Lights & Sirens (Feb. 22, 2011)

Friday, Feb. 11
12:23 p.m.: Welfare check
? A male transient was slumping over and responding slowly at Geisel Library. Checks OK.
4:19 p.m.: Suspicious person
? A naked male was standing in the side stairwell by the parking lot at Rita Atkinson Residences. Unable to locate.

Saturday, Feb. 12
12:06 a.m.: Person down
? The reporter tried to wake up a male lying on the side of the road near Che Cafe, but left when he did not respond. Arrest misdemeanor.
9:16 p.m.: Hit and run
? There was a non-injury hit and run on the first level of Pangea Parking Structure. Report taken.
10:42 a.m.: Medical aid
? A 60-year-old diabetic male became dizzy, fell, hit his head and vomited at the volleyball courts in Main Gym. Referred to other agency.
10:22 p.m.: Drunk in public
? A drunk female was being supported by two males, walking to Matthew Apartments. Report taken.

Monday, Feb. 14
2:54 p.m.: Suspicious person
? A male carrying a book bag and a towel was cursing and yelling while sitting down on a lawn near Sverdrup Hall on Discovery Way. Unable to locate.
3:43 p.m.: Information
? A custodian locked keys in a UC vehicle at Lot 406. Referred to other agency.

Tuesday, Feb. 15
3:27 p.m.: Animal call
? A female “dog lover” was concerned when she found a 10-pound dog in a vehicle with cracked windows at Hopkins Parking Structure. Gone on arrival.
11:53 p.m.: Citizen contact
? A female was having problems with her roommates, who accused her of taking their Nutella. Information only.
11:57 p.m.: Suicide attempt
? A female student in Roosevelt College who threatened to commit suicide was not at her residence. She has a history of threatening to jump off the cliffs. Report taken.

Wednesday, Feb. 16
12:20 a.m.: Citizen contact
? A female believes a bike that she reported stolen yesterday is now posted on Information only.
9:22 a.m.: Citizen contact
A female threatened to send her four-year-old child to Child Protective Services for not eating vegetables. Information only.
4:53 p.m.: Suspicious person
? A possible transient was showering and singing in the fourth floor men’s restroom of Geisel Library and would not leave the stall. Field interview administered.

Thursday, Feb. 17
12:01 p.m.: Annoying phone call
? The reporter was harassed by someone’s phone calls and knows the suspect’s first name. Information only.
4:28 p.m.: Information
? A 19-year-old male went to the Student Health Center for appendicitis. Referred to other agency.
11:30 p.m.: Disturbance, party
? An RA at Geneva Hall needed assistance in “making contact” at a party. Will cooperate.