Four Students Injured in Vehicle Accident

Four UCSD students were hit by an alleged drunk driver, who was driving on the wrong side of the road, on April 9. The students were traveling north on Genesee Avenue when a single-occupant driver crashed into the front of their car in the northbound lane.

“The UC San Diego students didn’t realize he was on the wrong side of the divider until it was too late,” San Diego Police Department Detective Christopher Velovich said.

All were transported to local hospitals. Velovich said that although he has not done much follow-up on the case, he recently spoke with one of the victims, who is in good condition.

“She’s at home recuperating,” Velovich said. “She’s still sore, but she says everyone is doing well, and I expect them to make full recoveries.”

The identities of the victims and the alleged drunk driver have not been released. Charges are pending, as SDPD has not yet submitted a report to the district attorney.