Student spirituality a positive experience

The National Survey on Student Engagement showed that students engaged in spiritual practice are also involved with many other college activities.

“The bottom line is that these students are more engaged across the board than average students in [a] range of interesting activities,” survey director George Kuh stated in a press release. “They do a variety of things that are known to be positive contributors to the overall college experience.”

Among other things, the report found that students participating in “spirituality-enhancing activities” also exercise and perform community service more often. Those students also reported to being “somewhat more satisfied” with the college experience. Study authors defined spirituality in a broad manner, including everything from regular attendance at religious services to private meditation.

A further analysis of study data by researchers indicated no evidence that spiritual practices have negative effects on other activities, such as studying, level of reflection or extracurricular involvements.

The new report also found that African-American and Asian-American students are the least satisfied with their college experiences.

UCSD police arrest Suspected bike thief

Thirty-five-year-old Victor Lorenzana was arrested Nov. 5 on suspicion of bicycle theft.

Lorenzana was seen the afternoon of Nov. 1 by a UCSD police sergeant in Revelle College, but the suspect disappeared in the Main Gym area, police officials stated in a release. Lorenzana often used bus transportation to enter campus.

Police first encountered Lorenzana on Sept. 22, when UCSD police officers found that the man had been riding a bicycle that was not his own.

However, the bicycle had not been reported as stolen at the time. The department subsequently issued a $40,000 warrant for his arrest for the theft.

At the time of his arrest, Lorenzana denied any thefts; however officers found a set of bolt cutters, a device commonly used to cut bike locks, in his backpack. Lorenzana was subsequently booked into jail in downtown San Diego.