Student Dating Site to Provide Social Avenues

Dear Editor,

I am excited to announce the Web site The Little Black Book ( for the students of UCSD. This Web site offers various services with the intention of creating infinite opportunities for students to meet. It will give each student a chance to venture out of his or her dorm, suite, apartment or closed social clique. It will give students the opportunity to be matched with one of the thousands of other students at our campus after quickly and easily creating an anonymous profile.

My goal with this Web site is to give students a steady stream of matches of whichever types of students they so desire. This site can really cater to any social demand. Whether you are interested in dating, hooking up, making new friends, networking or venturing on a blind date (try our Daring Pairing service), you should become a member of the Little Black Book for a year’s worth of student matches.

This site is meant to be fun. But it can also play an important role in preparing us for life after college. A huge part of college is learning how to interact with others. We need to know how to socialize in various settings and the scary fact is: Employers know UCSD as the school that produces graduates that lack this essential skill.

The Little Black Book is killing two birds (maybe more) with one stone. It will balance your life and will also push you to be the best that you can be — the only thing that looks better than a UCSD graduate is a well-rounded UCSD graduate!

The deep rooted goal for this Web site is to enable the nearly 30,000 students to make the most of their college life while at UCSD. You want to be able to look back on this saga of life and remember all the experiences and story-worthy memories. So, I urge you to check out The Little Black Book — the site will be up and fully running soon.

—James Carroll
Marshall College Senior