Humans Should End the Cycle of Dolphin Death


The local fish populations may be depleting, or perhaps there [is] something wrong with the water that the dolphins are swimming in. In addition to the scientific benefits that dolphins bring, they are also really f@#^*ng cool. Have you ever been to SeaWorld? If you have, then you can see how smart and friendly dolphins are and how awe-inspiring they are to people all around. Their intelligence is incredible compared to other fish and even other mammals as well. They use complicated echolocation to hunt schools of fish viciously and are some of the most efficient hunters on earth. 

If dolphins are so amazing and helpful to the world, then why are their populations dropping so much? The answer is in the mirror. That’s right: Humans! The Japanese are known for hunting and killing dolphins, despite the abhorrence to the rest of the sane world. The Japanese actually covered up the fact that they were murderers, by labeling dolphin meat as whale meat (still illegal in many countries), and then fed the dolphin to young school children as lunch! That’s right, young Japanese children unknowingly ate Flipper for lunch! In addition to the murderous Japanese, other countries also hunt dolphins, but the worst killer to the dolphin is climate change. As seas warm and become more polluted, dolphins are dying due to lack of clean water and food to eat. Humans dump trash and oil into the ocean, and death is an awful side effect of human laziness. Death, pollution, climate change, Japan, world, stupidity, MURDER. These are eight words that sadly better describe the dolphins’ life. This cycle of death and sadness will continue until humans can wake up and stop killing dolphins!

Ryan Root
Freshman, Earl Warren College