New Council Begins Meeting With Sprinkles Cupcakes

Last night was the first meeting with next year’s council. President Alyssa Wing started out sweet by bringing Sprinkles cupcakes for all 35 councilmembers. Holy expensive …

The most exciting event of the night was the hour spent deciding on a new speaker. Unfortunately, that entire was closed to the public; we were, frustratingly, not even allowed to hear the announcement that outgoing Muir College Senator Ryan O’Rear won the position. Outgoing Sixth College Senator Parminder Sandhu, outgoing Associate Vice President of College Affairs Leonard Bobbitt and Warren College President-elect Kristina Pham were his opponents, but Pham unexpectedly dropped out at the last moment.

Student Sustainability Public Health Director Elizabeth Elman, Intersectionality Assistant Directors Andrew Busalt and Jillian Du and Energy and Waste Director Annie Le gave an overview of what they’ve done for this year, such as implementing the fair trade policy across campus, and also their progress on banning plastic water bottles in dining halls and Price Center vendors.

Bobbitt said that Revelle College’s cake party for having the largest voter turnout at this year’s A.S. elections campaign will be May 18 in front of CLICS at 2 p.m. “Get on top of it,” Bobbitt said.

Vice President of External Affairs Samer Naji announced that the D.R.E.A.M. Act postcard campaign was successful in bringing over 11,000 postcards from campuses statewide to Congress.

Associate Vice President of Enterprise and Operations Brian McEuen said Triton Outfitters has launched its causes line, which allows proceeds from t-shirt sales to go to causes such as Red Cross and the Sierra Club. He also said that two special items will be sold during the Sun God festival — one of which is an exclusive Triton Outfitters beach towel, and the other remains a secret.

Associate Vice President of Local Affairs Matthew Vu announced the grand opening of the Inter-Tribal Resource Center May 16. The resource center will be adjacent to S.P.A.C.E.S. in Price Center East.

Associate Vice President of Student Organizations Carli Thomas asked councilmembers to spread the word about the Student Foundation’s Senior Class Gift, which has asked graduating seniors to each donate $20 for scholarships. Their goal is to raise $30,000 for scholarships.

Associate Vice President of Athletic Relations Pauline Nuth announced that the baseball team is number one in our conference — though they’re missing the Sun God Festival for post-season playoffs. They’re also going to regionals. Go Tritons!

Interim Associate Vice President of Student Advocacy Arohi Sharma was the last speaker of the evening. She asked all of council to give the previous speaker, Meredith Madnick, a large round of applause — and that Madnick received.