Letters to the Editor

UCSD Students Deserve An Enjoyable Social Atmosphere


Hmmm…some say UCSD life needs more spice? I agree entirely.

It’s sad to see students who chose to come here for college ridicule the endlessly dead weekends and lack of student unity. UCSD and pride are two words that simply cannot go together for such reasons. We have no football team, no reason to paint our faces and show sufficient pride or even develop a rivalry.

The administration simply does not understand this: there are two sports which college students go crazy over, football and basketball. Sure it was nice to move up to Division II, but football is what this campus needs.

Additionally, as a result of skyrocketing rent fees in La Jolla, UCSD is becoming more of a commuter school. Now, why would such commuters even find any such reason to make the long drive back to campus and hang out? To go to the library? Oh please. However, the library is pretty much one of the few things open on campus late at night. There simply is nothing to do here on the weekends, no big football match-up to look forward to, no frat row to hit up, nothing to do even within walking distance of campus.

What I have seen around my dorms is that students find it more beneficial to go home for the weekends than enjoy their college experience away from their parents. Are there any fun traditions here at UCSD (besides studying) that have been thus far established? I admit that the all-campus dance at the beginning of the year was cool, but why not more of such all-campus events?

US News and World report ranks UCSD lower than I believe it deserves because of its low alumni contribution. What was it 200th in the nation? The reason for this is because alumni have no programs, i.e. athletics, to give back to. There has been nothing truly extraordinary about my college “”experience”” here at UCSD up to now. What will I remember thus far of the “”cultural mecca”” that is UCSD? Oppressive administration, one hell of a lot of studying, and a lack of student unity and pride that desperately needs improving.

— Daniel Alyeshmerni

UCSD Student