Don’t Forget to Give Advice to Freshmen

Dear Editor,

As a second year at UCSD, I think about my freshman year and can’t help but wonder what difference it would have made if I skipped that late night party, wouldn’t have gone home every other weekend, not joined a sorority… etc. Every choice has a unique outcome. Even though I made some that I regret, there are many more that I would never change. As freshmen in huge campus universities such as UCSD, many students feel they have a chance for a fresh start. My first year at UCSD was trying out my new-found freedom, making errors and learning from my experiences. What I would change are the sleepless nights trying to finish essays due the next morning — I passed, but barely! I would also not go back home as often, since it was getting in the way of concentrating on important assignments. As there are some things I would change, there are more I would never regret, such as getting involved in organizations that helped me expand socially and offered support. It’s important that new students get involved in the campus community in order to adjust to the new environment and not feel alone in a new place. As new students enter, they will see that there is so much being offered that it doesn’t hurt to look into different organizations and clubs to see what is best for them. I found that joining a sorority was the best for me, but explore all options available and see what suits you best. I wish somebody would have given me this advice earlier, making my first year easier and more error-free, however, I guess that is just part of the college experience. As a first year, be curious, not afraid of getting involved, meeting new people, don’t procrastinate and study (real studying). But most significantly, the confidence to thrive in a university environment.

— Kimberly Garcia

Sophomore, Marshall College