Dr. Drew and Adam Corolla Come to UCSD

Just under 500 people attended a sold-out “”Loveline with Adam Corolla & Dr. Drew”” Monday night at the Price Center Theater.

Vicky Bender, A.S. commissioner of programming and one of the show’s main coordinators, said the show was a success due to the hard work of the staff as well as the easygoing nature of both guest celebrities.

“”Adam and Drew were really easy to get along with,”” Bender said. “”They even said how they had a good time at UCSD later that night on 91X.””

Bender was referring to how the two went straight from UCSD to San Diego radio station 91X to record their nationally syndicated show “”Loveline.””

Days before the event, the radio station promoted the event on the air and gave out complimentary tickets.

Corolla and Drew stepped on stage at approximately 7:20 p.m. to the applause of an at-capacity crowd of students, staff members and other members of the community. Corolla began the night by joking about how much he preferred UCSD to SDSU.

“”When I think of UCSD, I’ll think of great drainage,”” said Corolla, referring to the campus’ high elevation and how efficiently the drains redirect rain water.

Corolla and Drew went on to answer questions from the audience the rest of the night. Topics discussed ranged from the origins of their current success and enjoying college life to their well-known advice on drugs and sex. In addition, the two responded to one student’s question about the recent shootings at Santana High School. Corolla said he did not see how anyone could make sense out of such a senseless act.

Drew offered advice to students on how to deal with the common questions that arise about finding a career.

“”You should follow your instincts and that the money will come if you work hard,”” Drew said.

Corolla added to this sentiment, saying how a person should love what he does for a living, regardless of the money he makes.

“”I thought Adam was hilarious,”” said Revelle senior Jill Donofrio. “”It was darn good fun.””

A.S. Events Promoter for Programming Tarun Bajaj, another main coordinator of the event, described how the A.S. Council booked Corolla and Drew for the event.

“”At first we were thinking of getting only Drew,”” Bajaj said. “”Eventually though, we were able to get Adam and decided to sell it as “”Loveline.””

According to Bajaj, talk began last quarter of booking Drew. Bajaj said that Drew’s agent mentioned that Corolla would also be available to make the short commute from Los Angeles to San Diego.

“”Loveline”” was originally to take place at RIMAC Arena but was moved to the Price Center Theater after the latter venue became available, Bajaj said. He welcomed the change because the new location provided a more intimate setting than RIMAC Arena.

“”Honestly, I think it was better because it was more appropriate for the personal nature of the show.””

After leaving the show, Revelle senior Joe Lake said he enjoyed the show immensely.

“”It was dope like a muffin,”” Lake said. “”I didn’t know that Dr. Drew was so willing to bag on Adam, but their chemistry made it all the more entertaining.””