New Science Buildings To Be Constructed in Revelle

UCSD moved forward with its delayed plans to build a 126,000-square-foot biology and chemistry building on Dec. 25, 2014. Construction was set to begin around 10 years ago; however, financial constraints put the plans on hold. 

The university first proposed the plan for the new building 10 years ago, but the recession caused the plan to be put on hold. UCSD recently began securing funds from various sources, and, therefore, will now have enough financial capital to carry out the plan. 

School officials told the San Diego Union-Tribune that the building will enable the university to enrich and expand two of its most highly ranked programs. The additional space will provide space for research and teaching. 

Revelle College President Soren Nelson supports the construction of the new building but hopes that the university will ask for and pay attention to student input on the matter.

“I understand the university’s need to grow and expand and fully support that venture, but I would caution administrators against proceeding without student input,” Nelson said. “This is an opportunity for the university to build rapport with students and to create a place that meets our needs as well as theirs. It would be a shame to squander that.”

The building will be located immediately north of Urey Hall and will cost $111.6 million to construct. Although the university is still working out where the money will come from, they will be using campus funds to cover part of the construction costs.

School officials also told the San Diego Union-Tribune that architects will begin designing the building in 2015. Construction is then set to begin in June 2016 and will likely finish around September 2018.