One-rate housing plan set to move forward

The Housing and Dining Services Advisory Committee voted 6-5 last week to approve the “”one-contract, one-rate”” plan for on-campus housing for next year.

The 11 members of the committee sit as an advisory board to Director of HD&S Mark Cunningham.

The committee consists of eight students and three administrative representatives. The student representatives include one from each of the five colleges, one from the A.S. Council, one from the Inter-Collegiate Residents’ Association and a resident adviser representative. The administrative representatives include a member of the council of deans, a representative of the provosts and a representative of the resident deans.

The decision was made quickly because HD&S needs to send housing contracts and room selection information to continuing students. In past years, this information had already been distributed by this point in winter quarter.

The one-rate plan is designed to equalize rates in residence halls and on-campus apartments. It will raise costs for on-campus apartments and reduce rates for residence halls starting next year.

The plan will also require all residents, including those in apartments, to purchase a meal plan. It will add cleaning services in apartment common areas, much like those in suite common-areas in residence halls.

According to Eleanor Roosevelt College representative to the advisory committee David Goodwin, the advisory committee discussed the idea of providing a waiver for students to opt out of the meal plan and/or the cleaning.

Goodwin said this idea is being discussed further in committee meetings.

He said the committee and Cunningham are working to iron out the details of the plan so it can go into effect and the literature can be distributed to continuing and future residents.