Year's Shortest A.S. Meeting Features Heavy DOC Talk

In the shortest meeting of the year, which lasted just 29 minutes, the A.S. Council moved to Porter’s Pub to allow “”Lunafest”” to occupy Price Center Ballroom. Eleanor Roosevelt College Senior Senator Erik Rodriguez-Palacios was the speaker of the council for the meeting, substituting for Earl Warren College Senior Senator and Speaker Michelle Yetter, who opted out of the session because she was sick.

A.S. President Harry Khanna announced he was working with university officials to extend the hours of CLICS. He also proposed that the library be open 24 hours all of 10th week and during finals. Khanna is coordinating with the UCSD Police Department to ensure enough Residential Security Officers are present to accommodate the expected influx of students.

Assistant Vice President of Programming Di Lam announced Head Automatica will perform at this quarter’s Thank God It’s Over concert. In her report, Lam said the last Bear Garden was a success, despite the “”foamy beer situation.””

Two more Bear Gardens are scheduled for April 13 and June 1.

Assistant Vice President Local Affairs Aida Kuzucan, shouting over noisy diners in the pub, reported that she is working with other organizations in San Diego to pass resolutions against the construction of the Foothill-South Toll Road through San Onofre State Park.

Next, Thurgood Marshall College Junior Senator Kyle Samia said he wrote a letter to the Marshall writing program, Dimensions of Culture, to disapprove of the direction in which DOC is headed.

“”They responded negatively and a little abrasively,”” Samia said.

He announced that DOC administrators are going to be present at the next Marshall College Council meeting to discuss the issue. Samia advised students not to attend, although the council meeting is open to the public.

Marshall Chair Neetu Balram clarified the council’s position.

“”The concern is that [DOC administrators aren’t] expecting such a huge turnout,”” Balram said. “”Things could get very intense and messy.””

She added that the situation could then become counter-productive.

A.S. President Chief of Staff Emma Sandoe announced that a research group of San Diego State University students will survey UCSD student leaders in the coming weeks. The group is working on a project to determine the reasons student leaders choose to take their positions.

She also announced that Revelle College senior Robby Peters was going to declare that he was entering the NBA draft. He recently became the NCAA season leader for the most three-pointers in one game.

On a final note, Khanna described a run-in he had with Chancellor Marye Anne Fox. Fox reportedly called Khanna asking for a five-seat cart, however the council only owns a two-seater.

“”We let her down,”” Khanna said in his report to the council.

However, A.S. Executive Assistant Christopher Terry redeemed the council when he borrowed a five-seater for the chancellor from a college resident life office.