Full-Service Dining Hall to Open in Revelle College

UCSD Housing, Dining and Hospitality will be expanding the Revelle College dining hall 64 Degrees to include a full-service restaurant. Called 64 North, this expansion is expected to open some time this Fall Quarter.

HDH Associate Director Steve Casad stated that the inspiration for the restaurant came from The Bistro, located on the opposite end of campus. 

“The concept of a table-service restaurant was largely preceded by the overwhelming success of The Bistro at the Strand on the north side of campus, and [by] the desire to have an easily accessible location on the south side of the campus,” Casad said in a statement to the UCSD Guardian. “The cuisine is inspired by California’s regional flavors and themes, twisted with the inventive stylization of our Chef Ivan’s favorite international cuisine growing up abroad.”

HDH had always planned to include a full table service restaurant in 64 North since its conception. However, the process of planning and building the dining hall began only 18 months ago.

Casad explained in a statement that the cost and quality of the menu items will be similar to that of The Bistro.

“The facility will provide a full service-dining experience similar to that of The Bistro,” Casad said. “We feel the food and dining experience will be of great value to patrons. Desserts will be presented on a varied daily rotation at the table. Students, staff and faculty can look forward to a menu that takes a different take on typical dishes like salads, appetizers, desserts and pasta, along with a chef-inspired special featured daily.”

In addition to the table service restaurant, Casad mentioned that HDH has plans to make changes to dining halls all over campus such as Roots in Muir College, Goody’s in Thurgood Marshall College and Foodworx in Sixth College.

“Roots has revised offerings, Goody’s has put together an artisan breakfast burrito and HDH has partnered with Eco Grounds to produce [a] special coffee line, Triton Blend, which will benefit the Triton Food Pantry,” Casad said. “In addition, Foodworx has revised offerings and a new enclosed seating area. Also, food trucks are rotating through campus residential areas.”

Eleanor Roosevelt College junior Max Donovan told the Guardian he was excited about the 64 North expansion. 

“I think it’s great that they’re expanding the dining hall,” Donovan said. “There is a good variation in the food they serve and it’s different from other dining halls.” 

Casad expressed similar optimism, saying that HDH expects a positive reaction to the new dining hall.

“We have confidence that students, staff, and faculty alike will greatly enjoy the first bites of whatever selection they make,” Casad said. “It is our goal to ensure that food is enjoyed with careful balance in seasoning and [with] the natural flavors that are inherent.”