Lights and Sirens 3/22/15

-Thursday, March 12

8:44 p.m. Suspicious Person

A transient attempted to steal a sweater. Stay Away Order issued.

-Friday, March 13

6:69 a.m.: Animal Call

An injured duck was found in the middle of Lot 751. Information only.

8:08 a.m.: Information

A loud boom was heard in the Eleanor Roosevelt college area, followed by a power outage and unknown odor. Information only.

-Saturday, March 14

5:06 a.m.: Vehicle Tampering

A residential security officer observed a suspicious person attempt to break into a vehicle by breaking its window, costing an estimated $250 in damages. Report taken.

8:41 p.m.: Suspicious Person

A male transient without pants on was reported by the Tamarack Apartments. Stay Away Order issued

10:30 p.m.: Disturbance

A subject at Porter’s Pub was punched in the head, causing serious injury. Transported to hospital.

-Sunday, March 15

12:58 a.m.: Alcohol Contact

A subject in Argo Hall was cited for possession of a fake ID for purchasing alcohol. Closed by adult citation.

3:15 a.m.: Tampering

A subject pulled a fire alarm in the absence of a fire at the Sixth College Apartments. Report taken.

-Monday, March 16

12:27 a.m.: Injury

A young adult male in Blake Hall ran into an elevator door, possibly breaking his nose. Transported to hospital.

12:03 p.m.: Medical Aid

A juvenile female was going in and out of consciousness at Geisel Library, possibly  due to the heat. Transported to hospital.

8:54 p.m.: Information

VA Hospital Police detained a subject for trespassing and disorderly conduct. Last seen getting on a bus heading west on Gilman Drive. Information only.

-Wednesday, March 18

1:01 a.m.: Disturbance

Report of a male subject yelling and throwing items in a Central Mesa Apartment. Gone on arrival.

1:28 a.m.: Disturbance

UCSD police officers responded to reports of a female screaming and glass breaking at the North Mesa Apartments. Upon arrival, a gunshot was heard. SWAT teams evacuated residents and peacefully resolved the situation. Closed by adult arrest.

8:08 a.m.: Information

Report of motorist swerving on freeway. Referred to San Diego Police.

9:50 a.m.: Injury

An adult female fell off a step stool, suffering neck and back pains. Transported to hospital.

1:47 p.m.: Cultivation of Marijuana

Marijuana plants were growing at edge of Lot 406. Plants impounded.