5/20 A.S. Council


Jacky To

Did this room get smaller? It looks smaller. Or maybe I grew larger since a month ago. I’m probably just seeing A.S. Council members’ remaining time in office shrinking and withering away.

Public input went smoothly with a brief continuation of the student organization funding saga. Members of Triton Racing returned to remind the Council that they are struggling to gather travel funds for the Formula Society of Automotive Engineers competition in Lincoln, Nebraska, next month. However, the organization’s Vice President Edward Lin expressed appreciation for those in A.S. Council who have cooperated with them and have helped them find alternative means of funding.

In the spirit of today’s Free the Nipple event, a member of Council brought up that a security guard turned away a law student from an exam in Algeria for wearing a skirt he considered “too short.” When the world caught wind of this, people began sharing photos of their legs through social media to express solidarity.

AVP of Concerts and Events Seraphin Raya reminded the Council that there was another upcoming Bear Garden and also a screening of Big Hero 6 on Saturday night. Oh, and shoutout to Christian Walker for his appointment as Raya’s successor.

As I sat behind a council member (I will call them Bill) shopping for purses, the night’s official business finally commenced. A proposed AVP Health and Wellness position was tabled.

A debate began over whether to move a constitutional amendment advancing the transition between the outgoing and incoming A.S. officers from Week 10 to Week 9 into New Business. Citing conflicts with associate vice president appointments and that the Council should not engage in the practice of putting constitutional amendments through New Business, the Council voted against the move.

Now “Bill” is looking at a Facebook event that I can only assume, from the cover photo, is a trip to Las Vegas. Oh wait, back to shopping. AVP of Environmental Justice Affairs Sierra Donaldson motioned to suspend Council bylaws in order to bring up an item that she did not get email to the members in time. The Council did not approve her motion.

The Council then forced members of the public, including the Guardian, out of the room because they had “personnel issues” to deal with. I am pretty sure some shady stuff went on.

A few minutes later, someone shouted into the lobby to lead us back in. When I walked in, the room had a different scent. It smelled as if someone flatulated a chunk of the corruption sandwich that they had for lunch. Maybe it was just me. It turns out that, while I was outside, the Council approved the appointment of Angela Fronda as the next Associate Vice President of College Affairs. There goes all of my conspiracy theories.

There was more talk of STAC, UCAB and A.S. transitioning. Time for questions and open forum. But wait, let’s check in one last time with our favorite friendly neighborhood council member Bill, who looks they’re actually getting some official work done. Good for you, Bill!

Donaldson criticized the Council for striking her motion down earlier. Members rebutted that because they did not receive her item in time, they did not have a chance to fully examine and consider it. Donaldson then left.

On that note, graduating senior and outgoing AVP of College Affairs Travis Miller announced that he is resigning from his position with just a few weeks left and that this would be his last meeting. He then went on to call out this year’s Council for it’s lack of respect for each other, deeming it one of the guiltiest in terms of silencing people. He stressed that what happens during Council should not alter the amount of respect you have for its members.

Miller also offered the following advice for next year’s senators: do not be self-righteous, do not let rules hinder getting meaningful legislation done and represent the students of your college and not the college itself. He also called upon the members of the Council to stop abstaining from votes, declaring that it is their responsibility to fully understand the content of what is voted upon and to not hinder progress with their indecision.

On a more positive note, Miller praised those who went to support the Free the Nipple event. He reminded the Council that most of the work done on campus is done in the community and not in the Forum.

A.S. President Robby Boparai agreed and called the event one of two fundamental events that showed him that the campus is truly moving in the right direction —the other being the tuition strikes.

Campuswide Senator Brandon Kim finally directed the Council towards what he called “some real news”: THE LAKERS GOT THE SECOND PICK IN THE DRAFT. This was followed by a four-minute rant in which he mentioned Cleveland and Minnesota. It probably was something about his potential summer vacation destinations, or possibly professional basketball teams. Either way, he needs better taste. He does live in the Golden State after all.


Furthermore, bees. Kim declared we need bees and, right now, bees need us. So get gardening.


Also, council staff positions are open.