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Regents La Jolla                                                                                                   Written by Robin Deng, Contributing Writer                                                                      9253 Regents Rd, San Diego, CA 92037                                                                   Price: $1,919–$2,874/month

Facing the parking lot of Westfield Shoppingtown UTC and with a bus stop just a street away, Regents La Jolla has both a prime location and a fair rent price. According to online reviews by its residents, apartment buildings and indoor facilities at Regents La Jolla are in good condition and maintenance, and the community is run by a professional management team providing leasing, maintenance and concierge services. In addition, the security is also highlighted in Regents La Jolla, as tenants use the sensor card for entry at each gate and for elevator use in apartment buildings. Featured as a gated and exclusive community, Regents La Jolla offers its residents a very quiet and private environment that also accommodates facilities like a swimming pool, gym, computer lounge and club rooms. Nevertheless, one resident reported that water shortages occasionally occur, with the water supply cut off for half a day. Besides, one tenant complains that “Regents La Jolla is [unfriendly to non-smokers], and some apartment complexes reek of smoke because the management is unwilling to implement a non-smoking policy.” Overall, with an average rate of $1200 for a single bedroom, estimated by its leasing office, student residents claim Regents La Jolla is a satisfying housing option when considering its reasonable prices and living conditions.

La Jolla Colony                                                                                                     Written by James Lommer, Staff Writer                                                                      7205 Charmant Dr, San Diego, CA 92122                                                                Price: $1,790–$1,905/month for one bedroom, $2,290–2,480/month for two bedrooms

The La Jolla Colony townhomes offer a balanced off-campus housing alternative for UCSD students. The complex is centrally located with easy access to grocery stores, shopping and public transportation all within walking distance. Resting in the heart of UTC, its closeness to campus and its ability uphold a relaxed community environment offer an appeal many renters look for.

“I moved here a little under a year ago and I’ve been loving it so far,” a current resident and Marshall Junior told the Guardian. “Vons is across the street, it’s one of the first stops on the 201 bus route and the neighborhood itself has been fairly calm and quiet — which was definitely a bonus for me.” The combination of these factors produce an element of convenience that is great for students living off-campus.

All units are two stories, have private garages and provide access to a community pool. It also remains in close proximity to other complexes many students reside in, such as Costa Verde and La Regencia, which makes it easy to hang out with friends who live elsewhere. While most aspects of the La Jolla Colony are fairly positive, it does have its downsides. A large majority of the units are privately owned, which means availability is often limited and prices tend to vary — a three bedroom will run around $2,900 a month. However, if you’re able to find one for rent, it’s a solid alternative to dorms and on-campus apartments.

Pines of La Jolla                                                                                                    Written by Susanti Sarkar, Staff Writer                                                                     8310 Regents Rd, San Diego, CA 92122                                                                   Pricing (approx.): two bed/bath shared by four ~$500 rent

Located in the popular area of UTC, Pines of La Jolla provides a much cheaper option than many of the heavily occupied condominiums nearby. However, the low prices do not bypass quality, as the apartment complex is equipped with a swimming pool, spa and shared laundry facilities. An added plus is being away from the constant noise that is quite common in an area filled with college students, as neighbors here are known to be fairly quieter, so you can study for midterms in peace. Although it contains small parking spaces and has an unfortunate lack of a gym, the location is perfect, with the 201/202 bus stop and UTC mall just a short walk away.

“I do like living here as it is very affordable and it is close to the mall and university. In terms of advice, just make sure that you have a good group of friends to live with,” a UCSD student and current resident told the Guardian.

La Regencia                                                                                                          Written by Matthew Zamudio, Staff Writer                                                                    La Regencia — 7681 Palmilla Dr, San Diego, CA 92122                                              Price: $1600–$2920/month

La Regencia is a white, five-story mega complex located between Palmilla Drive and Regents Road. On the apartment website, the community describes its architecture as “California Mediterranean,” which is a fancy way to describe stucco walls, square angles and an elongated, tiled fountain that runs through the middle of the six-building micro city. Because of La Regencia’s close proximity to UCSD, bus stops and (gasp) cheap Mexican food, the community has become a popular residence for students.

“We chose La Regencia because we wanted some place close to campus that was spacious and well-kept,” explained a current resident. “Additionally, it’s located right behind Vons (open until 2 a.m.) and yummy food places like Los Primos.”

On the opposite side of the complex is the Lebon/Palmilla bus stop, where the UCSD Shuttle and MTS Superloop stop frequently. For some students, class is “typically a 10-minute ride” away.

“The worst thing about La Regencia is the rent,” said a current resident, who leases a two-bedroom apartment for $2,100 per month with three other roommates. “It sucks having to pay $600 a month for a double.”

As one of the cheaper options in the region, it’s highly advised that you start saving your pennies now.

Costa Verde                                                                                                         Written by Oliver Kelton, Associate Editor                                                                   8775 Costa Verde Blvd, San Diego, CA 92122                                                            Price: $1,750–$3,250/month

Located a quick 15-minute bus ride from campus, Costa Verde is a very convenient place for commuting students to live. Almost every corner has a shuttle stop, and buses come every five to 10 minutes on weekdays.

“I would say that if someone doesn’t have a car to commute, Costa Verde is one of the best places,” a Sixth College sophomore and current resident told the Guardian. “It may seem expensive, but if you search ahead of the rush time in July and August, you can get really good deals.”

An array of dining options can be found a short walk away at the Costa Verde Center, which hosts everything from fast food like McDonalds to fine dining like Roy’s. The housing complex also offers a gym, and each building has amenities such as a pool and a hot tub. Located right across the street, the UTC mall is a space where students can see a movie or go ice skating.

The apartments themselves are not extremely high quality, but are still well-maintained. The appliances are very modern, and the staff responds quickly to any breakdowns. Costa Verde is a reasonably-priced housing option that keeps students close to campus.

Playmor Terrace                                                                                                   Written by Alvin Chan, Staff Writer                                                                             7529 Draper Ave Suite D, La Jolla, CA 92037                                                             Prices range from $500 (double) to $1000 (single)

A five-minute walk from Vons, The Playmor Terrace TownHomes West community contains two swimming pools for the use of residents and their guests. Located at the corner of Regents Road and Arriba Street, each unit provides a safe and college-friendly environment. Students can use the 201 bus or the city shuttle, which runs from 7 a.m. to midnight to get to campus in about 20 minutes. Aside from Vons, the center across the street from the apartments has other food locations including Tapioca Express, Los Primos Mexican Food, Leucadia Pizzeria and Shanghai Cafe. The board also recently implemented a “zero-tolerance policy” toward noises from parties, and fines have increased over the years. However, students rarely get in trouble and the area is usually quiet.

One current resident enjoys the environment of Playmor as well as its location relative to the campus.

“When I first moved in, I thought I was going to have a hard time getting to campus, but it’s actually not that inconvenient,” the resident told the Guardian. I really like the apartments because it is very peaceful, nice and calm.”

For those looking to live off-campus next year, Playmor may be an excellent choice as it offers convenience for students in terms of distance and close grocery-shopping locations.

Villas of Renaissance                                                                                            Written by Harrison Lee, Contributing Writer                                                              8310 Regents Rd, San Diego, CA 92122                                                                $1,930-$2,035 for 1 bedroom, $2,290-2,650 for 2 bedrooms, ~$2,930 for 3 bedrooms

The Villas of Renaissance are located east of UTC, a 10-to 15-minute walk from the mall and grocery stores. Staying true to the name, the villas are stylistic, charming and elegant. Renaissance offers a wide variety of amenities in-room and out, including washers and dryers, a pool and hot tubs — if they happen to be working. In fact, residents should count themselves reasonably lucky if all of their appliances run as they should. Despite the pristine aesthetic, washers and dryers especially have been known to break and sometimes the response time is less than satisfactory. A resident interviewed by the Guardian spoke from personal experience: His dryer broke down the first week he moved in.

“I was rewearing clothes and it was the foulest, lowest point in my life,” remembered the resident, a Thurgood Marshall College senior.

In terms of commuting, the apartment complex hires a shuttle which runs directly from the Villas to UCSD; however, it only runs every half hour and has limited space. A better option would be to catch the 204 going to UTC, then take another bus which goes to campus. Personal experiences may differ, but as long as you don’t run into too much trouble with your appliances, Villas at Renaissance provide a decent living space with lots to do around the complex.

La Jolla Crossroads                                                                                               Written by Noam Leead, Contributing Writer                                                         Address: 9085 Judicial Drive, University City                                                             Price: $1600–$3325

La Jolla Crossroads apartment complex is known to be nice and spacious, offering studio, one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments. Although a bit farther from campus, about 2.4 miles, Crossroads is close to UTC, as well as the 805 and I-5 freeways. Along with general apartment amenities and appliances, Crossroads has some unique community offerings as well. The complex contains a game center, indoor movie theater, raquetball court and a BBQ and picnic area. It also offers a hair salon, dry cleaners, deli and a new marketplace where you can pick up fresh produce, frozen yogurt, pizza and more.

“Overall I love living at Crossroads,” a current resident who is a Muir College senior told the Guardian. “It’s in a great location and they have great amenities, such as the gym, multiple pools and an amazing cafe. What is not so great is the parking situation; it’s really hard to find parking for guests after 7 p.m. They also often have issues with the elevators, and their staff is a bit unorganized. Besides those minor things, I love living at Crossroads and would definitely live here for another year.”

Mira Mesa                                                                                                            Written by Vincent Pham, Editor in Chief

Living in Mira Mesa provides UCSD students the taste of the suburbs. Marshall College senior Rachel Chen says that one of the perks of living in Mira Mesa is that “it’s easier to find affordable housing.” Chen also remarked at how the proximity to several markets and places to eat was a big thing to be appreciative of. When asked about her favorite aspect of Mira Mesa, an Eleanor Roosevelt College senior said, “One of the best things about where we live is that it is close to a lot of local breweries.” Green Flash is located in Mira Mesa, as well as Ballast Point and Karl Strauss. Despite becoming a regular commuter to campus, and although direct bus lines are available, according to a resident, the fact that Mira Mesa allows you to live in a house with your friends is an opportunity that “is pretty rare.”

The Terraces                                                                                                        Written by Tia Ikemoto, Contributing Writer                                                              8801–8879 Villa La Jolla Drive, La Jolla, CA 92037                                                    Rent: ~$1,750/month

The Terraces are located above the businesses that make up The Shops on La Jolla Village Drive, such as Sprinkles, FedEx and Paper Source. They feature an open kitchen and living space with two bedrooms and one bathroom. Each bedroom can be used as a single or double, although twin beds are recommended if living with a roommate. Rent is approximately $1,750 a month plus utilities, cable and Wi-Fi (which is not provided). Tenants receive parking passes for a lot behind the complex and live right next to the 201/202 bus stop, Whole Foods, CVS and several restaurants.

“It’s a mile off campus, which is really convenient, but it’s always busy,” a Marshall College sophomore told the Guardian. “The noise from street-level activity below the apartments really travels through the windows. Personally, I think it’s a little too small for four people. The bus is super convenient, except you may have to allot for up to three buses to skip you because they’re full by the time they get to your stop.”

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