understanding that China stands on the side of tyranny, you’ve learned nothing and don’t deserve a degree from this fine institution.

    1. Would you please kindly stop distorting the topic of this discussion. We are not arguing about Dalai or Chinese government here, we are heart-broken because the university doesn’t seem to care about us. By the way, my degree will be awarded by a respected university, not by a random person on the Internet.

      1. The university cares about you. It cares enough to show you the importance of freedom and free speech. Sometimes that freedom is uncomfortable, but at this great institution and in this great country discomfort is the price of freedom. In other countries, like China, the cost of freedom is death and imprisonment. Given the complaints that have arisen, it appears the lesson is sorely needed for many students and their families.

    2. Doubt when could the Americans stop their heroic dreams. In deed Tibetians and other ethnic minorities enjoy numbers of privileges over us. If you just believe in whatever others tell you or something that just fits in your stereotypes against China, then, quote ” you’ve really learned nothing and don’t deserve a degree from this fine institution”.

    3. I’m proud of what UCSD is doing. They are doing what they believe is correct without kowtowing to the tyranny.It’s about freedom of speech,and what you guys ‘trying to do is to block it. Your judgments of Dalai are totally based on propaganda of Chinese government, and you guys have never done proper research based on reality and critical thinking. Just think about it, how could a so-called terrorist win the Nobel Prize for peaceful demonstration? I’m also a Chinese student in the US, and I feel shameful for you guys.

  99. This ariticle says everything I want to say! Besides, I want to add on that, in terms of “free speech”, I would appreciate DaLai giving his speech on other circumstances on campus. Free speech is not a shield for everything, there’s also a word called appropriateness. Dalai may be a good candicate for speaking at the commencement. However, taking into consider that the commencement is served for students of all spiritual backgorounds and political standings, it would be inappropriate to invite a figure of strong political or religious standings. While Dalai is a good candidate, there are many more appropriate ones out there, and we really shouldn’t risk letting a highly controvertial figure do the job, which may negatively affect the school’s reputation in the world.

    1. If you are on the side of Freedom, you support this speech no matter what the circumstances. If you are on the side of the tyrannical Chinese government, then you oppose freedom and this speech.

      1. Absolutely. Everything you do is a savior-like action and can liberate the weak and poor, including bombing around the middle east. Everything Chinese government does is evil, cruel, and violates human rights. And all 1300 million Chinese are so brainwashed that they don’t even know that government is always watching them, like tracking their phones and stuff.
        In fact, you are just fulfilling your moral superiority without learning the truths from both perspectives.

    2. His Holiness the Dalai Lama has an impeccable reputation. The Chinese government with all their might and money has failed to destroy the pristine reputation of this simple compassionate monk. The Dalai Lama has nothing to gain from being a Commencement Speaker. Honestly, the University and its students would gain a long term benefit.

    3. hahahaha, Dalai Lama damaging the school reputation? that is funny, I think is the exact opposite, The school reputatuion will increase having a speaker this big….or who else do you recommend that would be acceptable for you?

  100. It’s ridiculous that UCSD invited a controversial political figure to the commencement. Speaking of free speech, we are not asking to ban Dalai Lama from speaking at UCSD, he is more than welcome to visit and give a speech to his supporters. However, forcing hundreds of students who do not agree with his political stance to listen to him is a harassment.

    1. Controversial.?? Says who, only the CCP criminal regime.
      Are you pressured into hearing the Dalai Lama speak, No I don’t think so.
      Maybe you should go and listen, perhaps you will learn something worthwhile which could open your mind and heart.

    2. Harassment is what chinese do against tibetan population in tibet: they are not allowed to learn Buddhism or even to learn their original lenguage in the schools, that is real harassment

  101. Your argument sounds reasonable but nevertheless the concept of “Free Speech” by its very nature, does not allow barriers to be set up.

    1. Your argument is simply wrong. Free speech means anyone is free to express their opinion, but just because we respect Dalai Lama’s rights to speak, it in NO WAY means we are obliged to invite him to the commencement. Commencement is a celebration of students’ achievements, students should have the right to engage in speaker selection process. If a significant proportion of the students are uncomfortable with Dalai Lama’s presence, he should not be invited. The current situation is like the host (UCSD) of my birthday party invited someone I hate( Dalai Lama) without my knowledge, which is simply not acceptable. If the host likes him so much, maybe it can invite him to visit at another time in another occasion, just not at my birthday party.

      1. Why do you “Hate” someone you have not even met.
        Go along with an open mind, not one closed by the CCP.

      2. Ok whats your logic and rational behind hate the man whom almost everybody in the world considers a global leader and champion of peace.

      3. This is not your brthday party, this is a University Commencement speech, your manipulated mind does not correspond to reality facts, you should investigate real facts in tibet invasion by Mao, 20% of tibetan population was killed by your government, that uis called genoside…. but you think you hate the Dalai Lama?

      4. well if it was your birthday I would have sympathized but just like the allegory you put up; from 1959 and years on your country has killed millions of my brothers and sisters during their literal birthday. Many continue to self immolate. Tibetans and minorities within PRC are denied basic human rights day to day. Where is Liu Xiao Bao? Why was Ai wei wei held captive?

    2. I don’t really understand why the matter of Free Speech would be in the way of this thing. UCB students have rights to protest against Trump supporter speaking at their commencement while the Chinese students protesting against Lama becomes a violation of “Free Speech”

      1. I just wonder how long their prison sentence would be if they protested and exercised their “Free Speech” in CCP’s China.

        1. U really have to try hard to get into real troubles. YES there are laws that can throw u into prison for political issues, but they are only used in extreme cases when the government wants to shut ur mouth because u “know too much”. That is the dark side of politics. Personally, I have never seen it happen on any of the people I know when I was in china. Back in middle school, my social science teacher talked about how dark CCP is, like how much people it has killed during xxx(89 and other) events. She is still teaching.

          I am not trying to say CCP respects freedom of speech or they do not lie. Freedom of speech is limited in China in many situations, and most (if not all) of us coming to US are aware of that. But it does not affect our ability to make our own judgements.

      2. Yi – are you really equating Milo Yiannopoulos to the Dalai Lama? I’m afraid you’re not ready to graduate just yet, so maybe stay in school a little more and wait for the next graduation cycle.

        1. Kal- and now you are denying the right of free speech ofYiannopoulos. is it that your great country teaches to appreciate everyone’s civil right??? Many of your American fellows probably think we just pay to go to school here but let me tell you this. Most of us need to have way higher GPA than you guys to be accepted while we pay 2 or 3 times more. We are qualified enough to be in this school. Wonder are you native speakers selected just based on your arrogance???

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