There Is No Place for Anti-Semitism on Campus

Dear Editor,

As a member of the Muslim Student Association (MSA) and an attendee of the Horowitz event, I wanted to share my opinion regarding the controversial statements of another student attendee. Without question, the student’s “For it” statement is indubitably out of line with the core Islamic values on which the MSA stands (Quran 5:32). She makes that explicitly clear in her personal statement, which can be found on

Nonetheless, there is no place on this campus for anti-Semitism. As a member of the MSA, I feel the organization has taken a powerful stance against anti-Semitism during our recent Justice in Palestine Week. This is evidenced by the numerous Jewish students working alongside MSA members in condemning the unjust policies of the Israeli government and military. Our guests have included Dr. Norman Finkelstein and Hedy Epstein, both well-known Jewish speakers who have immediate connections to the Holocaust.

It is noteworthy to add that the next MSA student who asked Horowitz a question at the event readily condemned Hamas. The MSA itself is clear by condemning “all Palestinian factions that have rejoiced in the killing of innocent Israeli civilians” ( Thus, to make an effort to cherry-pick facts so as to tie the MSA to anti-Semitism is entirely misleading and disingenuous.

It seems that the Glenn Becks and Sean Hannitys of the world are eager to paint the entire Muslim college population with a single brush, but this is obviously far from the facts, and entirely inaccurate.

These Glenns and Seans are making a strong effort to detract from the real message of the MSA, which is to shed light on the injustices taking place in Palestine and to encourage activism towards positive change.

—Adnan Akil

Junior, Warren College