DVD REVIEW: 'American Pie 2' comes with delicious treats

The entire cast of 1999’s surprise hit comedy “”American Pie”” is back for another slice in “”American Pie 2,”” out Jan. 15 on DVD.

The DVD features over 10 hours of extras that include the making of “”American Pie 2,”” out takes and deleted scenes, a public service announcement from star Jason Biggs, screen tests from the original “”American Pie,”” behind-the-scenes footage, some of the top scenes as voted on by fans, classic lines from the two movies, commentary from the director, writer and cast, as well as a 3 Doors Down music video.

Additional features include production notes and links to Universal’s Web site.

“”American Pie 2″” is in the same vein as the original, picking up a year later with the gang just finishing their first year of college. The boys decide to rent a beach house on Lake Michigan hoping to keep their friendships strong after a year apart. Between parties, work, lubricants and lesbians, it turns into a summer that nobody will soon forget.

Universal also released the unrated version of the film on DVD, much like it did with the original.

Unlike the original’s unrated version, which only had one different scene that was obviously changed for ratings purposes, the new film’s unrated version is more like a director’s cut, which features several new scenes that aren’t necessarily as shocking. The unrated version includes more footage of Stiffler’s party, the lesbians and the lube.

The extra scenes in the unrated version definitely add to the overall movie. Some of the jokes that were merely implied in the final version of the film were explained in the unrated version.

The extras on this DVD are amazing and will keep any fan occupied for hours, as well as rolling on the ground laughing.

This is a DVD that any fan of the movie — or fan of a good comedy — should own. The unrated version is probably more appealing to own simply because it has the extra scenes not found on the original.

American Pie 2


Starring Jason Biggs, Tara Reid and Shannon Elizabeth

In stores Jan. 15

in unrated & R ratings