Jacobs School Hosts Robot Olympics

Eight student teams showcased their microprocessor-controlled robot olympiads at the Jacobs School of Engineering First Annual Robot Olympics on Thursday.

Each team built a robot, completely controlled by a microprocessor, to perform precise movements on a balance beam in under two minutes.

Each team constructed its robot from a kit consisting of a plastic gymnast figure, DC motor, aluminum sheet metal and extruded shapes, acrylic and a variety of mechanical components. The teams also received a $30 budget for additional parts.

General Motors’ ‘Concept: Cure’ Comes to UCSD

General Motors brought its “”Concept: Cure”” campaign to UCSD Friday to raise awareness and money for breast cancer as part of the sixth annual “”Glamour”” Venus College Campus Music Tour, presented by “”Glamour”” magazine and Atlantic Records.

Two Chevy Cavaliers decorated by Betsey Johnson and Tommy Hilfiger were shown at the Price Center Plaza in conjunction with a contest in which a donation of $10 to breast cancer research gave students a chance to win prizes, including Chevy Cavaliers.

The Music Tour featured Victoria Williams and other Atlantic Records recording artists and took place at Blind Melons in Pacific Beach.

Since the event was started five years ago, it has raised over $3.3 million.

Cultural workshop to take place in November

“”The Workshop on the Cultures of Border Crossing,”” a workshop exploring how people cross over different cultures and borders, will take place on Nov. 21 in the Social Sciences Building.

The workshop will feature four speakers from diverse backgrounds and cultures discussing the transformations and exchanges associated with migration, transition and cultural change.

The workshop is sponsored by UCSD’s African and African-American Studies Research Project and is coordinated by UCSD sociology professor Bennetta Jules-Rosette. The workshop is the first presentation in AAASRP’s 2000-2001 academic-year program:Borders, Boundaries and New Frontiers.

The four panelists speaking at the workshop are Richard Werbner from the University of Manchester, Filip De Boeck from the University of Leuven, Denis-Constant Martin from the Fondation Nationale de Sciences Politiques, Paris, and Ian Condry from Union College.

Eleanor Roosevelt College to hold Halloween special

Eleanor Roosevelt College will present “”A Halloween Special: Witches, Pagans, Spirits and More …”” on Monday at 7 p.m. in the Pepper Canyon Lodge. Guest speakers Daryl and Katheryn Fuller, leaders of The Circle of the Wildewood Wiccan Coven, will discuss witchcraft, which is thought to be one of the fastest growing and most misunderstood faiths in the United States.

The Fullers have led the local Wiccan coven for eight years and are active in both local and national networking for witches.

Career Services offers program for students with disabilities

The Career Services Center will hold a workshop discussing career strategies for students with disabilities on Nov. 7. Professionals will give their advice about working in their respective fields and will describe their own career development, disclosure of disability issues and more.

The panelists at the event are Jonathon Mooney, a nationally recognized lecturer on learning disabilities and cognitive diversity; Steven Bock, a software consultant for IBM; Valois Vera, a coordinator for employment services for the Access Center of San Diego, Inc.; and Barbara Butterton, a faculty assistant at UCSD’s department of mechanical & aerospace engineering.