UCSD Club Sports

Men’s Ultimate

The UCSD men’s ultimate disc team had a successful showing at the Southern California Sectionals last weekend. The A team finished second and the B team finished fourth.

The high finishes were no surprise, as UCSD has placed in the top three spots in almost all of its tournaments this season.

The A team knocked off UCLA and Cal Poly Pomona to face their buddies, the B team, and had an easy win again.

The A team hit a road block in the form of rival UC Santa Barbara. Jeff Bartels and Mike Long played well for UCSD, but the team eventually lost, placing second in the tournament.

The B team picked up four wins and only two losses during the tournament.

Next up for UCSD is the important regionals, which will be held at home in two weeks. UCSD, UCSB and the University of Colorado will fight over two spots for nationals.

Women’s Ultimate

The UCSD’s women’s ultimate A team tore through competition at the Southern California Sectionals last weekend.

The A team beat UC Santa Barbara, Claremont, UCLA and the UCSD B team en route to four victories and the tournament win.

The UCSD A team gave up a stingy four points for the entire tournament. The A team smashed the B team and UCLA 13-0 each. Against Claremont, the UCSD A squad was victorious, 13-1. Santa Barbara proved to be the only serious threat, with the UCSD A squad winning 7-3.

The B team did upset UCLA’s A team to take fourth overall. The squad was lead by stars Stephanie Jong and Alicia White.

Next up for UCSD is the regionals, at home the first week of May.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, April 28

Women’s rugby at Santa Barbara Tournament, all day

Cycling Championship at Cal Poly Pomona, all day

Water skiing at Sacramento State, 8 a.m.

— Compiled by Robert Fulton, Sports Editor