A.S. Council at a Glance

    Items of Immediate Consideration

    Resolution regarding the proposed changes the policy on the integrity of scholarship: passed by consensus

    — Submitted by James Lynch, University Centers Advisory Board, chair

    The resolution addresses problems the A.S. Council sees with a proposal to change the current academic integrity policy. The resolution calls for the new policy to not be accepted on Oct. 29, when it is to be voted upon.

    Lynch said that this resolution is one aspect of the council’s attempt to change the possible policy. Council members are also lobbying professors to oppose the proposed policy.


    A.S. President Jenn Brown

    Brown reported that she, along with nine other student government members, requested to postpone the vote to adopt the new academic integrity policy.

    The request was denied by the Academic Senate, and the vote will be held. Brown said that the 10 students are participating in the lobbying Lynch spoke of during public input.

    Brown reported that this week was the first meeting of the Student Regulations and Review Committee. Two student representatives were appointed to the committee.

    Brown reported that she participated in and completed the Chancellor’s Challenge 5K.

    Vice President Finance Dave Beza

    Beza reported that he is currently hosting funding workshops for student organizations. One principle member of each organization must attend a funding workshop this quarter. To see a list of remaining workshop times and locations, students can visit www.as.ucsd.edu.

    Commissioner of Athletics Robin Shelton

    Shelton reported that two of Triton Tide’s big events are approaching. The two events are the Triton Tide “”couch game”” and a road trip to San Bernardino. Students can view details and reserve a space at www.tritontide.ucsd.edu.

    Commissioner of Student Advocacy Brie Finegold

    Finegold reported that she is working on publicizing a graduate student’s difficulty with UCSD. Details about his situation can be viewed at www.savestudents.org.

    Finegold also reported that she is working on writing a resolution in regard to unisex bathrooms for next week’s meeting.

    Muir Sophomore Senator Jeremy Cogan

    Cogan reported that he is working on a meal point calendar for on-campus residents. Cogan said he hopes the calendar will be ready by next week.


    Item H of Old Business

    Question: As a Muir student, do you believe that Muir college is the best college at UCSD?

    Answer choices: “”Yes, Muir college is the best college at UCSD”” or “”I decline to vote on this item.””

    — Submitted by Colin Parent, former interim freshman senator, John Muir College

    The A.S. Council discussed this item for 10 minutes. The item was voted to be placed on the table for discussion for two weeks. During that time, it will be decided whether or not it is a valid piece of legislation because, although Parent was a council member when he submitted the legislation, Parent is no longer a member of the A.S. Council.

    It will also be decided if there is a limit to the number of referenda that the A.S. Council can introduce to the ballot each year, and whether or not this would be an optimal use of that limit. It will also be decided if this is considered an A.S. Council referendum because it is specific to Muir college.

    Several council members called for a re-vote on whether or not to table the legislation for two weeks because “”no one was clear on what they were voting on,”” according to one council member.

    The A.S. Council passed a vote placing the item on the table by a 4-1-13 vote.

    New Members

    Sixth College announced that it has two new senators and a new college council chair.

    Revelle and Muir colleges announced that they had appointed their new freshman senators.

    — Compiled by Laura McGann

    Associate News Editor

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