Fanboy Fix

The Ultimates 2: #11- Marvel Comics

This is the penultimate issue to the modernized Avengers saga that had Black Widow shooting the Avenger’s butler Jarvis (think Batman’s Alfred) in the face, Giant Man betraying his country and the invasion of foreign terrorists and superheroes. Newbies, be ready for the new kind of comic: dirty, brutal and surprisingly real. That way, it won’t seem that odd when you run into Captain America conversing with President George W. Bush, who, earlier in the series, authorized the team’s formation, then used them to invade another country. Gee, it’s like reading a newspaper, but with lots of pictures.

Shazam and the Monster Society of Evil: #1- DC Comics

It’s a damn shame that Captain Marvel is always put a tier lower than Superman. They’re both wholesome in and out of costume and technically, they have some of the same powers. But Billy Batson, Marvel’s alter-ego, has one narrative advantage – his age. While everyone loves to read about growing pains, this return to his origins turns the other direction, preserving the superhero’s boyish naivety and wide-eyed wonder.