Chem Prof. Apologizes for Website With Racial Slur

UCSD chemistry and biochemistry professor Clifford Kubiak issued a public apology on Monday, May 23 for a racist slur posted on his webpage.

The webpage contained a set of rules, including “no Disney music,” “don’t be that guy,” “if you can’t turn on the instrument, you shouldn’t use it” and “don’t believe everything Chinaman says.”

The last rule gained prominence and news coverage after it was posted on an Internet forum for Chinese-speaking academics. The word “chinaman” is a historically derogatory term for Chinese people or anyone perceived to be of an East Asian race. UCSD officials then took the page down over the weekend, as soon as the chemistry department became aware of it.

According to Kubiak’s letter of apology, he was unaware of his lab rules.

“Although I was unaware of the existence of this page until it was brought to my attention, I accept full responsibility,” Kubiak said in his letter of apology.

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry issued an apology as well and asked the Office for Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination to look into the matter.