Beatlemania Returns to Theaters

We all know being a rock star is tough. Even before VH-1 dared to go “”Behind the Music,”” director Richard Lester took a light-hearted approach to the rockumentary when he made a movie about four young lads from Liverpool trying to survive the fast-paced road to stardom.

Part comedy, part adventure, and part musical, “”A Hard Day’s Night”” captures John, Paul, George and Ringo in the midst of Beatlemania. It was 1964 when movie houses packed with screaming teenage fans first showed this classic Beatle film.

The Fab Four had just invaded America and the question troubling every young girl was: Which one is cuter, John or Paul?

The soundtrack, which features “”Can’t Buy Me Love,”” “”I’m Happy Just to Dance With You,”” and of course “”A Hard Day’s Night,”” was often drowned out by the uncontrollable wailing of devoted fans.

Thirty-six years later, Miramax Films will re-release a fully restored version of “”A Hard Day’s Night,”” just in time for Christmas.

The re-release of “”A Hard Day’s Night”” was originally planned for September of 1999 but was pushed back because of the August 1999 re-release of another Beatle movie, “”Yellow Submarine.”” It was then slated to hit theaters in October 2000, but Miramax pushed the release date back once again to coincide with release of other Beatle merchandise, such as the new “”Beatles 1″” compilation album and the Beatles Anthology book.

“”A Hard Day’s Night”” will finally hit theaters Dec. 1 in New York and Los Angeles, and then Dec. 8 nationwide.

As the sons and daughters of baby boomers, many of us have heard stories about the first time our parents saw “”A Hard Day’s Night.”” It is hard to believe that those doe-eyed, pre-teen Beatlemaniacs who have been preserved for posterity on old footage of the Ed Sullivan Show actually grew up to invest in mutual funds and retirement pensions. But if you have ever wondered what became of those screaming Beatle fans, they probably became your parents.

So what better way to spend quality time with them this holiday season then by showing them you’re hip to their kind of music?

OK, perhaps that is a bad idea, considering taking your mom to see “”A Hard Day’s Night”” might unleash some very unwelcome nostalgia trips. However, the chance to see this award-winning piece of pop culture in the theaters should not be passed up.

This glimpse into history shows rock ‘n’ roll when it was still innocent, and gives insight into that all-important question: Who is your favorite Beatle?