Council Fills Vacant Positions, Debates Cheese and Hotdogs

A.S. President Alyssa Wing and Associate Vice President of College Affairs Leonard Bobbit took the extra responsibilities of speaker and clerk respectively, which kept the meeting running smoothly.

Associate Vice President of Student Services Leigh Mason announced that, although it doesn’t seem so from the outside, CLICS is currently open as an available study space for students.

Engineering Senator Parminder Sandhu is still excited about engineering-on-a-stick, a free hot dog-on-a-stick event originally planned for last quarter that was delayed to Week Four of this quarter.

“I taste tested the product yesterday and it is amazing,” he said. “Make sure you get a lot of mustard.”

He later opened up a straw poll to determine the proper ratio of cheese-on-a-stick to hotdog-on-a-stick, and more specifically, the ratio of classic cheese on a stick versus pepper jack cheese-on-a-stick.

These are some major life-changing decisions and council treated the issue with respect.

Wing gave an update on the Division I referendum, which students will vote on later this quarter.  

“It has gone through [the Office of the President],” she said. “The [student vote on] the referendum will likely be pushed back from Week Five, which I announced last fall.”

Vice President of Finance and Resources Kevin Hoang announced that applications have opened for the now-vacant Associate Vice President of Student Organizations.

The former AVP, Lynne Swerhone, resigned last quarter following the approval of the Division I referendum.

Wing mentioned that the application for Associate Vice President of Local Affairs is also open after the former AVP Ryan O’Rear resigned for personal reasons.

The new Speaker, Jesus Romero, was elected Wednesday night.

Vice Chancellor Penny Rue dropped by with updates about various campus affairs, including mid-year UC budget cuts of approximately $200 million.

“Mid-year revenue did not keep up with [the state’s] optimistic projections,” she said. “The mid-year cuts will be absorbed by UC reserves, but we will probably feel it in the next fiscal year.”

Councilmembers were on the edge of their seats when Vice President of Student Life Meredith Madnick announced the first Councilmember of the Week for the quarter.
“The first Councilmember of the Week is Associate Vice President of Student Advocacy Bryce Farrington!” Madnick said.

Despite the traditional “Moves like Jagger” playing for him, Farrington opted for a slow high-five walk around the tables.

Four other members of council had an opportunity to strut their stuff in a council-wide audition to represent council in the Kappa Alpha Theta KAT walk.

Work it, guys.

Bring sexy back to council.