This Finals Week, Look on the Bright Side of Life

    Well, it’s that time again. That sleepless,
    over-caffeinated, pajama-pants-during-the-day, primal-screaming time of the
    quarter: finals week. And if three years of working at an on-campus convenience
    store has taught me anything, it’s that during finals week students want
    bluebooks, cigarettes and energy drinks — the faster the better, and without
    any small talk please.

    But why so suddenly sour, Tritons? Finals week may mean
    painstaking all-day library sessions followed by exhausting all-night cram
    time, but consider the positives.

    1. Fewer Responsibilities. There aren’t regular class
    periods during finals week, which means you only have to show up to class for
    about four chunks of time. Additionally, if you work, most employers are pretty
    cool about adjusting to your finals-week schedule. Because you have less to do,
    you can be especially selfish with your time. Basically, you get the luxury to
    do whatever you want.

    If you have a final on Monday, but none on Tuesday or
    Wednesday, you have the freedom to sleep in until 2
    on Tuesday, then spend the afternoon at one of the
    oh-so-nearby beaches. And once you’re done with a particularly dreadful exam,
    it’s easy to forget your sorrows — no matter what day you finish finals, there
    is always a party to be found, debauchery to be had or inebriation to be
    enjoyed with other students in your same position.

    2. Easy Excuse. And even if you still have some
    responsibilities that aren’t confined to scheduling, finals week gives you the
    perfect excuse to avoid them for a while. It’s like a get-out-of-jail-free card
    for life. Roommate annoying you to wash the dishes? Sorry, I have to study
    right now. Awkward acquaintance pestering you to have lunch? Sorry, I have to
    study right now. Mom nagging you to hurry home for spring break? Sorry mom, I
    miss you too, but I really have to study right now.

    3. Free Stuff. Other than welcome week, finals week is
    hands-down the best time to score free food. If you live on campus, chances are
    your resident adviser is already planning some cute pizza-and-bluebooks event —
    you don’t even have to leave your building! If you commute, the giveaways take
    a little more effort to obtain, but a free meal is definitely worth it. Believe
    it or not, there are whole committees that have spent weeks preparing to bring
    you free finals food. The A.S. Council has its pancake breakfast, John
    Muir College

    has its nightly burnout lounge and many on-campus resources (like the
    Cross-Cultural Center, Women’s Center or Lesbian
    Gay Bisexual Transgender
    Resource Center
    provide some sort of study-break sanctuary.

    4. Peer Camaraderie. Finals week is great because everyone
    experiences it together. During the quarter you may have a hectic week of
    midterms, but it doesn’t necessarily coincide with everyone else’s suffering.
    That means when you show up to class after your second all-nighter sporting
    pajamas, under-eye bags and the smell of caffeine sweat, people are judging

    But somehow, during finals week it’s OK. No one bats an eye
    as you walk zombie-like through CLICS at 2 a.m.,
    your hair in a ratty ponytail. No one says anything when you return from the
    grocery store with five Red Bulls, a big pack of gummy bears and some
    microwavable pretzels.

    No matter who you are or what class you’re studying for,
    everyone around you is uniting against a common enemy. And that’s a spirit of
    togetherness we Tritons should harness and enjoy throughout the whole quarter.

    You know, when we don’t have to study right now.

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