BSU Demands Alienate Potential Supporters

Dear Editor,

I have an opinion to share about these past few weeks and what has happened on campus.

The hate and racism is obviously prevalent on our campus due to the way we broke down from just a few individuals whose intentions are to split our campus. I am not only talking about the “Compton Cookout,” which unintentionally did that; I am also talking about the noose hanging, the KKK mask and the Black Student Union, whose angry demands are simply backwards and not a move forward.

People are calling each other “racist” and “haters” without actually understanding each other’s point of view. That is what the BSU is doing, and they and many others are calling out the apathetic and demanding everyone to take their sides. I know this is a desperate time, but UCSD surely cannot support this type of hate reaction on campus.

Yes, the BSU is using hate to fight hate — ironic, isn’t it?

We all need to see what Martin Luther King Jr. saw in the past, and that is equal rights and opportunities to all. We all need to use what we learn from the past, and not use hate to battle hate or violence to battle violence. If the BSU has come to realize this, they will gain thousands of supporters who they have lost due to their disrespect, anger and hate toward UCSD officials.

—Steven Nim


Eleanor Roosevelt College