Council Postpones Budget, Argues Over Funding Anyway

Budget week is upon us.  With excited tones and snacks all around, council began its meeting.  And with tired eyes and an exhausted mind, I began my foray into what was expected to be one of council?s legendary six-hour meetings.

As council anticipated the budget?s unveiling, public input commenced with Aaron Speer, CALPIRG chair, who highlighted some events that CALPIRG is working.

Warren College Student Council President Alyssa Wing  gave a presentation regarding the past and present inconsistencies of A.S. Council?s funding of college councils.

She said her research of previous budgets indicates that the council is violating its own constitution by not following a 1985 referendum that called for a piece of the student activity fees to go to college council funding.  She called for a committee to be charged with investigating this matter and restore council with a consistent approach with funding college councils.

Vice Chair of External Affairs for the Black Student Union Victor Brown stopped by council to address the issue of tradition funding.  Brown insisted that the BSU will take a hit if this funding is taken away due to the org missing deadlines for funding protocol. Council members were divided on the issue of whether Kwanzaa funding should be added as a line item to the executive budget. Several council members, including, AVP Academic Affairs Desiree Prevo said that when funding deadline e-mails were sent out in April of Spring Quarter, the BSU had been preoccupied.

Transfer Senator Adam Powers reminded council that the VP Finance is aligned with diversity issues, and his funding of a tradition event is necessary to keep A.S. Council accountable and consistent.  Matthew Vu, AVP Local Affairs, emphasized that the Black Student Union?s actions last year should be taken into consideration when debating tradition funding.

As the agenda approached committee updates, I gradually prepared myself for the approaching budget discussion.  It began with a move to table until next week?s meeting from Powers.

As the call for objections came regarding the motion to table the 2010-11 Executive Budget, I  braced myself for the uproar. Powers? objection was based on the mistakes that were in the budget regarding various line items, and the need for more time to sort out the problems.  After a discussion and a 30-minute moderated caucus, the motion to table the approval of the budget until next week?s meeting was passed.  And just like that, it ended.

Sixth College Senator Parminder Sandhu commented on the graffiti that popped around campus prior to the rallies of Oct. 7 rallies.  According to Sandhu, that graffiti will have to be cleaned up by university workers, and will create more problems than the good it might have been intended for.

For three weeks in a row, A.S. meetings have ended before 9 p.m. After spending my Wednesday preparing myself for a lengthy and heated meeting, I returned to my room slightly disappointed. Now I have to repeat the process all over again for next week.  So until then, keep on a? rollin? UCSD.