Cheese Shop: a deli to try out

Nothing goes better with a day on the beach than a great lunch. If you happen to wander down to La Jolla Shores to catch the last few rays of summer, the best way to curb your hunger pains is to stop in at “”the home of the overstuffed sandwich.””

Tyler Huff

The Cheese Shop, located just two blocks from the ocean on Avenida de la Playa, serves up a bounty of food for a variety of tastes. At the time of its opening in 1972, the Cheese Shop specialized in selling cheeses from around the world.

“”It’s evolved over time,”” said Phil Schutz, co-owner of the Cheese Shop.

Today, the shop aims to satisfy customers with its array of sandwiches, salads and candies from around the world, as well as fresh cookies.

With its well-stocked menu, the Cheese Shop is guaranteed to have something for everyone. While the “”roast pork loin”” sandwich is the Shop’s most famous, traditional sandwiches like “”turkey, jack and avocado”” on one of the wide selections of bread may be a more favorable choice for some. For the adventurous eater, however, there is the “”smoked salmon”” sandwich with cream cheese, tomato, onion, dill, lemon wedges and capers. Finicky eaters can always resort to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Cheese Shop offers more than just sandwiches. Those who don’t consider themselves sandwich lovers can enjoy organic “”mixed spring greens”” or “”chef salad.”” The Cheese Shop’s tarragon mustard dressing is a perfect compliment to healthy greens. For a more typical deli experience, one can enjoy a side of potato salad or cole slaw, among others, for reasonable prices.

The Cheese Shop also includes some international shopping for intrepid UCSD students. Undoubtedly, every beach-goer needs their very own jar of marmite, vegimite or “”Mrs. H.S. Ball Chutney,”” all of which can be found for sale at the Cheese Shop. Need something tamer for your taste buds? Indulge in European chocolates from France, Switzerland, Germany and Italy.

“”There’s no other thing like it,”” said Schutz of the Cheese Shop’s eclectic inventory.

Despite being a La Jolla eatery, the Cheese Shop’s prices are mostly designed for the wallet capacity of a college student. Sandwiches range from $3 to $7, but are so large that they can easily be split between two people. The Cheese Shop’s famous oatmeal cookies ($0.75) should not be shared, though; keep them for yourself — they’re like no other.

With it’s small, ivy-covered entrance nestled between two larger restaurants, the Cheese Shop could be easily overlooked. Potential customers should look for people sitting outdoors with large sandwiches and oatmeal cookies as clues for the entrance. There is also a downtown version of the shop, should you ever find yourself in need of a sandwich while in the Gaslamp District.

Cheese Shop La Jolla Shores

2165 Avenida de La Playa

La Jolla

(858) 459-3921

Cheese Shop Gaslamp

627 4th Ave.

San Diego

619- 232-2303