Ten Ceremonies Will Honor Grads 

Speakers ranging from an ABC news national security correspondent to a former state senator to a director of the National Institutes of Health will be present at 10 graduation ceremonies at UCSD between June 3 and June 19, which are expected to attract as many as 48,000 guests for the 5,431 graduates. 

The university is graduating the inaugural classes of both its Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (24 graduates) and Sixth College (190 graduates) on June 3 and June 18, respectively. 

UCSD School of Medicine will graduate 117 students on June 4, while the Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies will give diplomas to 125 students on June 17. 

Other ceremonies include those of John Muir College (900 graduates) on June 17, Thurgood Marshall College (900 graduates) on June 17, Earl Warren College (1,250 graduates) on June 18, the UCSD Graduate Division (275 graduates) on June 18, Revelle College (850 graduates) on June 18 and Eleanor Roosevelt College (800 graduates) on June 19.

Academic Senate Honors Profs 

Seven professors and three graduate students will be honored during a reception at the Cecil and Ida Green Faculty Club on June 2 for excellence in teaching. 

Honored faculty members include psychology professor James Kulik, visual arts professor Grant Kester, structural engineering professor Joel P. Conte, mathematics professor John Eggers, linguistics professor Eric Bakovic, urban studies professor Keith Pezzoli and literature professor John Granger. Graduate students to be honored are structural engineer Bart Raeymaekers, sociologist Michael Evans and anthropologist Heather Bond Poje. 

The Distinguished Teaching Awards, sponsored by the UCSD Academic Senate, will be presented in a ceremony including speeches by Chancellor Marye Anne Fox, Academic Senate Chair Jean-Bernard Minster and distinguished teaching committee Chair Janet Smarr.

The awards were established in 1992 to recognize Academic Senate members who have made extraordinary contributions to UCSD as teachers.  

Cal Student Nominated for Regent Position 

A selection committee nominated UC Berkeley Boalt Hall student Benjamin Allen to serve as student regent for 2007-08.

If approved, Allen will become the 33rd student regent since 1975 and will replace UCLA graduate student Maria Ledesma after her term expires in July 2007.

The full UC Board of Regents will consider Allen’s nomination at its July meeting.