Nov. 16, 2009

Friday, Nov. 6
4:22 p.m.: Prisoner
? A student formerly arrested for stealing was caught stealing $100 in goods from the Price Center Bookstore. Arrest misdemeanor.
5:54 p.m.: Group disturbance
? A male was seen urinating off the stairwell at the Matthews Apartments. Will cooperate.

Saturday, Nov. 7
4:09 p.m.: Suicide attempt
? A male, possibly dead, was seen with a “shotgun pointed to his head” in a Jeep parked at the Glider Port.
6:50 p.m.: Citizen assist
? A male reported being “stuck” after driving “over a yellow barricade thing” at the Gilman Parking Structure.

Sunday, Nov. 8
6:04 p.m.: Citizen contact
? A male reported that his wife stole his new Dell laptop, even though “she should have no access to it.”

Monday, Nov. 9
1:57 p.m.: Missing person at risk
? An 18-year-old male student with a mohawk went missing after stating that he “was depressed and needed psychological help.”
7:49 p.m.: Assault with weapon
? An intoxicated transient male wearing a camouflage sweater threatened police officers with “weapons” at the La Jolla Playhouse, claiming there were “two men with guns” on the soccer field.
8:04 p.m.: Suspicious person
? A balding, white 60-year-old male with a long beard was seen bathing in the restroom at Galbraith Hall. Unable to locate.

Tuesday, Nov. 10
8:59 a.m.: Suspicious person
? A white male wearing a gray backpack was reported as “shouting [that] the world is going to end” to people at a shuttle stop on Lebon Dr.
9:44 a.m.: Suspicious person
? A 200-pound black male was reported as “harassing people” at a bus stop on Gilman Drive. Gone on arrival.
10:29 a.m.: Suspicious vehicle
? A white male in his late 60s wearing a melon-colored shirt was seen “sitting in his car” for an unknown period of time. Unable to locate.
4:36 p.m.: Medical aid
? A 24-year-old female “passed out” and “started having seizures” during an exercise class at Galbraith Hall.

Wednesday, Nov. 11
12:28 a.m.: Noise disturbance
? A Marshall College student forgot to turn her music off before leaving her suite.
2:10 p.m.: Assist other agency
? A balding white male in his 30s was reported as “throwing items around and threatening staff” at the Venter Center on Science Center Dr.
11:22 p.m.: Suspicious person
? An Asian female was seen “laying on the counter” at Jamba Juice.

Thursday, Nov. 12
8:21 a.m.: Suspicious package
? A suspicious package shaped “like a tennis ball” was seen under a bush at Urey Hall.
10:51 a.m.: Grand theft
? A computer was stolen from the Biomedical Sciences Building.
12:05 p.m.: Suspicious person
? A white male in his 20s with light red hair claimed he was “going to steal [a] laptop” while riding the UCSD shuttle.
4:44 p.m.: Welfare check
? A barefoot female with long blonde hair was seen alone and “lying in a fetal position” at Osler St.