Student in hospital after alleged assault

UCSD police are actively seeking a college-aged woman who allegedly tossed hot water onto a male UCSD student’s genital area, resulting in second degree burns.

The 18-year-old victim, an Earl Warren College resident, was taken to the UCSD Burn Center and remains there for treatment.

On Sunday evening, the suspect — a young, unidentified female — arrived at the victim’s apartment carrying a cup of hot water, which was thrown onto the young man after a brief conversation, according to Detective Douglas O’Dell of the UCSD Police Department.

The victim was wearing shorts at the time of the incident.

The cup is being held as evidence, and the police said they have leads to where the water came from. The cup was checked for finger prints, which are currently being processed.

O’Dell said that up to three felonies may have been committed in the alleged assault: assault with a deadly weapon; battery with severe bodily injury; and, depending on the intent, burglary with unlawful entry.

UCSD police would not comment on possible motives of the incident, saying only that they are looking into the possibility that “”something may have occurred at a party.””

“”Unfortunately, all we have are rumors and nobody has come forward with what they saw at this alleged party,”” O’Dell said. “”We would love to get a greater understanding of what occurred and the motives behind this.””

The San Diego Police Department would investigate any possible crimes that occur off campus. As of Wednesday afternoon, no related off-campus incident had been reported to them.

O’Dell urged the suspect and any witnesses to come forward, saying that he does have leads on her identity but more information would be useful.

The victim has been cooperative with the investigators, who feel that at this time he is being forthright with his answers, O’Dell said.

“”I’m pretty positive we will identify who she is,”” O’Dell said. “”I think it would be better for everybody involved if she came forward and told us what happened and why.””

Police describe the suspect as a white, college-aged female with brown, shoulder-length hair. At the time of the alleged assault she was wearing a brown sweater.

Anybody with information can contact the UCSD Police Department at (858) 534-4359.