Guardian is Here to Stay, Let’s Make It Great

Editor’s Soapbox


During my April 2011 tour of the UCSD campus, our group stopped in the Old Student Center, and the tour guide told us about the opportunities for aspiring writers at the UCSD Guardian. From day one on campus, I sought to find and seize those opportunities. Now as I sit down for my first day of work as editor-in-chief, I marvel at how far the paper has come since my high-school-senior self first mused through an issue.

Our office is new, we’re working on a third consecutive profitable year, the staff is talented and the “No Parents” graffiti on our golf cart has nearly washed off entirely. The paper is in a strong position to expand our coverage and multimedia offering this year.

The same, unfortunately, cannot be said for all print newspapers on college campuses. Earlier this month, Elizabeth Orpina, my colleague at the Daily Aggie at UC Davis, announced that her paper would halt its print production schedule due to funding issues. The Daily Aztec at SDSU cut its printing schedule down to twice a week. It has become an unfortunate reality that student journalists have been forced to operate based on financial concerns as opposed to covering real campus stories.

At UC Davis, the student body voted overwhelmingly to help support the Aggie with a modest fee increase. This move would have allowed the Aggie to stay in print, but the fee’s passage was overruled and voided when administrators discovered a technical issue with the voting procedure. Despite strong student support for the cash infusion to the paper, the Aggie has been put on hiatus indefinitely.

However, through strong leadership from my predecessors, the Guardian has remained in production and looks to stay on newsstands for the foreseeable future. Our exclusive coverage of A.S. Council, as well as our stories on San Diego and potential issues for the UC system as a whole, will only continue to expand and inform our campus community.

That said, if you like our coverage on something, send a letter. Think we’re doing something wrong? Let us know. Reader feedback is the best way for us to find out how we can best tweak our coverage to suit your interests and improve your news. Have a story tip? Let us know. You, as our reader, have the power to be vocal about anything and everything we’re doing, right or wrong.

And now, time for the feels. Angela and Arielle: You’ve left me with a really great operation. Your legacies live on through awards on the wall and open Spotify accounts, and I cannot thank you enough for your leadership.

Nikki, Rebecca and Allie: You’ve been incredible partners for me in News and Managing. I would not be here without your support.

All my current and former colleagues, thank you for your dedication and drive to make the Guardian what it is today.

Laira Martin. A year ago, we started this journey together, and now I’m picking up where you left off. Thank you for everything. Best of luck with your next step.

And finally, Mom. I know you’re reading this. Tell everyone I say hi.